Happy 5th Birthday Universal Studios Singapore!

Universal Studios Singapore celebrated its 5th anniversary today – wow…time sure whizzes by quickly!

Just for this special day, the first family who enters the park will be welcomed in style, flanked by some of the park’s popular characters. Limited edition Studio Guides (containing special anniversary stickers), limited edition badges and anniversary cupcakes are given to visitors to commemorate this event.

When I arrived at the park, I noticed the entrance archway with an Easter theme had an extra centrepiece. I had missed the earlier fanfare with the first family as there were delays on the North East Line (NEL) due to a power failure at Buangkok. Anyway, if you’re interested, you can view photos of the opening fanfare on RWS’ facebook page.

I was glad that I managed to get a picture with some of the bigwigs who oversee the park operations and attractions (they’ve been working here since the park first opened)! ^_^

From Left to Right: Judy, Sean, me and John. I guess I’m probably in John’s black book cos whenever I see him at the park, I’ll always bug him about when BSG will be re-opening (sorry John, but I need my coaster fix! LOL…).

The 5th anniversary logo can be found in the shop displays.

These were some of the freebies given out – limited edition studio guides, which contained a sticker sheet, were available at the usual locations after the park entrance. Easter eggs containing sweets were given out by the park’s crew during the first half hour of the park’s opening and they ran out fast.

The limited edition badge and cupcake voucher were given to park guests at the entrance turnstiles. According to the voucher, the cupcakes can only be redeemed at Loui’s and Starbot.

I went over to Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor to take a look at the cupcakes and this was what I found.

However, I learnt that they were NOT the free anniversary cupcakes.

I then headed to the Starbot Cafe to have a look and it seemed that these cupcakes were complimentary if you ordered a meal there.

Anyway, I went back to Loui’s to exchange my voucher for a cupcake and this was what I got… (erm…badge and studio guide added to fill up the empty spaces in the photo)

Mmm…this was a blueberry cupcake which seemed to also have a light coconut flavour. It was a little difficult to eat with all that cream which kept getting onto my fingers but overall it was a nice cupcake! ^_^

LOL…here’s my selfie moment! :p

Armed with my limited edition studio guide and birthday badge, I marked the occasion with a series of photos!…

At Hollywood…

With the Giant Minion…

With E.B.

Lastly, with some of the cast from the Royal Lunch at Eggingham Gardens (special show which is part of the Easter Eggstravaganza) – Clockwise from bottom left: Prince Runny, Duchess of Yolk, Duke of Yolk, Lady Florentine, Lord Benedict, Princess Sunny.

Once again, HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to USS and I hope the BSG roller coasters will be in operation soon! 😉

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7 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Universal Studios Singapore!

  1. Jeremy

    Would Judy be in entertainment? I’ve seen her during shows and parades. How did you get to know these people? I am always dreaming of a chance to speak with the people in entertainment!


    • She’s the Assistant Director – Attractions, so more on the Operations side.


      • Jeremy

        Jacinta, wanted to ask you..

        What are some of the privileges for the new RWSIA (USS) membership? I’m holding one but I’m only aware of the rebates system.

        Are things like the opening ceremony for last year’s HHN4 (the one where you got to meet Jonah Goodwill at Pantages) or is that only for bloggers and the media?


      • For RWS Invites, check this website – https://rwsinvites.rwsentosa.com/
        You can click on the “Member Privileges” tab for more details and also click on the “Promotions” button on the right of the screen as it will show you the latest promotions (changes monthly).

        For USS, check this website – http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Homepage/Attractions/UniversalStudiosSingapore#USSBenefits

        Last year’s sneak preview of HHN4 was opened to RWS Invites members and USS Annual Pass members but you had to register for it on a first-come-first-served basis, as they had a quota on the number of people who could attend. It may not be a regular event. Of course the media and bloggers were also invited but there were separate arrangements for them.


  2. Jeremy



    • Jeremy

      Hi again, actually how did you register for the HHN preview? I was also an annual passholder last year but I wasn’t aware of the event until I saw articles on blogs.


      • They sent an email asking the Annual Pass (AP) holders who they wanted to vote as the leader of HHN4 – the result of that vote was Jonah Goodwill and they followed up with the invite to the preview event after the results were announced. However, I went there as part of the bloggers invite and not under the AP invite.


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