Delicious Pineapple Ramen at Papapapapine「パパパパパイン」

Papapapapine「パパパパパイン」 is a little ramen shop located in a quiet area next to the train tracks and you can’t miss it as there is a pineapple lantern hanging just above its entrance.

Tickets for your food will first have to be purchased from the vending machine located outside the shop. Check if there are empty seats before you proceed to enter, otherwise you’ll just have to wait until the seats have been vacated. Once you are comfortably seated, pass the tickets to the chef behind the counter to process your order.

A closer look at the items available.

This shop is quite tiny and only 7 counter seats are available.

We found a bottle of pineapple vinegar at the counter, plus a little sign saying that pineapple wine was available by the glass. There was also a pineapple ale (seasonal item) that was available during my visit, but I was too excited over ordering the ramen and totally forgot to add on one of these drinks to try!

One of the highly recommended items on the menu is their pineapple flavoured egg. My hubby and I were initially a little skeptical about how it would taste but it only costs an affordable ¥100 each, so we both added this to our bowls of ramen.

パイナップル海老塩ラーメン (pineapple prawn salt-based ramen) + パパパパパイン名物 パイナップルの味付け玉子 (pineapple flavoured egg) – the noodles were cooked just right and the soup broth was absolutely delicious and wasn’t as salty as we had imagined a salt-based soup to be! It was a refreshing taste with the added pineapple. The slice of pork was tender and I loved the onsen egg, which is a hard-boiled egg with a semi-runny yolk inside and this egg was infused with a pineapple flavour! As you are about to bite into the egg, you get a whiff of the pineapple fragrance and once you have tasted it, you’d want more!! I’ve never had anything like it before! Imagine that the fragrance and sweetness of pineapple can be tasted in an egg!

パイナップル醤油ラーメン (pineapple soy sauce based ramen) + パパパパパイン名物 パイナップルの味付け玉子 (pineapple flavoured egg) – the soy sauce flavour somewhat masked the original taste of the soup. It was still yummy but I thought the salt-based one tasted better!

I would highly recommend this ramen shop as it is unique and the soup stock is a refreshing change from the traditional ones. That pineapple flavoured egg is a MUST TRY and something that I definitely would go back for!!

I’m not sure if they will offer it again, but they did serve chocolate (cocoa) ramen for a limited period between February and March this year. I wonder how it tasted?


Nishiogi Minami 3-12-1 Nisshin Nishiogi Plaza 1F, Suginami
〒167-0053 東京都杉並区西荻南3-12-1日伸西荻プラザ108


Tel: 03-3247-2181

Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm
Closed on Wednesdays.

Access: A 30-second walk from the South exit of Nishi Ogikubo Station (JR Chuo Line/JR Sobu Line).

As this place is a little out of the way from downtown Tokyo, I would recommend that you incorporate dining here with a visit to either the Ghibli Museum or Inokashira Park.

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