Christmas in Santa’s Land at Universal Studios Singapore

This year’s Christmas theme at Universal Studios Singapore is “Christmas in Santa’s Land” and somehow I think it has a more homely feel.

Visitors are greeted by a HUGE Christmas wreath just before the entrance to the park.


The entrance archway has both Woody and Winnie peeking out of windows, overlooking stacks of presents, whilst the streets of Hollywood have festive decorations hanging overhead.

I had just entered the park when I heard the clanging of a bell and saw Santa walking towards me! As he went pass, he said he would be back in a while…

…and it was only later that I realised there was an hourly meet and greet with Santa at the end of Hollywood Boulevard!

I did get my picture with Santa when he was back. :p

Two new meet and greet characters have been introduced this year – Elf and CandyCane. These two are a friendly pair and I must applaud them for maintaining their enthusiasm levels until late evening! 🙂


A green & white version of CandyCane also appears for Meet and Greet.


Even the ginormous minion statue outside the Minion Mart has joined in the festivities!

For the second year running, the adorable minions appear in Santa hats for meet and greet. I couldn’t help queuing again to get a picture with them! ^_^

The Woodpeckers have new outfits this year! What do you think of Woody’s and Winnie’s costumes?


The pathway from the Madagascar zone leading to the Far Far Away zone has been decorated with Christmas wreaths! Unfortunately they were spaced a distance apart so these were the only pictures I took:



Minimal Christmas decorations here, apart from a big wreath at the entrance from the Madagascar side…

…and some decorations at the window of Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop.

I guess the main highlight is Shrek’s home which has been decked out in holiday colours and I thought it was a nice touch with the snow!


The show “Sesame Street Saves Christmas” is back but this year it is being staged at the Pantages Hollywood Theater.

This show recently won the Live Entertainment Excellence: Best Overall Production (Production Budget: $200,001–$400,000) at the 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Awards – that’s the equivalent of an Oscar in the global amusement park and attractions industry! Wow…

Visitors can take pictures with this sleigh in the theatre’s foyer.

Most people were only interested in having their photos taken on the sleigh – look what I found at the back of it! ^_^

I think I like this stage version over last year’s performance outside the New York Library, as there are more props and a lovely set with hanging snowflakes!

Over at the other end of New York, where the Library is, stands a large Christmas Tree.

This is also the stage for the “Santa’s Toy Soldiers” performance, as well as “Winter Tales” and the “Dancing Christmas Light Show”.


If you look closely at the Christmas tree, you will find that it is made up of mainly Sesame Street plushies! Elmo and Big Bird plushies stand out due to their bright colours but it took me a while to realise the green in the tree comprised of mainly Oscar the Grouch plushies!! Zoom in further and the entire tree has the words “GO AWAY!” as these are the words on Oscar’s trashcan.

Meeting my old pal Grover – I still wish there will be a meet and greet someday with Super Grover!

Events happening at New York:

Snow (ahem…foam) falls every hour on the hour starting from 12pm at the New York (near the library and pizza parlour), Hollywood and Sci-Fi City (outside the entrance to the Transformers ride) zones of the park.

I experienced the “snowfall” at all 3 zones but only photographed 2 of them.

Sci-Fi City

New York

If you prefer to see live action, I have also captured part of the snowfall at New York on video – note that these snowfalls are usually accompanied by the same piece of music, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! 😀

Santa’s Toy Soldiers” is a new show introduced this Christmas and it is quite entertaining.

Meet and Greet sessions with the Toy Soldiers are available after the show.

This year, a segment entitled “Winter Tales” has been added on top of the “Dancing Christmas Light Show” – both have music, moving lights and projections and I especially enjoyed the ones with the animated sequences!

Here are examples of some of the images projected onto the facade of the New York Library:

These are two of the pieces which I had recorded (you’d have to visit the park to watch all the different versions):


Very minimal Christmassy stuff here apart from the snowfall and this somewhat unusual Christmas wreath.


This spectacular fireworks display is set to a festive musical score and can be seen on selected Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 9.30pm (check the park schedule for the latest details). I captured it on video but I feel that it’s always better to watch fireworks displays in person to soak up the atmosphere! ^_^


I didn’t really scour around for all the available merchandise in the park which are related to the Christmas theme but here are some of their offerings…

Sesame Street:


Couldn’t help taking a picture of this Minion Christmas Tree which was part of the shop’s decorations at the Minion Mart!


One of the available dining options this season is a Christmas Dinner Buffet at “Santa’s Kitchen” – this is located at Sound Stage 28, behind the Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase ride.

Read more by clicking on the link above or on the pictures below.


Overall, it’s a nice place to hang out to soak up the atmosphere of the holiday season! (until 4th January 2015) 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Christmas in Santa’s Land at Universal Studios Singapore

  1. J

    The Sesame Street Christmas show is not bad at all. It’s better than the regular show! I also like the snowfall and atmosphere characters for the Christmas period.


  2. J

    Just to add, I think having Santa meet every hour from noon is a great idea. He seems pretty popular, being one of the most famous icons of the Holiday season! I met him once too, and I thought the setup was a good move, and in a rather strategic location too, since that is where most guests will pass. I do remember meeting Jonah Goodwill there too during Halloween Haha.

    Also, have you seen the new version of the parade? No new floats, just changes in characters in sequencing. Elmo, Cookie Monster and SuperGrover have replaced Dracula and Bride for the pre-show, and the Nile Princess now rides the Mummy float with Imhotep.


    • No, I haven’t seen the parade for ages! I don’t have time to go to the park this month especially on weekends, as I am involved in a Christmas musical and we have 5-hour rehearsals every Sat & Sun.


  3. Jerr

    Hi again! Will you be doing a post about USS’s CNY? The last time I went (last week) they had the decorations up and the music playing, but the characters were still in their regular outfits.

    I don’t think I’m renewing my pass due to study commitments, which makes last Saturday my last visit 😦 I do hope I can return once in June and at the end of the year when I’m free though 🙂 (Then I can ride Battlestar and Giant Journey!)

    Also, the park needs new characters, so I hope to see new ones. I really hope Olive and Popeye can make a trip down from Islands of Adventure to USS. Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein are also on my wishlist. They already have the costumes from the parade, so hopefully they bring them out more often.


    • Yes, but I’m waiting for the characters to appear in CNY costumes first.
      Studies are important so it’s good if you focus on them. 🙂


      • Jerr

        Yup. I have friends asking me, “are you sure you’re not renewing?” I’m like yes need to focus haha.


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