Honey Creme – New Flavours for SG50 and Opening of 2nd Outlet!

I love ice cream and was thrilled to be able to preview two of Honey Creme’s yet-to-be-launched flavours!

Cereal Milk ($5.90) – This new flavour will be introduced at 313@Somerset from 1st June 2015 and will also be available at Honey Creme’s second outlet in Singapore at JEM, which is opening in mid-July 2015. The new outlet will be a takeaway kiosk, unlike its first store at 313@Somerset which has seating.

The soft serve ice cream tastes exactly like a bowl of breakfast cereal in milk, plus it’s topped with crispy cornflakes, which have been lightly salted and toasted for about 15-20min to give it that extra crunch. It’s a combination of salty, sweet and buttery flavours which some may say reminds them of their childhood. I felt like I was eating breakfast in dessert form! Cereal can also be found at the bottom of the cup and they still retained their crunchiness even if you take forever to finish this dessert! Kids will probably like this.

Pandan Gula Melaka ($6) – a pandan-flavoured soft serve specially concocted for SG50, this new flavour is really good!! It feels like you are eating a slice of pandan chiffon cake + a bowl of chendol at the same time! The ice cream is drizzled with gula melaka syrup and topped with crunchy sweet and salty preservative-free toasted coconut chips specially imported from Thailand (they are really addictive!). For those who like it sweeter, additional gula melaka syrup is provided in a pipette on the side, so you can add to your heart’s content!

We are thrilled by the overwhelming reception that Honey Creme has enjoyed here,” says Ms. Sherry Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Director of New Majestic Investment, who brought in the franchise from Taiwan. “To thank our fans, we have created the Honey Creme Pandan Gula Melaka just for Singapore.

The pandan-flavouring process is tedious and uses traditional methods, where fresh pandan leaves are first blended in-house and then squeezed to extract a pandan concentrate.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dessert is actually layered – there were pieces of attap chee in the middle (I’m not a fan of attap chee and initially I had thought it was jelly, so I was quite impressed with this!) and crunchy puffed rice can be found at the bottom of the cup. Overall, it was a very fragrant and localised flavour – LOVED IT!! (…and more coconut chips please!) ^_^

This Pandan Gula Melaka will only be available for a limited time:
313@Somerset: 1st June to 30th September 2015
JEM: Mid-July to 30th September 2015

Just for the National Day weekend (7th – 10th August 2015), Honey Creme will also add a Merlion-shaped biscuit to the top of the pandan parfait as a special SG50 treat.

I do hope they’ll consider adding this to their list of permanent flavours as it is a uniquely Singaporean flavour and I love it!!

For those who have yet to discover Honey Creme, it is a popular Taiwanese ice cream store, known for their distinctive, Korean-inspired soft serve ice cream made from premium ingredients topped with organic honeycomb. They first opened in Taiwan in March 2014 and have since expanded to Hong Kong. Their outlets in Singapore are the first in Southeast Asia. Smooth and creamy ice creams are made in-house using fresh milk and cream and no stabilisers are added.


Some of their signature desserts include…

Honey Comb ($5.90) – This features their original flavour of ice cream, topped with a piece of fresh honeycomb, which was sweet and chewy and some bits will actually get stuck on your teeth (as is expected from chewing on honeycomb). Eating the honeycomb together with the ice cream results in the right balance of sweetness.

Organic Cotton Candy Affogato ($5.90) – Probably a coffee addict’s delight!! The combination of ice cream and expresso was very smooth and I loved the cotton candy topping!

Overall, delectable soft serve ice creams can be found here and I love the SG50 concoction! My only grouse is that Singapore’s hot and humid weather causes the ice cream to melt rather quickly, so I should eat them quicker instead of spending time photographing them! LOL… :p

Honey Creme

313@Somerset Outlet
Address: 313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #01-37, Singapore 238895.
Operating Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

JEM Outlet – opening mid-July 2015
Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-06, Singapore 608549.
Operating Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

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