Pokémon Go: Finding The Elusive Farfetch’d

Those who play Pokémon Go will know about the region exclusive Pokémon and that Farfetch’d can only be found in Asia. However, confirmed sightings seem to only be in countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, much to the dismay of fans in South East Asia.

We managed to find this wild duck in both Hong Kong and Japan. Read on if you want to find out the exact locations…

A well-known nest site in Hong Kong is at Signal Hill Garden and we had originally planned to check it out, but when my hubby found it on the radar in our hotel room at Sai Ying Pun (in late-Aug 2016), he immediately put out an incense and managed to catch it!

Source: Google Maps

I hadn’t installed the game then and since the man was happy with just catching one Farfetch’d, we ditched our plans to go to Signal Hill Garden as we had a tight sightseeing schedule.

About two-and-a-half months later, we found ourselves on a plane to Kyushu, Japan for a 6-day trip and this time I had the game installed!

What luck! On the first day after I had checked into the hotel in Fukuoka and was taking a rest before going out for dinner, I spotted Farfetch’d in my room and had just caught it using a Great Ball, but just when it was in the process of determining whether I had successfully captured it, the GPS went into error! Argghh…it turned out that the GPS signal wasn’t good in the room and I then rushed down to the hotel lobby as the signal is more stable there. I could still see the shadow of Farfetch’d on the radar, but no matter how much walking around and even with the use of incense, there was still no sign of Farfetch’d re-appearing and it soon disappeared from the radar after 30min.

Source: Google Maps

This was somewhere between two Pokéstops, which are located just across from the JR Hakata station.


My second chance appeared at Kijima Kogen Park, where I had spotted Farfetch’d on the radar about 75 minutes before closing time (the park closed at 5pm that day).

Initially it was at number 5 on the radar and as we walked around, it went to number 4 and eventually was number 1 on the radar, but it started to rain! However, even when I put out incense, that elusive Pokémon still refused to appear! Unfortunately, we had to leave to catch the last bus back to our hotel at 16:11 and so didn’t manage to find Farfetch’d. 😦

By this time, it was 2 days before we were due to leave Japan and I was wondering if I was going home empty-handed. At the end of our bus trip that day (we had spent the day sightseeing) and when we alighted at the Yufuin Bus Terminal, my hubby said he had spotted Farfetch’d on the radar and soon after, it immediately appeared on his screen! He was extremely pleased with himself that he had caught his second Farfetch’d, although it was his very first one in Japan.

As for me, this Pokémon was still hiding itself from me! I could see it on the radar, but it still did not appear (imagine the frustration!) and so I started walking around the surrounding area. With only 6 Poké Balls left in my inventory (the nearest Pokéstop was a 4-min walk away), I was beginning to think that my chances were dwindling… and then I finally spotted it around the corner of a souvenir shop, which was between the bus terminal and the train station!

Finally, I caught it with 3 Poké Balls to spare but I didn’t take any pictures prior to the capture as I didn’t want to risk my chances after the first 2 failed attempts.

This was the area in which we had caught Farfetch’d (note that there are no Pokéstops at the bus terminal and train station).

Source: Google Maps

All the sites that we had personally spotted Farfetch’d don’t seem to be nests. We had spent about 10 days in Hong Kong and only spotted it once and subsequently 6 days in Japan with 3 sightings, of which I think the chances in Japan seem to be much higher! Hope you’ll have better luck if you’re out hunting in North Asia! ^_^

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