Santa’s All-Star Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore (2015)

It’s Christmastime again and it’s nice to see the entrance to Universal Studios Singapore with festive decorations again!

Even the staff at the entrance are dressed like elves!

This year’s theme at the park is Santa’s All-Star Christmas (1 Dec 2015 to 3 Jan 2016) and visitors will be glad to know that all rides and attractions are open till 9pm during this period.

I’ll be posting both day and night photos at the same spots in the park, as there is a different “feel” when certain places are lighted up at night…

Entrance archway to Hollywood Boulevard.

Look carefully at the decorations here and you can find Frosty the Snowman, Elves, the Snow Queen, Gingerbread Man, the Little Match Girl, Toy Soldiers, etc… all characters from the new “Fairytale Remix” Christmas show!

The exterior of the shops have also been decorated.

As you make your way down Hollywood Boulevard, you’ll notice several storybooks along the way, bearing tales which coincide with characters from this year’s Christmas performances. Some of these books are lighted up at night.

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Little Match Girl

A Christmas Carol

Over at the Minion Mart, that Giant Minion has been replaced by something smaller!

When you turn round the corner towards New York, you will find that the Giant Minion has been relocated next to the Pantages Hollywood Theater.

A Christmas tree can be found at the end of Hollywood Boulevard and is a photo spot, as well as the stage for “A Hollywood Christmas Gift Show”.


A Hollywood Christmas Gift Show

This is a new show which is performed twice daily and it features the Toy Soldiers, joined by the Penguins of Madagascar, Marilyn Monroe and the Minions. Santa’s not there and so the Toy Soldiers are playing Santa instead and various presents are given out to those whose names are found on the “nice” list!

Penguins of Madagascar

Marilyn Monroe

Minions – Kevin, Bob and Stuart

In the spirit of gifting, the Toy Soldiers are giving away some park merchandise as part of the show. Just make sure your kids are seated at the front of the stage in order to be the “lucky” recipients.

Photo-taking opportunities with the characters are also available after the show, but you’d better be quick to join the queue if you want to take a picture with the Minions as they won’t stay for long and Marilyn Monroe will take over when they leave.

Watch the full show:

Mels Rockin Christmas

Watch Mel’s Dinettes and The Cruisers belt out catchy tunes, dressed in Christmassy colours.

The New York zone has also been decorated and I think it looks more magical at night. What do you think?

Look at those icicles!! ^_^

Head over to Sting Alley and walk into a Victorian Christmas scene right out of 19th Century England. Now, if only the weather were as cold to match!


Other decorations found along the way:

At the other end, you can find the Harbour Market.

A Scrooge Christmas Splendour is a new performance which is staged here – well, technically there isn’t a fixed stage and the actors are roaming along the entire alleyway. Pick up snippets of information when the characters meet! Park guests can also mingle and interact with Mr. Scrooge and his neighbours and your conversations can be quite amusing!


Mr. Scrooge is a rather grumpy soul (watch my video a little further down and you’ll know what I mean). There are different cast members who play the characters on different nights and one of the actors who plays Scrooge is really really tall!

A fishmonger and his partner

I decided to make small talk on my second visit there and was asked if I wanted to buy fish – I replied that I have a preference for chicken, but was told that “fish are like the chicken of the sea”! They were still trying to convince me to buy from them but soon shooed me away after they realised their sales pitch had failed! LOL!

Look out for these ladies carrying baskets full of candy as they will hand them out to passers-by.

Excerpts from the goings-on at Sting Alley:

Various shows are being staged at the New York Public Library. Check the park schedule on the day of your visit as the timings may differ.

Fairytale Remix Show

A mash-up of various fairytales told through song and dance and includes familiar characters like Frosty the Snowman, the Snow Queen, Gingerbread Man, The Elves and the Shoemaker and The Little Match Girl.

The show opens with Mrs Claus and her assistant…

…and we are then introduced to the Elves and the Little Match Girl.

Frosty the Snowman and the Gingerbread Man also make their appearance in this show!

Photo-taking with the show’s characters is available after the show and there are three separate queues for the various characters.

Watch the full show:

Dancing Christmas Lights Show

The annual display of colorful lights projected on the New York Public Library that “dance” to groovelicious music.

Winter Tales

Set to the tunes of familiar Christmas carols, the light show projected on the façade of the New York Public Library tells a tale of a wintry Christmas.

The Sesame Street Saves Christmas Show is back again at the Pantages Hollywood Theater.

Other decorations around the park…


Far Far Away

A Christmas tree can be found in front of the entrance to Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey.

Shrek’s house

At various times of the day, you can take pictures with your favourite characters and I stumbled upon Shrek and Princess Fiona in front of their house.

The Woodpeckers can be found at Hollywood.

Betty Boop makes an appearance here too!


Just can’t get enough of them! The Minions are soooo cute!!

Meet Santa between 12pm-9pm on the hour, in front of the Christmas tree.

Let It Snow!
Note that snow falls along Hollywood Boulevard and New York every hour between 12pm-9pm.

Christmas Fireworks Spectacular

This can be view around the Hollywood Lake (only on 12, 19-29 December 2015 at 9pm) and is a dazzling fireworks display with a festive musical score and pyrotechnics.

A trip to USS at this time of year certainly does get you into the festive mood and it’s nice to go and soak in the atmosphere.

I’ll leave you with one last look at the lights along Hollywood Boulevard. ^_^

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