Tomato Beef Sukiyaki at Mita Basara「三田ばさら」

Mita Basara「三田ばさら」 is located in the Mita ward in Tokyo (near the Tokyo Tower) and can be a little tricky to locate as it’s housed in the basement of the KDX Mita Building「KDX三田ビル」.

This place specialises in Tomato Sukiyaki「トマトすきやき」 and if you don’t want to blow your budget, dine there for lunch as they have affordable set meals, otherwise dinner may cost you 2-3 times more!

I had already checked the menu on their website (Japanese only) and had decided on what I wanted, so it didn’t take long for me to place my order. ^_^

The interior of the restaurant was furnished in a simple, minimalist Japanese style, with private rooms available for reservations.

I found the clientele to be mainly Japanese and it was almost full house during a weekday (i.e. the remaining tables were all occupied after I took the picture above).

When the sukiyaki was brought to the table, the fragrance of the soup filled the air and we breathed in as much of this delicious aroma before the bowls were set down on the table. It just heightened the anticipation of how the flavours of the soup would react on our tastebuds! Just imagine how the soup’s fragrance can permeate the air even before the lid on the claypot is uncovered!!

The Tomato Sukiyaki weekday lunch set comprises of a sukiyaki hotpot (100g wagyu beef, tomatoes, onions, basil), rice, pickles, a side dish, red miso soup and a dessert. There is a bowl containing a raw egg and you are supposed to beat the egg and use this as a dip when eating the beef.

Yumm…I couldn’t wait to tuck in!…

Just look at that piece of delicious juicy tomato!

The well-bodied flavour of the soup was a blissful combination of the ingredients and none of them overpowered the other. It was really good and you can taste the beefy goodness combined with the sweetness of the tomatoes and mirin. Definitely one of the best foods that I’ve eaten to-date!

Dessert was included in the meal and there was a choice between Tiramisu and Sakura Monaka (i.e. sakura ice cream sandwiched between 2 pieces of wafer).

Since cherry blossoms were in season during our visit, we went for the monaka (and so did the 2 ladies at the next table after looking at ours!)

The ice cream came with a piece of mochi and was topped with a salted sakura flower bud. I thought the plating of this dessert was rather unique!

However, to eat it, you are supposed to put the wafer cover over the top and press it down – this makes the dessert look rather uninteresting (see photo below), which explains why it was initially presented to diners uncovered.

I don’t usually like eating salted sakura flowers, but the combination of all the ingredients in this ice cream sandwich made the overall taste quite alright.

Even though this place was a little out of the way to get to, we were glad that we made the effort to ge there! Their Tomato Sukiyaki is definitely A MUST TRY!! ^_^


Tel: 03-5444-6700

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri:
11:30~15:00(LO 14:00)
17:30~23:00(LO 21.30)

Sat & Public Holidays:
11:30~15:00(LO 14:00)
17:30~22:30(LO 21.00)

17:30~22:00(LO 21.00)

Getting There: Take the subway to Mita station (exit A10) and walk for about 10min.

It’s best to check Google maps so that you don’t get lost along the way. You’ll need to walk along a side road before getting to the main road where the restaurant resides. Walk in the direction of Tokyo Tower and the KDX Mita Building「KDX三田ビル」 is on the right side of the road (just to clarify – I took this picture of Tokyo Tower from across the road from the restaurant as I felt this angle of the tower was nicer – you will already be walking on the right side of the road if you are making your way there from Mita station).

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