BAKE Cheese Tart 「ベイク チーズタルト」 (by Kinotoya) at Shinjuku

Kinotoya, a long-established confectionery store in Sapporo, Hokkaido, started selling their original cheese tarts「焼きたてチーズタルト」 in Tokyo in 2014 under the name “BAKE Cheese Tart“.

They have a cafe in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, which sells cheese tarts, ice cream and beverages, but I couldn’t find time in my packed schedule to travel there, so I went to their takeaway-only store at Lumine in Shinjuku instead.

There were long queues here at intermittent times of the day, depending on when the trains get in (Shinjuku JR station is located just next to it). Not bad, considering only cheese tarts are being sold here.

If you buy 6 pieces, they will be packed in a box (see picture below).

Upon opening the box, you’ll see a double-deck of cheesy goodness!! ^_^

Heh heh… you can’t really envision how they would taste just by looking at them, but trust me, they are really good!!

I found the cheese tarts to be quite fluffy, very creamy, yet light in flavour (the Japanese don’t really like strong-tasting cheeses anyway). These tarts have a cheese mousse filling, made from a blend of 3 types of cheeses. Loved them!!

My hubby and I had 3 each and they were sooo good that we started to wonder why we didn’t buy more! LOL…

A word of advice – they are best eaten on the day of purchase or the very latest eat them first thing in the morning if you had purchased them on the evening before.

BAKE CHEESE TART 「ベイク チーズタルト」
ルミネエスト 新宿店 1F

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri  11:00-22:00
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays  10:30-22:00

Telephone: 03-5925-8170

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