(Re-Launched) Insadong Korea Town

After my previous review, Insadong Korea Town shut its doors for further renovations and re-opened this month with changes to their menu and a new self-service ordering system!

Opened by the MOF group, this themed dining experience now offers a wider variety of food, ranging from Authentic Korean dishes, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Japanese to Korean-Western! When this place first started operations in September, it served only Authentic Korean dishes and the concept wasn’t popular with the locals, thus their main clientele were Koreans, but with this re-launch and a re-vamp of their menu, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds and business is booming now!


Hmm…noticed that the side entrances are now accessible (previously you could only enter from the front)!

My previous visit (and review) was out of my own pocket and I didn’t manage to try that many dishes before they closed for further renovations, but this time during the soft launch of their re-opening, I was invited by MOF for a food tasting session and there were 14 items on the tasting menu (including drinks and desserts)!!

Lena Sim, the CEO of MOF, took us on a short tour of the place and I must say that throughout the entire evening, I could feel her passion for her food business and her enthusiasm for all the new dishes at this latest Korean-themed eating establishment! She has a good business sense and I was really impressed!

Self-service order kiosks can be found at the main entrance of the restaurant. It’s quite simple to place an order on their touchscreen interface – just click on the various tabs to view the available items on the menu and select the dishes that whet your appetite.

At the moment, only cash is accepted at these machines (change will be given). If you need to pay by NETS or credit card, you can do so at the cashier counter. You can also enquire with them on the earning/redemption of RWS Invites points.

I noticed that the little cafe at the front, which previously sold only drinks, has been transformed and it now sells both drinks and desserts!

Do note that there is a separate queue for the J-Cone dessert (from the main entrance to the cafe) and this is for customers who are not dining in and just want to buy the dessert, so they can just pay at the cashier counter there.

Back in September, they had used a system which had numbers flashing on TV screens to inform diners to collect their food, but now buzzer devices have been introduced and these will go off when your food orders are ready.

There’s even a sign showing you the locations of where your food orders can be collected from (depending on which category of food you have ordered and I guess the respective location will be printed on the receipt)!

These are Counters 1-3…

…and Kiosks 1 and 2 are located in the middle of the dining area.

Korean Street Food was being prepared at Kiosk 1 and I went to have a closer look!

Various types of skewered food are available (these will be sent to the kitchen for further cooking once you have placed your order)…

…and there’s also meat buns and spicy Korean rice cake!

Over at Kiosk 2, you can find Roast Iberico Pork Ribs (ala carte $18/set $10), Pork Rack (set $21) and Pork Loin (ala carte $18/set $11)…

…and even Roast Suckling Pig is available!!

Now for the tasting of the food!…


Toppoki (Korean Rice Cake) – $6
I’ve always seen this dish being served as street food in Korean dramas but have never tried it until now (reason being that I’m not a big fan of rice cake)! It was better than expected – the rice cake itself was chewy and didn’t have much taste but the sauce was really the star of this dish and it was spicy!!! Think of rice cake covered with thick kimchi flavoured red pepper sauce and you’ll get the picture… ^_^

Kimchi Pancake – $10

I don’t really like kimchi but this was good and I even had a second helping!! The pancake was slightly chewy and it had a vegetable filling (kimchi obviously!), which wasn’t as sour as the usual pickled version. Apparently this dish is extremely popular with Indian diners too! A must try!


Photo Credit: Insadong Korea Town

Ginseng Chicken Soup – $28

This is definitely authentic Korean ginseng chicken soup as the chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice and the soup is rather light tasting due to Korean ginseng not having a strong flavour.

However, a little bowl containing milk is provided by the side as an optional accompaniment to the dish and diners can choose to add the milk to the soup (think along the lines of fried fish soup + milk)! Most of the locals agreed that the soup tasted and looked better after adding the milk!! I thought so too but I still prefer the local Chinese version of ginseng chicken soup, which has a stronger ginseng taste! ^_^

One thing I did like about the one here was that the stuffing in the chicken had chestnuts mixed in with the glutinous rice – the famous one that I had tried in Seoul, Korea had LOTS of garlic in it and I didn’t enjoy that one!

Bossam (Napa Wraps with Pork) – Small $15, Large $25

The main highlight of this dish is the pork belly (similar to Chinese roasted pork belly – 烧肉) and the meat is served with accompanying ingredients like slices of garlic, kimchi, green chilli and a fermented bean sauce (like miso paste).

To eat this, wrap the meat and the accompanying ingredients in the lettuce leaves that are provided with this dish.

Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot – $40 (to be shared amongst 4 or more persons)

Wow…the portion isn’t small and is packed with a mountainful of ingredients!

We were introduced to Chef Emily Oh, who was the one who had prepared all the dishes and we had the privilege of having her help us with the cooking of the ingredients in the hotpot at our table.

