“When I Grow Up” – a subplot! (by Jaznotabi)

This is my tongue-in-cheek interpretation of a subplot within the “When I Grow Up” stage show at the Pantages Hollywood Theater. :p

After watching the show from the front row of the theatre, I discovered something else was going on!…


The show opened with Elmo and Big Bird and at this point it was still too early to tell that something was wrong…

Everyone had smiles on their faces but Big Bird had furrowed eyebrows. Hmm…

Was it my imagination or did Big Bird look especially grumpy?

I’m not sure what words were exchanged but check out what happened next…

Something snapped in Big Bird! How apt that the animation on the TV screens were showing flames to depict the heat of the moment!!

Even Cookie Monster was confused and unnerved by what was happening on stage!

Abby:  “Elmo, you’d better watch your back!”

Oh dear…look what happened next when no one was looking! RAWR!!

It was the finale and the “Angry Bird” made eye contact – I think I could be his next target! Yikes!! Time for me to run!!

I guess Big Bird woke up on the wrong side of his nest today!


The above has nothing to do with the actual storyline of the show. It just happened that I was sorting through the numerous photos that my hubby and I took of the show and found these ones that looked like there was a story behind them when you pieced them together and it was too funny not to share! ^_^

Do check out my “When I Grow Up” moves into the Pantages Hollywood Theater at Universal Studios Singapore! post for the actual show, which in fact I did enjoy watching.

The best seats to be able to photograph the entire stage would probably be at the front section of the theatre, about 4-5 rows from the back. Then again, it depends on whether your camera has a wide angle and how sharp its focus is, especially in dim lighting. Of course, if you want a different (and more “intimidating” or should I say overwhelming) experience, try sitting at the front row! LOL…

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5 thoughts on ““When I Grow Up” – a subplot! (by Jaznotabi)

  1. J

    Lol yeah Big Bird looks angrier than usual. Is that a different costume from your character greetings post? He looks friendlier and more accurate to the show version there.


    • It looks like it could be a different costume – angry bird version (haha!). The one at the character greetings looks much friendlier and similar to that in the Sesame Street shows on TV.


  2. J

    Are you going for HHN? I’m going after my exams end next week!


    • J

      Also, do you consider HHN Characters/ Performers characters? Will you be adding Jonah Goodwill your Characters post since you’ve met him?


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