MasterChef Asia – Season 1

Fans of the MasterChef series can look forward to the series’ premiere of MasterChef Asia in September 2015!

There was a roadshow which was held at the NEX shopping mall on 29th August and a sizeable crowd had gathered in anticipation of watching a cook-off between 3 Singapore contestants, plus an appearance by the MasterChef Asia judges!

Photo Credit: Lifetime Asia

Visitors could even walk into a mockup of both the MasterChef kitchen and pantry!

Photo Credit: Lifetime Asia

Just look at all the sauces and seasonings that are available for the MasterChef contenders to choose from!

The MasterChef Asia judges graced the event with their presence and air was abuzz with excitement when they made their appearance!

It was my first time seeing Celebrity Chef Susur Lee, 3-Michelin Starred Chef Bruno Ménard and Singapore-born Audra Morrice, a finalist in MasterChef Australia 2012.

The public was also introduced to the three Singapore contenders for the title of MasterChef Asia and they had a 30min mystery box challenge cook-off at the mall.

From Left to Right: Woo Wai Leong, Sandrian Tan and Lennard Yeong.

Photo Credit: Lifetime Asia

The mystery box uncovered! I was standing too far from the stage to get a close-up, so this picture was taken off one of the TV screens at the mall:

It’s not easy trying to concentrate on cooking and yet having to answer the judges’ questions at the same time!


I must say that the three contestants definitely had impressive culinary and plating skills! This makes you wonder how far they would make it in the competition…

Left to Right: Dishes by Sandrian, Leong and Lennard respectively.

Judging time!

Photo Credit: Lifetime Asia

Unfortunately they only made enough food to feed the judges, so we didn’t get to try any! 😦

It was a tough decision for the judges but they eventually declared Sandrian as the winner of the cook-off at the mall.

The public did have the opportunity to take photos with the judges on stage and I joined in the fun! ^_^

Photo Credit: Lifetime Asia

Keeping a lower profile offstage were the three Singapore contestants, but they obliged to pictures too! Best of luck to the three of them and hopefully one of them will do Singapore proud by winning the title of MasterChef Asia!

MasterChef Asia (Season 1) premieres on 3rd September at 9pm, on Lifetime (StarHub TV Channel 514).

**UPDATE** Woo Wai Leong was announced as the winner of Masterchef Asia on 10 Dec 2015. Congratulations to Leong!! ^_^

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