The next picture shows the cooked ingredients which are ready to be eaten! Yummy!! Thanks, Chef Emily! (she was rather camera shy) 🙂


Photo Credit: Insadong Korea Town

Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice – $15

This baked rice dish has a cheesy topping and a decent amount of beef in it.

It was tasty on its own but we were told to eat half of it and reserve the other half for another method of enjoying this dish! If you remember the Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot mentioned earlier and if you order both the hotpot and this baked rice, you can put a portion of the rice into the hotpot and let it soak up the flavourful soup stock – it certainly gives the dish a different dimension of flavours and was surprisingly delicious!

Pumpkin Spaghetti

LOVED this pasta dish!! The sauce had a smooth creamy texture with a rich buttery flavour and seemed to be made with pumpkin, which had been pureed. There were also bits of ham/bacon in it. Somehow I couldn’t find this dish on the menu and the only item with the same look and colour of the food which resembled this was the Carbonara Spaghetti ($14)!


Photo Credit: Insadong Korea Town

Xiao Long Bao – 6pcs $8.50, 10pcs $11.50
This to me is a Chinese dish! I didn’t know that it is considered a Korean dish too! It was quite nice – the dumpling skin had just the right thickness and contained enough soup to fill my spoon.

Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup – 8pcs $13

Haha…now this is what I call fusion! The kimchi soup was quite nice but there is an accompanying small dish of chilli sauce (tastes like chicken rice chilli sauce), which you can add into the soup for an added kick! I do agree with Lena that the soup tastes better after adding the chilli sauce but I’m sure Chef Emily will probably frown at it as the authentic Korean taste doesn’t include the extra added chilli sauce! LOL…

Red Bean Pancake – $7.80

This tastes very much like Chinese-style red bean pancake! Apparently it is a Korean dish too!


Photo Credit: Insadong Korea Town

Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice – $11

Buried underneath that pile of mango, strawberry and kiwi cubes is shaved ice covered with black sugar (i.e. gula melaka). It was quite sweet and a bit too much for one person to finish so you’re better off sharing this with a friend. Be careful of how you eat this as the guys at my table ate it starting from the bottom upwards, which resulted in the dessert being top-heavy and the scoop of ice cream came tumbling down onto the table! 😦

J-cone – $6

This probably is the most popular dessert here but I feel it’s more of a novelty. Typically known as jipangyi in Korea, this cane-shaped thingy is a puffed corn snack which has a hollow centre and vanilla ice cream is pumped into it. MOF specially brought in a machine from Korea and they make these J-cones in their local factory. A word of advice – you’d better eat them quickly before the ice cream starts to seep through! I found the ice cream leaking through the base of the “J” after some time!!


Photo Credit: Insadong Korea Town

Iced Honey Citron Tea – $4

This was very refreshing drink and is something that I would usually order if I have a cold or sore throat. If you like this drink, you can actually purchase a bottle of the honey citron mixture (available here at $15.80 per bottle) and make this drink at home.

Watermelon Soju – $30

Now, this was a very interesting drink as I’ve never had it before! I mean I have drunk soju but never in a watermelon concoction!

A whole bottle of soju is poured into the watermelon juice, which then turns this into an alcoholic beverage but in fact the alcohol content is really diluted after being mixed with the juice from a whole watermelon! It was refreshing but won’t cause you to be intoxicated even if you’ve had 2-3 cups of it.

The coolest part is that this beverage is served in these cute metal cups! ^_^


The new re-vamped menu has a lot more variety of food being offered but my favourite grilled galbi dish was nowhere to be found! Arrgghh!!…I do hope they will put it back on the menu! However, I was quite thankful for this tasting session as it allowed me to sample some dishes which I would have never imagined myself ordering and I have to say that most of the dishes that we had tried were pretty awesome!

I liked the fact that the chef insisted that the recipes were kept true to the authentic Korean taste, but she compromised by allowing additional sauces to be provided with certain dishes to cater to the local taste buds (e.g. milk with the ginseng chicken soup and extra chilli for the kimchi soup).

My number one favourite dish out of all that we had tried in this blog post, was the pumpkin spaghetti! This was followed by the baked rice, hotpot and the kimchi pancake (LOL…I think some of my friends will faint if they hear that I’ve listed something containing kimchi as one of my favourite dishes since I don’t like kimchi!).

Insadong Korea Town

Resorts World Sentosa, Waterfront
26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-30/31/32/33, Sentosa, Singapore 098138.

Where exactly is it located within RWS?
If you have entered Sentosa via the boardwalk, it’s right next to the Malaysian Food Street. However, if you are getting there from Waterfront station or the S.E.A. Aquarium, it’s located just beside Slappy Cakes.

Operating Hours:
Daily 11am – 10pm

Tel No: +65 6238 8221

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