Halloween Horror Nights (HHN4) – The Experience!!

Halloween – something that I don’t celebrate and have never seen the need to. This year marks the fourth installment of Halloween Horror Nights (HHN4) at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and I have never been to any of them – i.e. until now.

“Where have you been?” – you may ask, but I somehow don’t see the need to pay to get myself scared. Don’t get me wrong, I used to enjoy going to horror houses at various funfairs during my Secondary school days and my classmate Zuraida and I would be pointing and laughing at the “ghosts” until they were dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do next! LOL…those were the good old days!!

This year, I received these in the post (thanks to Resorts World Sentosa!) and hence, I decided to go check it out…

Guess the folks at RWS were “challenging” me to see if I was up to it!! Gosh…what was I in for??!!!

Thus, with a little bit of skepticism and an excited hubby, off we went to the park… (seriously, he was way more excited than me and this would be the very first horror event that we’ve attended together in our 22-year dating history!)

We arrived slightly before 7pm as we wanted to be early enough to be able to watch the opening show, which most people refer to as the “Opening Scaremony”.

The park’s crew members were still trying to get the day guests to leave (i.e. the park closes at 7pm for the day visitors and HHN4 starts at 7:30pm), so they wouldn’t allow us to enter yet.

I must say that the place looks more dramatic after dark if you compare it against the first picture!

The crew members at the entrance had their faces painted and their costumes looked blood-stained.

Here’s a closer look:

Ok, the park was finally cleared of the day guests and it was time for the horror seekers to enter. Let the “fun” begin!…


Held at 7:30pm nightly, this show features Jonah Goodwill, the Minister of Evil. The public is only allowed access to the haunted houses and scare zones when this show is over. Make sure you arrive early to be able to get a good spot to watch this!

If you are early enough, you will be able to watch 3 segments of “Prime Time News”, which feature some angry protesters staging demonstrations against the Minister of Evil.

Watch them in this video:

See what happens when the Minister finally arrives!:

Meet and greet sessions with the Minister are available after the show and takes place throughout the night.

Sometimes he will take flight between photo sessions and leave the guests below wondering if he was ever going to come back down!

After the Opening Scaremony, make a quick decision if you want to head to the right or left – there is no recommended sequence in exploring the haunted houses and scare zones, but if you are in front of the crowd, this gives you a headstart before the rest of the park guests catch up! Otherwise, just look at which direction most people are headed to, then take the opposite direction to avoid the crowds!

These were the waiting times for the attractions on Saturday, 4th October 2014 – it’s interesting to see that they added strange looking directional arrows which looked like there was “blood” dripping off them!


There are a total of 4 haunted houses and I’ll talk about them in this sequence – Jack’s 3-Dementia, Jing’s Revenge, Mati Camp, The L.A.B.
(Note: Photography, Videography and flashing headbands are not allowed in the haunted houses)


This is Singapore’s first 3D haunted house which incorporates Chromadepth 3D paintings and features Jack, a loony serial killer clown! Visitors will put on 3D glasses before entering and let me tell you – some of the scenes seem larger than life! You can do a quick comparison by looking at the scene or clown with and without the 3D glasses. I noticed some people deciding to walk through without using the 3D glasses after taking about 10-15 steps into this place!

Verdict: It was a psychedelic experience!

Liked: Everything was bright and colourful! The 3D effects were good and it’s a different experience!

Disliked: Disgusting 3D boogers and that tunnel of spiralling lights which causes your mind to be confused, resulting in the inability to walk straight without holding onto the handrails! I must say that the illusion was cool though!

Warning: What may appear to be mirrors may not actually be one! I’ll leave you to think about it. LOL…


Jing is a schoolgirl who was bullied and hated school, thus resulting in her suicide at the school and she came back to haunt the school children…

Don’t panic yet when you walk through this gate…

…cos the next picture is the entrance to Hua Xing Secondary School, where the action begins – okay, now you can start to panic! :p

Verdict: Somehow it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! ^_^

Liked: Jing in her red outfit walking up and down the stairs in slow motion.

Disliked: That chubby boy with the badminton racket and wet sponge! Ohh…one more – the toilet looks disgusting!!

Warning: Those who suffer from pediophobia or are afraid of ghostly children may want to avoid visiting this place!


This setting is of a military torture camp and the stories have been inspired by local urban military legends. The Minister of Evil has placed an evil Sergeant Major in-charge and he has been torturing all the new recruits, by hanging them, forcing them into cannibalism, etc… (in case you are wondering – the word mati in the Malay language means dead or to die)

Verdict: It was a little intimidating with all the military personnel and the horrible things that they were doing.

Liked: Err…honestly, I don’t recall if I liked anything about it! Maybe the guys who have served in the army can appreciate this place more? LOL…

Disliked: Hmm…can’t think of anything I disliked about it either.

Warning: It’s rather dark in there so do watch your step!

