Universal Studios Singapore celebrates World Monopoly Day by breaking a Guinness World Record!

World Monopoly Day falls on 19th March and Universal Studios Singapore celebrated the 81st birthday of the real estate tycoon Mr. Monopoly by attempting to break the Guinness World Records title for the most people playing a Monopoly game in a single venue!

The event required participants aged 8 and over to play the board game continuously for 30 minutes from the start of game play without any break.

We were up to the challenge and arrived at the theme park early in the morning! Upon heading over to the New York zone, Bumblebee was already there waiting to greet us!

How often do you see autobots venturing out of Sci-Fi City into New York?!  Both Bumblebee and Optimus Prime tooks turns for an exclusive meet and greet session and there was a brief window when both appeared together before Bumblebee ran off.

Even though pre-registration for the Monopoly challenge was already done online, all participants still had to register at the New York zone, where a ticket and wristband were issued for admission into the event venue.

Registration counters:

This ticket plus a wristband (not pictured here) are required in order to enter the event venue.

This was the seating plan for the event. Our wristbands were tagged with the table numbers that we were assigned to, so we had to go locate our corresponding table.

It was still about half an hour before the event started and the place was still relatively empty.

The version of the board game being played was “Monopoly Empire”, which has a tie-up between Hasbro and Universal Parks & Resorts. Instead of buying title deeds, you buy billboards to fill up your tower. I find this version to be more relevant to today’s context as popular brand names like Levi’s, Xbox, Polaroid, Candy Crush, Caterpillar, Heinz and Transformers are part of the billboard tiles available for purchase. In this version of the game, you don’t need to play for hours and the game can easily end after about 15-20 minutes as the first person who manages to successfully complete filling up his/her tower wins the game!

Each participant was given an envelope and a copy of the game instruction manual for reference.

The envelope contained 2 Empire Cards, a Brand Token and the pre-requisite amount of Monopoly currency to start the game with. Ok…so my token was a Wilson branded tennis racket.

All set to play the game!

Our Monopoly Empire board was all prepped up and we couldn’t wait to start!

Woo-hoo! I had managed to purchase two of my favourite brands related to Food and Theme Parks!! ^_^

However, I soon found that my opponents all had their eyes on the “Universal” brand and they did a “sneaky swap” on me each time that I got my hands on it!!

I was too busy playing the game to take any further pictures and was afraid to walk around in the event that I was disqualified from the challenge.

This was an aerial shot of the event venue with all the participants – I can just barely spot myself in the picture! ^_^

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

When the challenge was over, participants were treated to a performance by The Rockafellas.

Exclusive merchandise was available for purchase and I bought this limited edition Monopoly t-shirt as a keepsake.

Ohh… it looked like we may have broken the World Record and Mr. Monopoly arrived for a photo shoot!

Yes, we did it!!  The previous record of 585 people playing Monopoly was set in the UK in December 2015, but we had 605 participants at the venue today and hence broke the Guinness World Records of having the most people playing a Monopoly game in a single venue!

Unfortunately as we had started and ended the game later than the originally scheduled time, quite a number of the participants had already left the game venue to go enjoy the rest of the day at the theme park and thus were not part of the group picture.

A certificate was presented by Guinness World Records adjudicator Solvej Malouf to Jason Horkin, Senior Vice President for Attractions at Resorts World Sentosa.

I couldn’t let Mr. Monopoly get away without taking a picture with me!

Here’s another photo with Jason and the Guinness World Records certificate.

A closer look at the certificate.

I must say that I did enjoy my very first Guinness World Records challenge even though the weather was terribly hot and humid that day! ^_^

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