Domino’s Cheese Burst Crust Pizzas

It has been almost 2 years since I attended my last pizza party at Domino’s and what do you know, it was my birthday and a coincidence that there was one being held that day! This was Migme‘s second #foodiemigup and a stark contrast in terms of food and venue when compared to the first event but it was a good opportunity to make new friends! 😀

Domino’s was introducing its new range of Cheese Burst Crust pizzas and a group of us got to try the various flavours!

Customers can try the all-new Chilli Cheese Burst Crust, as well as BBQ Cheese Burst Crust. Those who love spicy stuff will probably want to try the Chilli Cheese Burst Crust which features crushed red chillies sprinkled over a layer of creamy cheddar cheese sauce sandwiched between two crispy thin crusts. For those who prefer a smoky flavour, the BBQ Cheese Burst Crust offers BBQ sauce drizzled over creamy cheddar cheese sauce and this combination emphasizes its full-flavoured and smoky texture together with a rich tomato twist that creates an explosion of sweet and tanginess alongside the chosen pizza topping.

According to Linda Hassan, Senior Manager of Marketing at Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia, actual food is used in their product shoots – i.e. what you see in the pictures is what the customers will actually get! No gimmicks!!

You can mix and match the pizzas with the various cheese burst crust flavours and although there are some recommended combinations, you can unleash your creativity (and adventurous stomach for it!) to come up with your own combination.

These were some of the combinations which we tried…

Classic Pepperoni BBQ Cheese Burst Crust Pizza

Alfredo Prawn Original Cheese Burst Pizza

The Big BBQ, BBQ Cheese Burst Crust Pizza

We also did try the Hawaiian Paradise Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza (which had chilli flakes sandwiched in-between but somehow I didn’t find it to be spicy) and the Chilli Chicken Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza with salsa as its base sauce. By then I was too hungry and let my stomach take over, thus no pictures to show for these two pizzas. :p

For those of you who want to try the Cheese Burst Crust Pizzas but are unsure of which combination to try, here are some of the Chef’s Recommendations:

  • Chilli Cheese Burst Crust:  Best with Hawaiian Paradise, Chilli Chicken and Very Veggie
  • BBQ Cheese Burst Crust:  Best with Classic Pepperoni, The Big BBQ and Classy Chic
  • Original Cheese Burst Crust:  Best with Meatasaurus, Ultimate Hawaiian and Classified Chicken

My favourite was the Classic Pepperoni BBQ Cheese Burst Crust as the combination of the cheese and the smoky flavour of the BBQ sauce went well together with the pepperoni.

Besides the food, there were some games which we were grudgingly pulled into playing and most people were asking if we could skip them and just focus on the food but it fell on deaf ears! Good thing I didn’t let on that it was my birthday else I don’t know what else may have happened! LOL!!…

We were split into two teams and one of the games which garnered the most laughter was the jingle competition, whereby we were given 3 minutes to come up with a jingle for the Cheese Burst Crust Pizzas!

This was the first group (our competitor)…

Next was our turn and here was our cheesy rendition! (Gosh…the things I do on my birthday!…)

Anyway, we all had fun and won prizes (more pizzas!) from the games that each of the teams won.

To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Singapore and their Cheese Burst Crust pizzas, as well as their current promotions, check out their website at

Thanks to Migme and Domino’s Singapore for the invite! ^_^

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