[REVIEW] Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story

Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story opened at the Resorts World Theatre on 27th November 2014 and this marked the start of its Asian Premiere in Singapore! It’s difficult for me to classify this musical under a particular genre as it has an eclectic range of musical numbers from opera to pop and there’s also a mix of modern dance and ballet moves, with some high flying aerial action!

I was asked if I wanted to take a picture at this photo spot located at the entrance of the theatre (autograph sessions are held at this same spot after the show) – sure, why not?


The opening set had multiple fans encircling two large pieces of delicate fabric placed centrestage and I loved the effect it created in the opening scene – beautifully done!!

Most the entire show comprised of musical numbers and did not have any spoken dialogue by the actors on stage (apart from the ending) and the story was narrated by Tinkerbell, who was unseen most of the time and was symbolised by the innovative use of flashlights.

I loved the colourful costumes, especially in the scene where the toys came to life and there was a wind-up doll trying to juggle with scarves. That particular segment was a really busy one as there was just so much going on!

Photo: Luk Montsaert

It was a shame that they didn’t have the scene of Peter wrestling with his shadow – that would have been fun to watch!

The set design was absolutely brilliant! All the sets and props seem to revolve around a book theme and I thought the digital images projected against the plain white backdrop (shaped like books) were cleverly done! I liked the part where a picture of a house was shown and the cast entered through a door which closed before one of Wendy’s brothers could enter but he had problems opening it as there didn’t seem to be any opening in the wall!

One of the scenes which tickled my funny bone was when Captain Hook (Wim Van Den Driesche) sang Nessun Dorma and his gang of pirates, including Smee (Nordin De Moor), were in awe of his rendition of Puccini’s aria! His vocals were amazing but my hubby and I both had silly grins on our faces during the entire scene as we felt this was totally unexpected coming from a badass character like Captain Hook!! Haha…guess it shows us a different perspective of Hook (he sings Rossini too)!

This show does indeed reveal the some of the characters in a different light – I never knew that Peter Pan was such a romeo until I watched this theatrical production!

Another scene which made me giggle was this one with a HUGE Tinkerbell (Christina Ceconello) standing on tiptoe on the palm of Peter’s (Sandor Sturbl) hand! It was performed gracefully but if you’ve grown up watching the cartoon version, Tinkerbell is just a teeny tiny fairy, so I personally felt this scene looked rather strange!

Photo: Luk Montsaert

The initial flying scenes were magical and I was so mesmerised that I almost forgot to breathe! Unfortunately there was no wire-free aerial action unlike at their arena shows in the UK. However, this is the first time that I’ve seen actors “flying” around the stage and over the audience and I was quite impressed by this new contraption that was being used, as previous performances that I’ve watched at this theatre only had performers swinging out into the audience using a trapeze swing or bungee cord.

Whenever Wendy (Lilly-Jane Young) flew over the audience, I could hear both adults and children behind me remarking “Oh, she’s so pretty!”

Photo: Luk Monsaert

I must applaud all the actors doing the aerial scenes as it isn’t easy to stay upright in a particular pose whilst being suspended and they made it seem effortless, looking graceful and on top of that having to sing at the same time!

Photo: Luk Montsaert

There was a lot going on in several scenes with characters performing both on and off stage (i.e. in the audience) concurrently. My only grouse is that when Mrs Darling (Saartje Van Houtte) came out into the audience, she was in semi-darkness more than half of the time as the spotlight wasn’t shone on her.

My favourite scene was the one with Captain Hook and Smee hunting down the Lost Boys’ abode amidst some mushrooms – the smoke effect made the stage look like a mysterious lake and it was quite magical!

Animal lovers (and children!) may like some of the creatures which appear in the show.

The giant buaya (i.e. crocodile) walked around the stage on two occasions…

Photo: Facebook

…and there was this big macaw who gave out some squawks when it flew over the audience – it lost a feather in mid-air and several kids (including this over-aged one) were excitedly pointing at the falling feather! LOL…

Photo: Facebook

I didn’t really like the look of the nanny dog that appeared on stage adopting chinese lion dance moves but on the other hand, I was impressed that the people under that costume weren’t Asian! Imagine westerners performing a lion dance but using a dog costume!


Sandor Sturbl (Peter Pan) and Lilly-Jane Young (Wendy) are married in real life! This pair of lovebirds tied the knot in Scotland about 2 weeks before the show opened in Singapore and the newlyweds are spending their honeymoon period performing on this sunny island.


Various souvenir merchandise are available and there are T-shirts in both kids’ sizes (photo on left) and adult sizes (photo on right). I think I prefer the designs on the kids’ versions.


Souvenir programmes, CDs and light sticks are also available for purchase.



After the show, there was an autograph session for those who had bought merchandise from the show.

I managed to get some pictures with the cast too!

Peter and Wendy – too bad she wasn’t looking at the camera! 😦


Smee (also Mr Darling) and Captain Hook:

Mrs Darling (also the Mermaid) and Tinkerbell:

Look at what these last 4 characters, whom I met, signed in my book!! :-O


Truly an entertaining show with some slapstick moments, acrobatic stunts and action-packed fight scenes! If any of you are wondering whether Peter Pan did kiss Wendy – you’ll have to go watch to find out! ^_^


Date: 27 November 2014 – 20 January 2015

Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8pm
Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm

Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

Ticket Pricing*:
Premium: $168 (comes with one glass of wine)
Standard: S$138, S$108, S$78
Restricted View: S$58
*Prices exclude SISTIC booking fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

Tickets can be purchased at SISTIC counters (⇐click on the link for online bookings) or at the Resorts World Theatre Box Office.

Rating / Age Limit:
– Admission is subject to tickets produced at the entrance.
– Infants in arms or children below the age of 4 shall not be admitted.
– Children 4 years old and above must purchase a ticket for admission.

Photography / Video Recording Rules:
No Photography, Video recording and Audio recording is allowed for this event.

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4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story

  1. J

    Lol I like that they signed as their characters, like at USS!


  2. J

    True! Like I would like if they signed as both! I also feel there’s a clear distinction between stage performers and theme park characters but just thought it was a nice touch.


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