Neko Atsume「ねこあつめ」 Pop-Up Event at Harbour City

I was thrilled that my recent trip to Hong Kong coincided with the Neko Atsume「ねこあつめ」 summer pop-up event at LCX in Harbour City, Kowloon, which ends on 31st August 2016, so I caught it just in time! Those who aren’t familiar with Neko Atsume, it is a relatively simple cat collection game.

Filled with anticipation, I went to check out the event venue first thing the next morning as my flight had gotten in late in the evening.

There were several photo spots scattered along the entire floor and even though my visit was towards the tail end of the event, I found that it was still extremely popular with the crowds. The main displays were found at this section were…

Pumpkin (しろちゃとらさん Shirochatora-san) with Bolt (きじとらさん Kijitora-san) in the background:

Gold and Silver Fish – if only I could add this into my game inventory! LOL!

Ms. Fortune (こいこいさん Koikoi-san)

Tubbs (まんぞくさん Manzoku-san):

Snowball (しろねこさん Shironeko-san):

Conductor Whiskers (えきちょうさん Ekichou-san), with Dottie (しろみけさん Shiromike-san) hiding in the pink macaron:

I had to hunt across the same floor of the mall to locate the rest of the photo spots, which were mostly standalone.

Guy Furry (びすとろさん Bistro-san):

Sassy Fran (かふぇさん Café-san) and her cafe:

Other photo spots:

In addition, there was a stamp rally at this event where you can redeem some souvenirs if you complete the entire card but unfortunately the gifts were all fully redeemed during my visit (as expected since it was already almost the end of the event!), but the stamps were still available to souvenir hunters.

“Cheapskate” souvenir hunters could also pick up a cardboard fan and a postcard…

…but note that both items have advertisements on the other side.

My colleague had asked me to purchase some Tubbs merchandise if I saw any at the event, which has a pop-up store too. The shop was selling various memorabilia from the game and it even had a giant Tubbs stuffed toy on display (not for sale)!

I guess I was probably too excited by the sight of the gigantic Tubbs that I forgot to take a photo of the pop-up store!! LOL!

In shopping mode, I then helped my colleague to purchase this Tubbs cushion (HKD$140) and a Tubbs embossed cardholder with lanyard (HKD$90). That souvenir bag can be purchased for an additional HKD$1 if your total purchases exceed HKD$100.

As I’m not a fan of Tubbs, I got myself some mementos of Peaches (くりーむさん; Cream-san) instead. ^_^


Overall, it was good fun (plus shopping!) away from the summer heat!

Event Details:
LCX x Neko Atsume Japanese Summer Festival Exhibition
Date: 1 Jul – 31 Aug 2016
Time: 10am to 10pm
Venue: LCX, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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