Night Cherry Blossom Viewing at Naka-Meguro River「中目黒桜まつり」

Due to my tight schedule and the fact that the cherry blossoms weren’t going to last long, I decided to join the locals and enjoy cherry blossom viewing after dark!

I couldn’t get on the earlier bus from the airport and thus only arrived at my hotel in Tokyo at about 6pm. Dropped my bags, freshened up a little and immediately headed off to the Naka-Meguro「中目黒」 area…

One thing I’ve learnt from my trips to Japan is that typically during festivals or similar events, if you don’t know where the festival venue is, just follow the crowd when you arrive at the train station and most of the time, you’ll definitely end up at the right place (or look out for the festival banners/flags placed along the streets). True enough, we arrived at side of the river in no time. ^_^

There was a lightup between 7pm-9pm and in typical festival setting, street vendors lined the walkways along both sides of the river.

We decided to admire the flowers first before having dinner.

However, due to the cold weather (about 11 degrees celsius), we soon got hungry and decided to look for something to eat along the way…

This shop caught my eye as it sold steamed oysters and some sparkling drinks.

We ordered a strawberry sparkling and a mixed fruit sparkling and both turned out to be sweet alcoholic drinks containing fresh fruit! Mmm…they were delicious and a good accompaniment to the fresh plump oysters!!

The stall adjacent to it seemed quite popular with the crowds too and one of the items they were selling was clam chowder and I thought some hot soup would be good to warm the tummy – well, it turned out that I ordered the last bowl! The soup was creamy and had a generous serving of clams and potatoes.

By the time we finished snacking, the lanterns were switched off but people were still out and about taking selfies or wefies with the sakura!

Here’s a short video clip which I took – policemen were directing the traffic as the roads weren’t closed and there were many jaywalkers! LOL….

If you happen to visit Tokyo during the sakura season, do note that this is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the city (I personally think it probably looks nicer during the day but I didn’t have time to come back to check it out during daylight hours).

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