La Cure Gourmande

La Cure Gourmande specialises in traditional French confectioneries and opened last month at Takashimaya S.C. at Ngee Ann City in Singapore. This is its flagship store in Asia and customers will be spoiled for choice with 170 handmade confection goods being offered at the shop!

Founded by Mr. Christian Berlan and Mr. Edouard Hennebert in Southern France, Balaruc-les-Bains in 1989, La Cure Gourmande is renowned for reviving French confections, and the vivacious expression “l’Art de vivre à la française” (the French art of living). The two founders are involved with every step of the process from start to completion, right from assessing the quality of craftsmanship to the choice of premium ingredients, in order to ensure consistency in the quality of their products and thus all their confectionery is made in France and are flown in regularly to their stores worldwide.

One cannot help noticing the picture of a little girl which seems to be the brand’s icon, as she can be seen displayed almost everywhere in the shop and also on the merchandise packaging. She is Margot, the daughter of one of the founders, but has since grown up today.

I have to say that the front of the store has an enticing assortment of biscuits, some of which have fillings and some are made without butter (sunflower oil is used instead) to cater to those who are more health-conscious.

Filled Biscuits – These are naturally flavoured crisp butter cookies filled with chocolate and fruit jams.
Available in Lemon, Apricot, Apple & Cinnamon, Raspberry, Caramel and Chocolate. More flavours such as fig, orange and others, will be added into the selection soon.
100g of loose cookies for $5.50 (Free tin with purchase of 900g of loose cookies)
Pre-packaged tin, 330g for $29.00

Mantecao – Made from a traditional Mediterranean recipe, this classically Spanish shortbread cookie is delicate and crumbly.
Available in Lemon, Almond and Chocolate.
100g of loose cookies for $5.50

These biscuits have a shelf life of about a week and fresh supplies are re-stocked regularly to ensure freshness.

Those who prefer bite-sized cookies can get them in pre-packaged tins. I prefer them in this size as they’re easier to pop into your mouth. ^_^

Navettes – A traditional shortbread pastry from Marseille, Navettes were first created in 1781 for the pilgrimage of St Victor. Shaped like the boat which according to legend, carried Lazarus and the Marys’ (Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome, Mary Jacobi) along with St Sarah to Provence more than 2000 years ago.

Available in traditional Orange Blossom (natural flavour), Cinnamon (natural flavor), Vanilla (natural flavor), Almond & Dried Fruits and Nuts.
100g of loose cookies for $5.50

Salty Savoury Navettes are available in flavours like Provence Herbs, Cumin, Turmeric, Chili powder, Black Pepper, Black Olives, Sesame, Paprika, Onion, Roquefort (blue cheese) and Curry. I especially liked the Cumin flavoured one as it reminded me of muruku, one of my favourite Indian snacks.

Pre-packaged bag, 230g for $15.00 (only 4 flavours)
Discovery Tin Box with 4 flavour assortment: $29.00
Gourmet Tin Box with 6 flavour assortment: $39.00

Madeleines – These are made according to the founder’s traditional recipe with fresh butter, eggs, flour and a lot of passion! I have to say that they are perfect for afternoon tea and I couldn’t resist buying them!

Available in Filled Madeleine with Chocolate, Orange, Blueberry, Raspberry, Caramel. There is also the Plain Madeleine with a hint of vanilla.
1 for $2.00
Offer 2 pieces with every purchase of 10 pieces.

It is recommended to put these in the microwave for 2 minutes to get an enhanced buttery flavour.

If you buy 12, they will be packed in a gift box.

Olives au Chocolate – I fell in love with these chocolate olives but they aren’t really olives and are actually chocolate coated almonds which are shaped to look like olives!!

100g for $8.00

These are also available in gift tins and glass jars.
Pre-packaged bag, 230g for $15.00 (only 4 flavours)
Chocolate Olives Gift Tin (140g): $19.00
Chocolate Olives Glass Jar (200g): $25.00

Pralines – There were too many to choose from and I was tempted to try them all!!

Chocolate Bars – For those who prefer their chocolate in a bar form, there are a variety of flavours to choose from.

Price: $8.00 each

Calissons – I don’t recall eating them before but it’s a traditional French candy made with candied fruit, almond meal and topped with icing. When I put one into my mouth, I immediately thought – hey, this tastes like marzipan! I guess this particular confection could be an acquired taste for our Asian market but marzipan lovers should like it!

