My Melody and My Sweet Piano Cafe「マイメロディ&マイスウィートピアノカフェ」

This pop-up cafe at Shibuya is open for a limited time from 19 March to 31 May 2015 and I jumped at the chance to check out the cafe during my recent holiday as I love cute character-themed food! ^_^

Be mentally prepared to queue to dine here! Customers are only allowed about an hour to dine-in. We queued for almost 90 minutes (this was on the weekend) before we eventually got a table!!

Capsule machines (gachapon) containing limited edition items, as well as a seal printing machine which can print your name on My Melody and My Sweet Piano designed stickers, can be found just outside the cafe.

Before you are led to your table, there is a photo opp available at the entrance of the cafe. Several props and accessories can be found in a basket by the side and you can use them for your photo.

It looked a little too cutesy for my age but I gave it a go anyway! :p


The decor was quite simple and there was one table where “lucky” customers get to sit with giant My Melody, My Sweet Piano and Kuromi plushies as their dining companions.

This was the table setting and you are allowed to take the paper placemats with you when you leave.

We were shown this just before the menu was passed to us. Okay…so we may be served dessert before everything else…

Menu (in Japanese only):

I’m listing the food/drinks that we ordered in the sequence that they arrived at our table…

Strawberry Milk 「いちごミルク」 – ¥780
This beverage was topped with cute My Melody and My Sweet Piano images, with two pink chocolate hearts and a chocolate flower served by the side. I took a sip and was in strawberry bliss! ^_^ (FYI – the drink contains strawberry bits)

My Melody Latte 「マイメロディラテ」 – ¥680
Cute but the foam started sinking after it sat for a while at the table. This also came with chocolate candies by the side.

Souvenir coasters (i.e. you can take them home) came with our drinks, but we kept them and didn’t use them.

My Sweet Piano’s Sweet Dessert Pizza 「マイスウィートピアノのスウィート❤なデザートピザ」 – ¥1,280

When this arrived, I was wondering if they had forgotten about our main courses and served us dessert right away! However, we were already informed earlier that dessert could possibly be served before the other dishes…

Gosh…this was a HUGE dessert with a big fluffy cloud of pink cotton candy which made up My Sweet Piano’s head, accessorized with 3 pieces of chocolate flowers.

Its base was a chewy mochi-like pizza, topped with blueberries and a strawberry compote, which wasn’t too sweet. The face and ears were actually biscuits and they tasted like shortbread. If you like berries and sweet stuff, this would be the perfect dessert for you! I felt it was sweet enough and thus I didn’t drizzle on the additional syrup which was provided.

By the time the main courses arrived, they were rather lukewarm so we didn’t really enjoy eating them. I suppose it’s kind of expected at such cafes that the food art/food presentation will supercede everything else?

Both curries each came with a glass of salad, served on the side.

My Sweet Piano Vegetable Curry Rice 「マイスウィートピアノベジタブルカレー」 ¥1280
The curry wasn’t piping hot, probably since it was only a thin layer on the plate and the plating may have taken a while to complete. It did look cute though, with the cauliflower florets and potato mimicking My Sweet Piano’s hairstyle, complete with edible flowers. This was a vegetable curry and its flavour was quite light and pleasant. The ears are actually pieces of bread, which can be used to wipe up the remaining curry at the end of your meal (i.e. use it to wipe the plate clean!)

My Melody Chicken Curry Rice 「マイメロディチキンカレー」 ¥1280

This curry like the earlier one, was almost cold by the time it got to the table. Similarly, Melody’s ears were also pieces of bread. The curry has a stronger, meaty flavour (cos this is chicken curry) so its taste definitely differs from the earlier vegetable one. There were pieces of chicken hidden under the “ears” and they seemed to have been marinated with some spices (a bit like chicken satay). Edible flowers came with this dish and they provided different flavours which added an extra fragrance to the curry.

There is a souvenir shop at the cafe which sells My Melody and My Sweet Piano merchandise, as well as limited edition goods only available at this cafe!


Being a foodie, the only “merchandise” that I bought was this box of donuts (available for takeaway only) and limited quantities are being sold daily.

「カフェ限定 テイクアウトドーナツセット」 – ¥800

They were a little cake-like and weren’t too sweet. I liked the crunchy bits on Piano’s head. Not only did the donuts look cute, they tasted good too!!


If you are into food quality and taste, the desserts (including the takeaway donuts) and beverages are good, but the main courses may not be worth the money that you’re paying for them! However, if you enjoy photographing cute food, then you might overlook the value-for-money part – well, it’s not everyday that you get to dine at such a place!! :p

THE GUEST cafe & diner
Shibuya PARCO PART-1, 7th floor
15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan.

My Melody and My Sweet Piano Cafe will only be open for a limited period.
Dates: 19 March 2015 to 31 May 2015
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ Last Order(Food) 22:00 / Last Order(Drinks) 22:30

Enquiries: 03-3477-5773  (THE GUEST cafe&diner)

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