Christmas Dinner Buffet at Santa’s Kitchen

This Christmas season, there’s a Christmas Dinner Buffet at Santa’s Kitchen in Universal Studios Singapore!

Prices are at $40++ (Adult) and $20++ (Child) and diners can enjoy the buffet between 5pm to 9pm but this is not restricted to a one-time entry – i.e. you can re-enter and have more food anytime between the stipulated dining hours! Not a bad deal, considering that you can have a first round of food at 5pm, leave and enjoy some rides or shows, then come back for another round of food!

What’s available in the buffet? It comprises of mainly western style dishes and of course a Christmas dinner isn’t complete without the traditional turkey, ham and log cake! Note that drinks are not included in the buffet.

Reservations and payment for the dinner buffet can be made at this counter, which is located outside the Hollywood China Bistro along Hollywood Boulevard during the day…

…or if you only decide on it later in the evening, just head over to Santa’s Kitchen (located just beside the Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase Ride) and enquire with the staff there.

The dinner venue is located inside the soundstage behind the Sesame Street ride (where Jack’s 3-Dementia was held during HHN4 this year). My hubby was half-expecting a clown to pop-up in front of us during dinner! LOL…

I thought the table setting was quite tastefully decorated although the room was rather dimly lit. The drinks menu can also be found at the table (separate charges apply).

This Christmas tree was the main highlight of the dining area and it made the whole place look magical, plus it was a novel idea to place the main buffet spread around the tree! I didn’t take any pictures of the dishes here as it was too dark! (Actually, I was too pre-occupied with getting my food! LOL…)


Cold Appetisers:

Pizzas, breaded prawns, fun-shaped potatoes, with turkey and ham located at the far end of this picture:

Desserts (no prizes for guessing which food section caught my attention…haha):

Check out the next few pictures as to what I had tried – however, the lighting was too dim and I don’t take good photographs in dark places, hence the colour of the first photo below and I decided to turn on my camera flash for the subsequent ones…


Oops, I think I was too engrossed with the rest of the cakes and enjoying them so much that I forgot to take a picture of which ones I took!!


There were two cream soups available (Pumpkin and Mushroom) although the menu only listed Pumpkin Soup. Both were good but I preferred the Cream of Pumpkin, which was creamy with a buttery fragrance and warmed both my heart and stomach! ^_^

I don’t really like western style cold appetisers and salads, so I skipped both sections! ^_^

Roasted BBQ Spring Chicken – It was cooked just right and the gravy provided at the side complemented the taste of the meat.

Cajun Marinated Fish Fillet with Truffle Infused Veloute Sauce – The fish was good and it was well marinated. However, I couldn’t really taste any truffle in the sauce!

Sauteed Butter Brussel Sprouts – I can’t say much about this dish as it is what is stated.

Braised Premium Beef Cheeks with Root Vegetables and Red Wine Gravy – The beef was in diced cubes and I liked the taste of this dish but my first helping was a little dry, probably due to the food being kept on high heat at the buffet table. My second helping was much better – at least the meat wasn’t dry and there was enough gravy!

Seafood & Olive Pilaf Rice – Not bad, this contained oysters and prawns!

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers – One of the crowd favourites at this buffet! It ran out quite fast!!

Pasta with Spring Vegetables & Mushroom – I found the pasta to be overheated and dried up, again probably due to it sitting far too long at the buffet table! Taste-wise the sauce wasn’t too bad.

Ham & Cheese Pizza – Quite a nice pizza but check the slices carefully before you pick them up as some have ham on them and others just have green peppers.

Breaded Ebi Prawns and Chicken Wings – These two items were also hot favourites as they ran out and took an extremely long time to be replenished at the buffet table! I liked the wings as they were a little spicy and that gave an extra kick to the dish!

Roasted Festive Traditional Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Gravy and Cranberry Compote – I’m not really a big fan of turkey so it was just okay to me and I found that I enjoyed the chestnut stuffing more! LOL…

Honey Glazed Chicken Ham with Fruity Pineapple Puree – At first glance, the ham had some spiky things sticking out from the sides and I later realised that they were sticks of cloves. Ugh…I thought the smell and taste of the cloves overpowered the ham even after removing these flower buds from the ham, so I didn’t really like it. The pineapple puree on the other hand was a nice accompaniment and it reminded me of the pineapple jam that is used for making pineapple tarts!

Festive Christmas Log Cake – A wonderfully delicious chocolate cake with hazelnuts!

New York Cheese Cake – Oohhh…this was a lovely light cheesecake, so it doesn’t make you feel like you’ve over-eaten at the end of the meal!

I did also like this creamy chocolate mousse type cake (forgot what it’s called but it wasn’t listed in the buffet menu).

Assorted Mini Sesame Street Cup Cake – These were cute to look at but they were all covered with cream, dessicated coconut and lots of sugary stuff, especially the eyes and nose! The cup cakes would have been perfect if they were a little bit more moist.

I felt the service staff came around too often to ask “how was the food?” – yes, they were quite attentive but please give people enough privacy as it is Christmas dinner!

Christmas Dinner Buffet at Santa’s Kitchen is available from 5pm to 9pm until 4th January 2015 only.

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