30pc Calissounet Gift Box (190g) for $29.00
42pc Calissounet Gift Box (270g) for $39.00

Nougats – These are the chewy kind and several types are available, with an assortment of nuts and candied fruit. I usually prefer crunchy nougats over the chewy ones, but these are really good and not too sticky!

Caramels – Soft and naturally flavoured, you can find an assortment of nuts and candied fruit in them. Unfortunately, I’m not a caramel lover, so although I did buy some to try and thought they were nice, my personal preference would be to buy the other confections available at the store over this anytime. Caramel lovers should like them.

Available in Salted Butter, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate, Coffee, Fig, Marzipan Candy, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Nuts, Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Sesame and Nougat.
100g for $8.00
Complimentary boxes with purchase of 9 or 12 pieces

If you buy just a few pieces of the caramels or nougats, they will be placed in a bag similar to this.

The picture below shows the complimentary box given with 9 pieces of caramels, but my photo has an assortment of nougats and caramels in it. :p

Choupettes – These traditional specialty lollipops from the South of France are naturally coloured and flavoured with fruits or famous candies. The sugar is cooked and hand pulled giving it a delightful swirl of colour.

Available in 14 flavours:
Lemon, Raspberry, Coconut, Cola, Chocolate, Milk Raspberry, Vanilla, Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple, Cherry, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy and Caramel.

1 Choupette for $1.50
Offer 2 pieces with every purchase of 10 pieces.

Since there is a ban on chewing gum and bubble gum in Singapore, those who want to get their bubble gum fix can buy this (well, not quite the same since it’s a hard candy but at least the flavour is authentic)! ^_^

These were some of the flavours that I had bought to satisfy my sweet tooth and I have to say that the lollies are much bigger than the usual commercially available ones and I found it a bit of a challenge to put one into my mouth! The flavours were yummy though!

If you can’t decide on which confections to buy due to the wide variety available, there are various assortment boxes that you can choose from – the picture below is an example of one of them.

According to Mr. Edouard Hennebert, one of the co-founders, their products are not distributed in supermarkets and are sold exclusively at their brand’s shops worldwide, as they want to emphasize on service to their customers, so as to promote a real shopping experience which results in happy customers!

The staff on the shop floor are called “Sunshines” (there are 6 of them in this boutique) and they are a friendly bunch who make you feel very welcomed at the store and will only be too glad to assist you with any questions about the confections, plus offer product samples (if available) for you to try.

La Cure Gourmande takes great pride in offering handmade vintage confectionary goods that are sold in shops decorated in unique French style. If you examine the shop in Singapore carefully, you will see cornices lining the ceiling and these had been brought in from France too!


Well, everyone has their personal preferences and favourites, plus there are just too many choices in this shop that I was really overwhelmed when I stepped in!

Mr. Hennebert’s favourites are:

  • Filled chocolate biscuits
  • Raspberry Madeleine
  • Nougats – plain traditional one and the ones filled with caramel

He also recommends the lollies for younger people.

My favourites are:

  • Madeleines – Orange, Raspberry and Blueberry
  • Olives au Chocolate
  • Cumin Navettes
  • Choupettes!!!

I love their specially decorated gift boxes and vintage designed tins – fill these up with the yummy confections and I think they will make good presents!

To-date, La Cure Gourmande has more than 70 stores located in France and 20 other countries. Singapore is the second Asian country (the first was South Korea) to welcome La Cure Gourmande and is home to the brand’s Asian flagship store.

If you’re in the vicinity of Orchard Road, do go and check out these traditional French confections and bring home a piece of France with you! Buy some madeleines, biscuits and navettes, make a pot of jasmine tea or fruit teas to go with them and you can indulge in your very own French Afternoon Tea at home! ^_^

La Cure Gourmande
Takashimaya Shopping Centre #03-09,
Ngee Ann City,
391 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238872.

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00–21:30

Telephone: 66842983

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  1. Alan Waters

    Please Help…….I bought many of the Choupettes and now that I am home I cannot tell which flavor is which color… I do not know which ones to order unless I can equate the colors to the flavor. I tried to read the colors in the photo on you website but I cannot make out the colors…..could you email me a legend or take pictures and send them so I will know how to order? Thank you in advance, Alan Waters
    my email is:


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