SG50 Celebrations: Marina Bay area

There were lots of festivities taking place at the Marina Bay area during the long National Day weekend and my time was mostly spent admiring the fireworks, light shows and aerial displays(<=click for separate write-up on this).

As I haven’t shot fireworks yet with my latest camera, I went to test it out…

Well, what do you think? ^_^

During the National Day Parade (NDP) 2015, there was a Presidential Gun Salute which was executed just in front of Merlion Park and I must say that I’ve never seen this Merlion look so furious – it was literally smoking! LOL!! :p

The day after NDP, I headed over to the Padang to have a look…

This was the VIP section at the NDP:

If you had watched NDP 2015, some of the iconic props used may have caught your attention. Unknown to many, they were on display at the Padang after the celebrations were over and the public could go take pictures with them! We even saw many cars stopping illegally by the side of the road and the drivers got out for photos – some were booked by the traffic police!

On display were some of the boat props used in the scenes of yesteryear…

This boat is typical of those used by the early Chinese migrants – somehow it reminded me of the one used by Admiral Cheng Ho!

Sang Nila Utama appeared on this boat during the performance:

Finally, this one ferried Sir Stamford Raffles:

Two popular local Singapore foods are Chilli Crab and Ice Kacang and these were featured in one of the NDP segments.

Other uniquely local icons also featured, included the Changi Airport control tower, the various campaign mascots and our colloquial language:

To my surprise (and delight!), these props (with the exception of the boats) were even lit up at night!

Unfortunately, the props didn’t stay around long for public viewing and were removed on 11th August.

If you were down at the Marina Bay area, you would also have seen one of these signboards…

Various numbered installations could be found around the Marina Bay, but I was too lazy to go and hunt down every one of them. Thus, I only ended up taking pictures of the first and last numbers! (which obviously included the “50” that was on the Jubilee Bridge) ^_^


Various other commemorative SG50 decorations could also be found in the area.


In celebration of Singapore’s 50th National Day, The Fullerton Hotel had a special “A Celebration of Our Heritage” light show, which captured the Singapore Story.

Nightly from 1 to 9 August 2015.
Saturday, 1 August and Sunday, 2 August: 8.00pm, 9.00pm, 10.00pm and 11.00pm
Monday, 3 August to Friday, 7 August: 8.00pm, 9.00pm and 10.00pm
Saturday, 8 August and Sunday, 9 August: 8.00pm, 9.00pm, 10.00pm and 11.00pm

The show traced the early days of The Fullerton Building as the General Post Office, through a 50-year walk down memory lane as told through postage stamps, before culminating with a dramatic finish to mark Singapore’s 50th birthday.

I especially liked the scenes with the National Flag, the Merlion, as well as the birthday cake.

Watch the full show (recorded on 6th August but the spotlights on the rooftop weren’t turned on that night):

If you entered the hotel, there was even a special SG50 teddy bear display in the lobby. ^_^

Moving to the other side of the bay, both the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (MBS) and the Singapore Flyer were decked out in National Day colours!

Here’s a closer look at the MBS:

Gardens by the Bay had a special SG50 version of “Garden Rhapsody” at its Supertree Grove and this featured lasers for the very first time, as well as familiar local tunes sung by some of our local talents. If you look carefully, you can see the word “SG50” being projected on one of the Supertrees!

In case you missed the show, here’s my recording of it:

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable long weekend of celebrations and there were just too many activities which kept us busy and we simply didn’t have time to fit everything into our schedules! ^_^

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