THE L.A.B. – Laboratory of Alien Breeding

The secret site of alien experimentation on the human species – they are trying to create a hybrid alien-human species!

This was the actual entrance to the strange and creepy lab…

Verdict: Out of the 4 haunted houses, this one made me jump in several different rooms!

Liked: Each room has something different and exciting and you don’t know what to expect next! Haha…maybe I’m biased cos I like sci-fi stuff.

Disliked: Being in front of the group and getting confused in the maze! There was one section which had an alien at the doorway on our right and another alien hiding behind the door in front of us – we didn’t know which path we should take! The alien on our right refused to budge and the door in front of us was closed by the other alien and seemed to be stuck as we couldn’t open it! Even the couple behind us were asking which way we should go! Eventually, we managed to slide open the door in front of us and the alien was hiding on our left behind the door. There was another room which had some grotesque experiments and the walkway was quite dim so we couldn’t tell where the exit was, plus there was a scare actor between us and the exit! My hubby had no clue where we should go so I was feeling the wall with my hands to try to find the exit and navigate our way out!!

Warning: Not for the squeamish and faint-hearted!



All hell has broken loose in the streets of New York and Jonah Goodwill has unleashed his fury on the whole world! A giant crack can be found in the middle of the street with hot steaming lava and demon minions roaming about the streets!

What you think may be a statue, may in fact not be one! Be prepared for the element of surprise in this scare zone!

Succubus – A demon in the form of a voluptuous woman, the Succubus drives her victims wild with desire while sucking out their life force. She was hissing at me the whole time!

I thought this particular character was the most intimidating one in this zone but he couldn’t stand still and went around chasing after people and scaring them, so here’s a side shot!

There were other characters like a girl with a teddy bear, a man with a briefcase, some wounded people, etc…


Oops, I think I startled him with my camera’s flash!

Verdict: It was interesting – creepy but not that scary.

Liked: You can’t really tell which are statues or dummies and whether they are actually scare actors! I also thought the entire set was well designed!

Disliked: The guy with the briefcase and the girl dripping with blood in one of my photos above – thought they looked too “normal”. In addition, the makeup on some of the scare actors doesn’t look realistic especially if you see them in the light (i.e. see my pictures taken with flash).

Warning: Beware of what lurks in the shadows!

If you are observant enough, you’ll see that there are different projections on the Library’s facade throughout the night and especially at showtime!


Catch the Demoncracy show which takes place three times a night and features aerial stunts.

I liked the effect of this scene!

The show:

Verdict: I thought it was good!!

Liked: The circus acts and the overall presentation! The projections on the Library’s facade were interesting too – watch carefully and you may see gargoyles coming to life!

Disliked: The “skeletons” suspended above the crowds didn’t seem to do much apart from swinging – it would have been better if they had more interaction with the main scene.

Warning: N/A


Visitors entering this zone will be transported to a frontier town in Texas in the year 1864, which is haunted by undead zombies, dead horses, American indians and gunslingers.

Some of the static displays in this area:


This zombie cowboy looked happy to be posing for pics! LOL…

Met Big Bad Joe, the undead sheriff of Long Creek!

Bound by the deadly curse to watch over Nevuro treasure into eternity, the Spirit Warrior is a merciless, relentless being conjured out of ether and cloud. However, he doesn’t look scary to me!

Posing with a member of the Nevuro tribe. ^_^

I quite liked this sculpture which can be found at the opposite end of this scare zone!

Verdict:This place was quite easy to walk through. Just have a staring match with the characters or get them to pose for photos and you’d be fine. ^_^

Liked: It wasn’t scary.

Disliked: I thought it was rather boring as I was expecting some gunslinging action!

Warning: Beware of sneaky zombies who will creep up behind you! LOL!…


The forest at Jurassic Park has been transformed into a spooky place where characters from twisted fairytales are running amok!

I liked the lighting on the signage leading to the entrance of this scare zone!

There are images projected onto the books at the entrance to Jurassic Park and I thought the setup was quite cool!

There are two characters called “The Scribes of Scare” and they are supposed to be the writers of the stories in Scary Tales – I happened to bump into them but only took a picture of one as the other was being mobbed for “meet and greet”.

You’ll need to walk through this scare zone if you want to visit The L.A.B., so you don’t really have a choice and need to experience it whether you like it or not!

All who enter will meet Rapunzel, who has lost her hair and her mind as well!

Her hair has a life of its own and lies in wait to trap unsuspecting victims!…

I got a slight injury here cos of this girl, who was with her group of friends and walking about 1 metre in front of me, when she suddenly screamed and ran backwards with her head still turned towards the front so she practically jumped on my right foot!!…and no, she didn’t apologise but blamed it on the scare actor instead! Where have people’s manners gone?? Tsk tsk…

I then kept bumping into this grumpy chap, who had an axe, so I presumed that he was a woodcutter but **horrors** look at what he’s been chopping off!! He kept scowling at me so I just glared back!

