O’ma Spoon at 313@Somerset

Following the launch of its first outlet at Marina Square in March 2015, O’ma Spoon (pronounced as “oh my spoon”), a Korean dessert cafe, has since opened a second outlet at 313@Somerset, with an eye-catching pink neon at the front and a white tree fixture as its centrepiece.

Its Korean owner, Chris Chun, hopes to transport the Korean bingsu boom to Singapore with this brand.

In recent months, I’ve noticed that more and more Korean bingsu cafes have opened in Singapore. Most of my friends have commented that these bingsus are more “atas” versions of our local ice kacang! ^_^ Regardless of the price, they seem to be rather popular with the younger crowd!

The snow-like bingsus found at O’ma Spoon are created purely from premium milk. Fresh milk is poured directly into a specially-designed machine and flash frozen at -25°C to form tiny shards of milk ice with a fluffy texture, keeping the icy dessert light without compromising on the creamy flavour of the milk.

Choices, choices, choices…what should we try??

My hubby and I had 3 bingsus in one night and received incredulous stares from the people seated at the surrounding tables!

Assembling a bingsu involves the stacking of various ingredients and this has to be done in an organised way to ensure that they won’t topple! You first start with a base of milk ice, which is then topped with a variety of ingredients like fruit, nuts, cakes and ice cream. The initial taste of this dessert cafe’s bingsu feels quite light on the tongue with only a hint of dairy contained within. As the ice starts to melt, a richer flavour of the milk comes through. For those who have a sweeter tooth, a small cup of sweetened milk is served with each bingsu, so you can add to your heart’s content.

Here are the main features of the bingsus that we tried…

Choco Brownie Bingsu – The milk ice base of the bingsu is first sprinkled with Oreo cookie crumble then lined with sliced bananas, before it is topped with whipped cream, brownie squares and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. As a final touch, chocolate sauce is drizzled on the bingsu alongside toasted almond flakes.

Mango Cheesecake Bingsu – Cubes of sweet ripe Thai mangoes sit atop the milk ice bingsu and this is topped with blueberries, a slice of New York style cheesecake, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and finally a sprinkling of toasted almond flakes.

Injeolmi Bingsu – This bingsu is dusted with toasted soya bean powder and dressed with cubes of chewy injeolmi rice cakes, cashews and toasted almond flakes.

These bingsus are generally designed for sharing with friends or family (but I’ve seen people having one all to themselves). There’s even an OMG Bingsu on the menu but we haven’t tried it yet!!

If you find the serving too huge and want something smaller, Petit Bingsus are available and these are served in cups. Available flavours are: Pat (red bean), Injeolmi, Mango and Oreo.

Is that anything else available apart from bingsu? Well, the cafe offers a selection of Oven-Baked Honey Bread, as well as Oven-Baked Toast.

Their Signature Oven-Baked Honey Bread is directly imported from Korea and this two-inch thick bread is covered with butter and Korean honey, which is a natural sweetener.

Choco Strawberry Honey Butter Bread – This has a Nutella spread which is then topped with strawberries and vanilla ice cream, and served with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a generous sprinkling of almond flakes.

Injeolmi Toast – From the Oven-Baked Toast selection, this dessert features chewy injeolmi rice cakes which are sandwiched between two slices of bread before they are lightly toasted.

Look at that gooey texture from the rice cakes!

My favourite out of everything that we had tried in this post was the Mango Cheesecake Bingsu. It was a heavenly combination! (did I forget to mention that I’m biased towards mangoes? :p)

This was a hosted food tasting event, thanks to O’ma Spoon!

O’ma Spoon
313 Orchard Road #04-20/32
Singapore 238895.

Telephone: +65 6634 2998
Opening Hours:
11.30am – 10.00pm (Mon-Thurs & Sun)
11.30am – 12.00am (Fri & Sat)

Other Outlet:
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard #04-102
Singapore 039594.
Telephone: +65 6333 0995
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10.00pm

Payment Modes: Cash, NETS and all major credit cards accepted.

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