A Newbie’s Survival Guide to Halloween Horror Nights 4 (HHN4) at Universal Studios Singapore

Wondering or still considering whether to go to Halloween Horror Nights 4 (HHN4)? Thinking that you’re too scared to go? Going with friends but secretly afraid and unsure of what to expect? Read on as these tips may be useful to you!

One important point to remember is that all the scary stuff isn’t real – the set designers have done a terrific job and the scare actors are just paid actors!

How to avoid being the target of the scare actors at HHN4?

1) Make sure you are not the first person in the group walking into the haunted houses. It’s scarier at the front as you are the first to encounter the scare actors, plus you are leading the way for the group and have to navigate through the maze – usually in dim lighting, except for Jack’s 3-Dementia which is brightly lit.

2) Look for the scare actors before they find you! The trick is to spot them first, so that you are able to anticipate what may happen next. One effective way is to point them out to your friend(s) when you spot them – the scare actors will most likely put their fingers to their lips to signal to you not to reveal their presence, then creep up to the person(s) behind you and scare them!

3) Don’t scream or shout (i.e. if you can control yourself)! The more you scream, the more it will attract the scare actors to you as they can hear you coming and will make you their target!

4) On the streets of New York where the Demoncracy scare zone is – walk along the pavement and most likely you won’t encounter that many scare actors as they are focussing on scaring unsuspecting persons who walk along the middle of the street. The only exception is Succubus, who may come and join you on the pavement!

5) Follow closely to a big group walking in front of you – chances are that the scare actors will target some members in the group and you can see that happening in front of you, then you can practice Step 2 which was mentioned above.

6) If you can, do a recce of the theme park during the day before you go for HHN4. Most of the scare zones are accessible in the day (except for one section of Bogeyman) and you can check out the potential hiding places of the scare actors so that you can pre-empt what may happen at night.

7) In the scare zones, have a staring match with the scare actors – once you are face-to-face with one, keep eye contact with them all the time until you walk away from them! They will stare you down but that’s all that happens.

8) Ask the scare actors to pose for pictures with you (only applicable to the scare zones as photography isn’t allowed in the haunted houses)! This will ensure that they are not lurking in the shadows and trying to spook you!

9) If you absolutely must know what you are in for, check out this video by imaginetvnetwork, which has a complete walkthrough of all the HHN4 haunted houses and scare zones.

10) If all else fails, hold your breath, enter and navigate through all haunted houses and scare zones and keep looking straight, don’t look left or right, don’t make eye contact and just keep moving forward like a robot! LOL!

For more photos and videos, check out my experience at HHN4! click on the link

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