There was something being hung in the middle of the pathway (in the dark!) and I couldn’t make out what it was until I used the flash on my camera! Oh no…poor mermaid!

Couldn’t help it but I just had to get a picture with the Big Bad Werewolf!!

Verdict: It was pretty interesting to see the fairytale characters in a different light (I meant that both literally and metaphorically!) :p

Liked: There were 2 scare actors who were so well hidden that they looked like they were part of the props, so that really shocked most people when they suddenly came to life!

Disliked: The pathways are not very wide, so you can’t really avoid the scare actors!

Warning: The forest is full of strange creatures so beware of anything and everything that lurks in the shadows – it’s really dark in some places!


You can find the Bogeyman here and he’s haunting little children, assisted by some demon children and adults!

This was in my opinion the scariest of the 4 scare zones and is actually part haunted house and part scare zone. I thought the old woman at the end was rather creepy although she just stood there and did nothing…

Verdict: There are lots of hiding places for the scare actors here and this was the last thing I did before leaving the park so I was a little tired and was caught off-guard by the scarecrow! Well done!! This was the one and only scare zone in which I got a shock!

Liked: The last section where I could see the exit! LOL…

Disliked: Some narrow passages (especially at the area where you see the Bogeyman!) and you have nowhere to run!

Warning: There are many hiding places for the scare actors in this zone so be on your guard at all times!


This show is not-to-be-missed!!! There are impressive circus acts and also a freak show performed by Gordo Gamsby, a 9-time Guinness World Record holder for doing bizarre feats.

(Update on 10-Oct: Apparently new shows have been added and showtimes have been revised to 20:15, 22:00, 23:45 and 01:15)

Watch the show here:

Apologies, my camera stopped after 30min, so you’ll have to make a trip down personally to see what he did with the chainsaw! Anyway, here’s part 2 of the show, which I resumed recording as soon as I could.

Verdict: Best show that I’ve seen in this theatre!! It’s much better than Monster Rock!

Liked: The circus acts and the freak show.

Disliked: What’s there to dislike?

Warning: Some people may get a little squeamish when they see what Gordo Gamsby does in the show!

There is also a rest area where you can dance away to music blasting from the speakers and I discovered that Instagram pictures which fans posted using hashtag #HHN4 were being displayed on the screen behind.


I must applaud Scott D. Peterson (Senior Producer), Jason Ramsburg (Creative Director) and their team for their creativity! It was an interesting experience and my favourites of the night were the 3 shows (i.e. Opening Scaremony, Demoncracy and Jack’s Nightmare Circus)!

Guess the scare actors were disappointed with me as not a single scream came out of my mouth throughout the entire night! ^_^

Only 2 places made me jump – Bogeyman and The L.A.B., as the scare actors had the perfect timing and gave me a few shocks!

In case you’re wondering, I did not buy the Express Pass and I managed to complete all haunted houses, scare zones and shows by 1am (i.e. I didn’t go on any of the rides), plus I was taking photos in-between.

This was the sequence in which I experienced the attractions:
1) Opening Scaremony at 7:30pm
2) Jack’s 3-Dementia
3) Demoncracy scare zone
4) Jing’s Revenge
5) Canyon of the Cursed
6) Mati Camp
7) Demoncracy show at 9:45pm
8) Jack’s Nightmare Circus at 10:15pm
9) Scary Tales
10) The L.A.B.
11) Bogeyman


Event Dates & Times
Oct 3-5, 10-11, 17-18, 22-25, 31, Nov 1

For more details on ticket prices and online ticketing, check out www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg or www.rwsentosa.com.
Alternatively, you can visit any Universal Studios Singapore ticket booth or phone +65 6577 8899.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Horror Nights (HHN4) – The Experience!!

  1. J

    I went last Friday! It was really good! I liked the Opening Ceremony a lot! I liked Scary Tales.. Did you see the rather friendly Evil Queen and her Magic Mirror?


    • I saw the mirror but didn’t really stop to take a good look at the character there as there was a group surrounding that area, waiting to take pictures. I was in a hurry to get to The L.A.B. as the waiting time was about 60-75mins long and I wanted to ensure that I could complete that before the park closed! (plus I still hadn’t gone to Bogeyman yet at that point)

      Did you take any pictures with the scare actors?


      • J

        Yeah, I met some of the scare actors at Canyon of the Cursed. I also got pictures taken with the Evil Queen and Little Red Riding Hood. It was hard to get good photos, and I was busy getting scared to take many photos. I did see the Big Bad Wolf, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel (in her tower) and more but didn’t get any photos taken. Was that the Prince trapped in Rapunzel’s hair? When I went I completely did not expect to see the Little Mermaid Lol. When I saw that I exclaimed, “MERMAID!” Lol. I saw Succubus too but took a picture of her and not with her. The other scare actor near her reminded me of Voldemort from Harry Potter.
        Oh yes, I had a photo taken with the Minister of Evil too!

        Liked by 1 person

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