Re-Opening of Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON

The long wait for adrenaline junkies is finally over!! After an extensive attraction review, 27th May 2015 marked the re-opening of the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore!

Park guests who had heard about the coasters’ re-opening, couldn’t wait to go on the rides when they were opened to the public at 12pm!

These were the first people in the queue for Human on the re-opening day…

Over at the Cylon side, there was also a queue forming… ^_^


One noticeable difference is that the ride vehicles, which previously had 4 seats per row, now have only 2 seats per row, as previous feedback from park guests on the original coasters were that those seated at the middle two seats felt left out from the “action”. With this new design, all riders have a “window seat”, so as to get the maximum experience (probably a more heart-pumping one!) on the ride.

The new ride vehicles now each seat 16 persons (i.e. fewer riders per ride) and thus you may wonder if the queue will take a longer time to clear – the good news is that the park does have additional ride vehicles for each of the 2 coasters, so two ride vehicles may be in operation during the peak periods for each coaster.

Human coaster – the Old ride vehicle (photo on left) and the New ride vehicle (photo on right).

In addition, shelves can now be found at both loading platforms and you can place your shoes and any other loose articles like hats, spectacles, etc. on the them before you board the ride vehicle. In the past, people used to leave their shoes all over the platform and it looked rather messy, plus there was the risk that your belongings could be trampled upon by klutzy folks who alighted first from the ride vehicles.


Both the Human and Cylon rides are very much smoother and less bumpy than before. I remember with the previous ride vehicles, my head kept hitting the back of the seat at certain turns and the headrest then wasn’t as well-cushioned as compared to now. I have to say that it is definitely a more comfortable ride with these new vehicles!!

There is a greater adrenaline rush if you sit at the front row (especially on Cylon) as it is “windier” and you do get unobstructed views of the drops, plus you will also be the first ones on the ride to plunge into the fog pits (Cylon only)!  Somehow Cylon’s speed felt a little faster to me than before, but according to the media release, the ride duration is similar. Hmm…


For those who have yet to experience them, Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon is a pair of steel duelling roller coasters, which each have 1km of track and they will provide you with 90 seconds of excitement! The repetitive announcements on both rides state that they are “high-speed turbulent roller coasters that include sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, lifting and dropping”. Their top speed is 90km/h and the highest point on both coasters is 42.7m high (equivalent to 14 storeys). To go on both rides, you will need to be at least 125cm tall.

I personally feel that nothing beats the front row if you want the best views but of course the G-forces are probably strongest in the 8th row.

If the coasters are launched at the same time, you can experience the “duelling effect” as both the red and blue will cross paths at various sections of the track. I think you’ll get a better view of this on the Cylon side (well, that is if you are not too pre-occupied with screaming your lungs out to enjoy the view).

Photography and videography are usually not allowed in this attraction but thanks to Universal Studios Singapore, I got the opportunity to photograph the queuing areas and loading platforms of both rides!


Also referred to as the “Red” coaster, this is a seated coaster with no inversions, but it does have lots of turns and a couple of drops. I personally feel this is the milder of the two rides. The first drop used to be quite scary with the old lap restraints when the ride first opened in 2010/2011, but ever since they had replaced the restraints with the overhead ones, you can no longer experience that “free fall” feeling on that initial drop and I really miss that! With this re-opening, overhead restraints are still being used, so I personally take this coaster to be just a “scenic ride” if I want a bird’s eye view of the park (plus the ride photos taken are nicer than that on Cylon’s).

Enter through the doors for some air-conditioned comfort! ^_^

Look around and you can see various interesting props on display.

The most impressive display in the queue area of this ride is this Viper spacecraft and you can’t miss it when you walk by!

I’m not sure if it’s just nerves but this is what some some people do whilst waiting in the queue.. 😉

When you reach the rows of uniforms, you’re almost at the loading platform.

Looking out to the tracks…

This is the new 2-seater ride vehicle!

Here’s a look at the back of the ride vehicle.


This is also known as the “Blue” coaster and is my favourite of the two. The ride has a total of 5 inversions and I tend to liken the experience of the final inversion on the ride to be similar to the feeling of being tumbled inside a washing machine. Do note that this is a suspended coaster and your legs will be dangling freely on this ride, so do leave your footwear on the shelves at the loading platform if you are afraid that they may fall off during the ride.

This display with rows of Cylon robots looks impressive!

Walk through this section and make your way up the stairs to get your adrenaline fix.


At the loading platform…

This new 2-seater ride vehicle provides a more heart-racing experience!

Although the back of this coaster doesn’t look as nice as that on Human’s, I still love this ride!!

