Easter Eggstravaganza (2016) at Universal Studios Singapore

The time of year for Easter egg hunting is here again and this year’s Easter Eggstravaganza event (7 March to 17 April 2016) at Universal Studios Singapore requires an additional fee on top of your day ticket. This would then entitle you to participate in an egg hunt (correct answers will allow you to redeem a Minion egg prize), entry to “An UnEGGspected Wedding” and “Eggingham Gardens”.

Annual pass holders can participate in the ticketed Easter events only once during this period – just present your pass at “Guest Services” for your Easter entitlements.


This year’s decorations at the entrance archway:

The shop windows have changed with the season too.

I just had to get a picture with the Minions as there are 3 of them all decked out for Easter this year!


The Easter installation found at the end of Hollywood Boulevard changed its appearance several times during my visit!

Initial appearance:

Several days later…

However, if you visit now, the globe has been returned to the top and it’s quite a popular photo spot for this season!

Mel’s Dinettes
 – These ladies look really happy performing with green bunny ears! ^_^

An UnEGGspected Wedding [Ticketed Event]

Held at the Pantages Hollywood Theater, this stage show revolves around the Egg Lord, who has a deadline to get married before he loses his title and his precious royal purple coat!

Arrive early to get a better view of the somewhat cheesey pre-show act.

As for The UnEGGspected Wedding, the scenes were bright and colourful, with some funny moments injected into the acts.

Whoops! What was the Egg Lord doing with his pants down?!! Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be alarmed about as this is a kid-friendly show.

The Egg Lord and his bride – do they make a lovely couple?

I must say that the sound at the front row of the theatre isn’t that great, so it’s best to sit a little further back! I think I enjoyed this show more (and better understood the storyline) the second time I watched it.

Eggingham Gardens [Ticketed Event]

This is a meet and greet session in air-conditioned comfort with the Egg Lord and other characters from show. E.B., Humpty Dumpty and Puss in Boots may appear too!

Psychedelic wallpaper at the entrance to the “gardens”.

The set looks quite nice and I can identify some re-used props from previous year’s. ^_^

Different characters may appear at the different timeslots, so do pop by here at the scheduled times if you are a fan of character meet and greet!


Puss In Boots

Humpty Dumpty

Various characters from An UnEGGspected Wedding


The street has been decorated to fit the seasonal theme!

Sunlight EGGspress

This is a roller-skating performance along the streets of New York and you will find the skaters handing out beaded necklaces to the crowd.


If it rains on the day of your visit and the ground is still wet, the performers will appear (minus their skates) for photo-taking and the handing out of the necklaces (i.e. there will not be any performance).


Here’s an excerpt from their performance:

Often overlooked are the projection mapping shows on the facade of the New York Library. I must say that the quality and sound for these projection mapping shows have improved greatly as compared to when they first started several years ago!

An EGGstraordinary Tale



Both the young and old can participate in this egg hunt.

Win one of these Minion eggs when you submit your completed card with the correct answers!

There are 8 Easter eggs to be found within the park and you’ll need to match them to the locations on the map. Be warned – it may not be as easy as it looks!

Some of them were relatively easy to find – i.e. If you are a regular at the park, you’ll be able to easily identify the locations to be searched.

However, there was one which almost stumped me and that was the teapot egg! I was using the process of logical elimination and at the same time trying to guess where it could be found! I finally managed to locate it and it was funny cos I had actually walked past its location much earlier without even noticing it!!

Oh what joy – I won a Minion egg! You may say “cheap thrill” but the fun is in the hunting and a prize/present at the end is just a bonus! ^_^


Wreaths decorated with Easter eggs can be found at both ends of this zone.

Other decorations found here:

Hmm…I wonder if this goose is related to the one at Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey?


Exotic looking egg decorations can be found in this zone!

Found these outside Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court, which is the venue for the Easter buffet lunch.
If you dine here, there is an exclusive meet and greet with the characters from Madagascar.

I happened to bump into these two characters when I walked through the zone, but their costumes are different from the ones at the Easter lunch buffet.


Overall it was good fun at the park (especially the egg hunt)!

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5 thoughts on “Easter Eggstravaganza (2016) at Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Jeremy

    Wait, the Madagascar characters have special costumes for their show? I need to go check those out!

    Also, Bride Von Scramble is the funniest part of the Easter show!


    • Haha…I didn’t watch the Madagascar show but I guess they do. Also saw King Julian at the Easter buffet venue with the big colourful wig on his head (like what you see in the park’s Easter adverts) but the staff didn’t allow me to take pictures unless I was dining there.


      • Jeremy

        Oh, no pictures there? It’s also great to finally have Humpty Alexander Dumpty from “Puss in Boots” at the park. I wish they would have Imelda from the movie out for meet and greet too but it seems she only appeared for the ride opening.


  2. Messi

    Nice photos. So where is the teapot egg being found?


    • As the egg hunt event is still ongoing and so as not to spoil the fun for others, I’ll just reveal that it can be found at the New York zone. 😁


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