Migme’s Migup in Singapore

I was sent an invitation to join Migme as a blogger and was also invited down to their office for a migup. Before this, I had not heard of Migme and thus was curious as to what it’s all about.

Migme (formerly mig33) is a social entertainment platform headquartered in Singapore. It’s main features include group chat, blogging functions, social gaming and virtual gifting.

Originally developed as a social chatting and gaming application for feature phones, migme has grown to become a mobile entertainment platform that services Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
70 million users.

Sounds interesting! I thus headed down to the Migme office to find out more!…

Other invited bloggers at the migup:

Steven Goh (CEO & Co-founder) a.k.a. @crazygrape, gave a welcome address and gave us a bit more insight about the company.

Gene Yu, the Vice President of Corporate Development a.k.a. @scorpiojing, then shared about his life experiences and it sounded like it was something out of a movie script! I think everyone in the room was hanging on to this former U.S. Army Special Forces officer’s every word as everything which he has been through sounded so exciting!! Wow…I’ve never met anyone like him!

Photo Credit: @derekcai

The staff at Migme seem to be a fun-loving bunch and they frequently post updates and videos online, so fans on the social media platform should be familiar with them.

I took a picture with @alvinology and @derekcai…

…and also @nattylim and fellow blogger Steven.

There were some cute Migme mascots being displayed in their office too.

Couldn’t resist taking a picture with the mascots and got some help with the photo but @derekcai – why did you chop off the bottom half of their bodies when you took the pic??!!???

If you were wondering what I was holding in my hand, it was a sheet of cute stickers which were of the mascots.

Overall, Migme is kind of new to the social media scene in Singapore and it sounds promising, so why don’t you give it a try?

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4 thoughts on “Migme’s Migup in Singapore

  1. Nishan thapa magar

    l0oking awesome 🙂 and i think it was and awes0me meetup in Singapore 😡 just want to join migup/meetup with celebrities #dream of mine 😡


  2. nice Jaz! keep in touch. I am @ikainhere on migme,. Nice to visit your lovely site.


  3. great


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