Japanese Crane Reserve「釧路市丹頂鶴自然公園」

Japanese Crane Reserve 「釧路市丹頂鶴自然公園」 is a sanctuary for Japanese Red-Crowned Cranes (Grus japonensis) and visitors can come and observe the cranes here all year round. First opened in August 1958 with the aim of protecting and propagating this endangered species, five Japanese cranes were released in Kushiro’s Tsuruoka area at that time. Since then, a number of cranes have been successfully bred here.

Ink stamp collectors, please don’t forget to get a stamp from the building at the entrance!

It feels somewhat like a zoo with the fenced-up exhibits.

There are observation holes in the fences which you can use to photograph the cranes.

Adult cranes:

Juvenile cranes:

I’m more interested in seeing birds in the wild and thus I think I was more excited at seeing this White-tailed Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) which was perched on a tree nearby!

One last look at the cranes before leaving this place…

Japanese Crane Reserve「釧路市丹頂鶴自然公園」
〒084-0926 北海道釧路市鶴丘112
Tsuruoka 112, Kushiro, Hokkaido 084-0926, Japan.


Telephone: 0154-56-2219

Opening Hours:
April 10 〜 Health and Sports Day (second Monday in October) 9:00〜18:00
The day after Health and Sports Day 〜 April 9 9:00〜16:00

Closed: December 31 〜 January 3

Admission Fee:
Adults (High school students and older)   ¥470 (individuals), ¥376 (groups of 15 or more)
Elementary and Junior High school students ¥110 (individuals), ¥88 (groups of 15 or more)

By Bus: Akan Bus from Kushiro Station. About 1 hour, fare ¥910.

By Car: Take Route 240 in the direction of Kushiro Airport. About 50min.

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