Easter Eggstravaganza (2015) at Universal Studios Singapore

This year’s Easter decorations at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) comprise of several colourful displays and the offerings at the theme park are definitely more egg-citing (pardon the pun) than last year’s!

It’s nice that the entrance archway has an display of easter eggs (I don’t recall this being decorated last year) and the streets of Hollywood are bustling with activity as there are frequent meet and greet sessions with several characters appearing in their Easter outfits.


The Woodpeckers appear in the same outfits as last year.

Colourful egg and candy decorations can be found along the street.

E.B. makes frequent appearances here and he is extremely popular with park visitors, so be prepared to queue for photos!

I know I had already taken a photo with him last year but I couldn’t help myself… ^_^

Here’s how he looks from behind. :p

Even the minions have joined in and accessorized according to the season! SOOOO CUTE!!!

If you thought it was only bunny ears, the outfit comes complete with a bunny tail!

On the 1st day of the Easter Eggstravaganza (i.e. 14th March), the Giant Minion statue outside the Minion Mart seemed to have forgotten his easter hat…

…but on the very next day, I guess he remembered! 😉

There’s a little stage at the junction of Hollywood and New York, which is a nice photo spot.

At various times of the day, there are meet and greet with Sesame Street Characters here.

Surprise, surprise…even the grouch has sported bunny ears and has easter decorations hanging from his trash can!!


I kind of like the egg decorations in this zone as some of the egg patterns seem to represent the characters from the movie.



Spot anything different?  This area doesn’t have that many easter decorations but…

…what is an egg carriage doing here?

Heh heh…it’s another photo spot for Easter!

The Frog King, who used to have an unobstructed view of the castle now guards a giant egg which encases several smaller golden eggs.

An Easter twist has been added to The Dance For The Magic Beans, but it’s really targetted to young children.

I spotted a basket placed at one corner of the stage and it contained some easter eggs.

These eggs were later distributed to the best dancers in the audience.


Ohh…I love the bright and colourful decorations found at this section of the park and they are definitely better than last year’s!

Another look at the street from the other end.

There is a new easter show entitled “The Royal Lunch at Eggingham Gardens” (showtimes vary) and this has a pre-show that starts at the Library, with the main show being staged within Soundstage 28.

The Egg Lord’s right-hand man appears and greets the audience, then beckons everyone to join him as he leads the way to the Palace…

The next picture conjures up a scene similar to one from the Pied Piper of Hamelin… LOL…

Entrance to where the main show is being staged.

Head up the stairs (or ramp) to the “Royal Lunch” venue.

The stage is set – I watched the very first performance on 14th March and the last show of the day on 15th March and found there were differences in both the performances as well as crowd control! There were some cast changes too! (but I guess they probably have understudies so that people can have their days off)

Here’s an overall view of the stage area – in the very first show on 14th March, the audience congregated around the front with little room for the performers to move offstage and everyone was standing and watching the show (it was rather tiring on the legs).

On the 15th, they managed to better organise the crowd and the audience were made to sit on the ground, with at least 1-2 metres of space between the first row and the stage.

In the very first show, Lady Florentine showed off her vocals when she appeared in the opening scene with the violinist and cellist.

However, on the 15th, only the string duet appeared in the initial scene, so it was purely an instrumental segment – or that’s what you may think…


After a series of slapstick antics, this pair were “escorted” off the stage…

In the first show, there was a long pause between the duelling instumentalists and the next scene where the dining table was being set for the “Royal Lunch”. The audience was kept waiting – basically quite a long lull time! I’m glad to say that things have improved in the next day’s performance as the scene changes have been tightened and the transitions were smooth.

Behold the appearance of the Egg Lord! His pun-filled vocabulary is centred around the egg theme!

When all the guests had arrived, they wished everyone a “Happy Easter” and got the audience to do the same.

I must say that the costumes were very bright and colourful and I especially loved the 3 sunny side up eggs on Prince Runny’s outfit!

Somehow Lady Florentine reminds me of Alice’s Queen of Hearts and the Egg Lord is like a Mad Hatter of sorts!

There were a few “mishaps” during the show, sometimes drawing dramatic reactions from the cast as seen in the photo below.

No sooner had lunch started, the table cloths were then thrown off and the crazy song and dance party began!

Familiar catchy tunes, wacky dance moves, plus cast members frequently going offstage to high five the audience in the middle of musical numbers made it quite an entertaining show!

I must say that I enjoyed the show on the 15th better as there were marked improvements from the first day, with some of the unnecessary segments removed, the scene changes were quicker and the action was on-going so there was a good buildup all the way to the end of the show.

Don’t miss this eggs-hilarating performance if you’re at the park this Easter!

Meet and greet sessions with the cast are available after the show. On the first day, this was divided into 3 groups but I guess it took a tad too long (I didn’t manage to take a picture with the 3rd group as they had cut off the queue).


On the next day the cast were divided into 2 groups on the left and right of the stage.


There are two egg hunts happening this Easter – one is organised by the Sentosa Harbourfront Business Association and the other is just contained within USS itself.

These are some of the eggs that can be found around the park.

I especially like this year’s version of the dino-themed egg as I think it’s way cooler (scarier?) than last year’s! ^_^

If you wish to take part in USS’ egg hunt, ask the crew at the park entrance for a copy of “The Egg Quest” map – not everyone will receive one as there is only a limited number given out per day, so do ask whether it is available if you don’t automatically receive one at the entrance.

Once you’ve obtained the map, you’ll then need to look around the park for the giant eggs and scratch off the relevant boxes corresponding to where you think you’ve found the eggs – note that not all the boxes may need to be scratched as there are places without eggs. Participants can redeem a chocolate egg at the end of the hunt by bringing your completed map to the redemption points which are indicated on the map (Magic Potion Spin at Far Far Away or the Universal Studios Store in Hollywood).

**UPDATE** I found that the map given out on 18th March was slightly different as it had various Easter egg patterns over the scratch area. Now this version of the map certainly makes the egg hunt look more fun and egg-citing!!


Finally, I’ll end off this post with some cute furry easter plushies – these are some of the seasonal items that are available at the moment, so souvenir hunters do take note! ^_^

Easter Eggstravaganza takes place at Universal Studios Singapore from 14 March to 5 April 2015.

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4 thoughts on “Easter Eggstravaganza (2015) at Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Jeremy

    Nice to see you today! The show was not bad and the duration was just right too. I think the best part was the medley of pop songs!

    Two of the performers (one being Princess Sunny) seemed to be twins of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop 🙂 Today’s host is also Dr Rodney and Alejandro if I’m not wrong.


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