So, which one of the coasters will you be going on now that both rides have been re-opened?  I think you should try both (i.e. if you are willing to take up the challenge) and I’m sure John Hallenbeck, Senior Vice President of Attractions, will agree with me that both Human and Cylon are terrific “screamer” rides! ^_^

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15 thoughts on “Re-Opening of Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON

  1. Jeremy

    Hi again! I rode on both coasters this morning during the Members’ event from 9-10am, and it was so worth it! There was almost no line 🙂

    i thought Cylon was scarier cos you actually get the feeling like you are flipping over.


    • Hi Jeremy,
      Was it your first time riding both coasters? You actually do flip over on Cylon as there are 5 inversions! I prefer Cylon and will usually go on this more times than on Human, except when I’ve had a heavy meal. So far, taking Cylon after having chicken rice or a burger meal is fine but not after kway teow soup as you can actually hear the liquids moving about in the stomach! LOL…


      • Jeremy

        HAHA. I did feel a bit out of breath after taking Cylon yesterday actually, but I decided to go ahead and ride Human as well. After all, the queue was so short! It took a bit of thought and consideration though.

        I did take one of the coasters before… but sure which one. I never took both. I knew that one had inversions but what I meant was that’s what made Cylon scarier. I actually don’t recall experiencing that the last time so maybe I rode on Human previously.

        On an unrelated note, have you seen the entrance shows for characters? Those are awesome! I have seen the entrance shows for Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, Beetlejuice, Scorpion King and Minions. These happen when the characters arrive for meet and greet, but I noticed that these may not happen at all set timings.

        Also, the park map’s character section was finally revised. They removed the mention of Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming under the Shrek meet and greet sub-heading. Also, on the park map at least, they changed “Meet the Army of Anubis” to “Meet the Egyptian Royalty”. Does this mean that the Anubis Guards are gone? I’m definitely going to have to ask about that when I next go to the park


      • Hmm…it’s been a while since I’ve gone around looking for the park’s characters – I’ll usually only do that when they change the holiday theme at the park. 😀


  2. Jeremy

    Hahaha I love the characters and being able to converse with them. I haven’t had the time to see the parade for so long. Even yesterday, I was only in the park till before 11 mainly to ride BSG and to ride Puss in Boots again (plus meet Betty Boop too) because I had work to revise for year-end

    Did you see the videos uploaded by both Dejiki and RWS showing the opening of the Puss in Boots ride?? I would have been so happy to be there. They featured Imelda (Puss in Boots’ adoptive mother)! Yes, I do like minor characters a lot for some reason. I couldn’t have been there anyway, since I had school. It’s just… my favorite character in the movie! Haha. Hopefully they’ll bring her out again soon.


    • Yes, I saw the videos and I missed that opening as I was out of town. Have you met Dejiki before? In case you didn’t know, when you met me at the “The Royal Lunch at Eggingham Gardens” show a few months ago, you were seated on my right and Dejiki was on my left. 🙂


      • Jeremy

        No I haven’t! I would like to though! I remember seeing you talking to a guy in white. Was that him? It really isn’t easy to find people here who are actually enthusiastic about theme parks haha


      • Haha…I can’t remember what he wore that day! Maybe you will bump into him at the park one of these days.


  3. Jeremy

    Hahaha.. I don’t even know how he looks like!


  4. john

    Hi jaznotabi! I have not sat this rollercoaster yet because I’m still plucking up the courage to do so. Anyway, what happens if you wear glasses? Is there somewhere I can place them? I hope I don’t have to put them in the shoe shelves because it’s not really safe! 😛


    • Hi John,
      The shoe racks are actually compartmentalized, so you can safely store your glasses in one of the empty slots. Alternatively, there may be a plastic box at the platform nearer to the front of the coaster and you can place your glasses in there. However, if everyone else does the same, then you may have other people’s glasses stacked on top of yours.

      Hope you’ll try the coasters one day! They’re fun!! If it’s your first time on them and you are still feeling not so confident about riding, then I would suggest that you avoid rows 1 and 8. Do let me know when you’ve eventually taken the rides and what you think of them. 🙂


  5. Mary

    Hello. Just wanted to ask if it’s allowed to bring a gopro with you when riding the roller coaster? Thanks


    • Hi Mary, you’re not allowed to bring anything with you when riding these roller coasters. All your belongings and loose articles have to be stored in the lockers (located next to the Human coaster) before you can enter the queues to both coasters.

      Unless you are from the media and have made prior arrangements with the theme park, you aren’t allowed to bring any gadgets into this attraction.


  6. I feel is not fun riding on the human because of the shoulder restrain. It must also be at least 4 seats in each row..


    • I totally agree about the shoulder restraints! It was a much better experience on the first drop with the original restraints at the waist when the ride was first opened. These days I just treat the Human ride as a scenic overhead view of the park. 🙂


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