About Me

I love nature, travelling, theme parks (self-confessed theme park junkie) and trying out different eating places.

Decided to start this blog in January 2012 as some of my friends requested that I document my travel experiences down. I must admit that I do have quite a few interesting stories to tell and it will take some time to compile all my previous travels into this blog… (updating still in progress)

At the moment, it’s looking more like a food blog! LOL…

I must clarify that I am not a food critic – I just enjoy indulging my tastebuds every now and then!

I do not get paid for my reviews and they are based on my personal experiences. To-date, I must say that I have been blessed to have received several media invites for food tastings, musicals, attraction reviews, etc. but no monetary rewards have been given.

As my home base is in Singapore, most of my posts will be centred on or around Singapore. 😀

Bear with me as some of my posts can be quite lengthy but I believe in including more details as they could be useful information to some people.

I tend to back-date my travel posts as it serves as my travel diary and also so that when I look back, I can remember when I visited those places. There are just too many pictures taken whenever I go on holiday, thus it may take some months before I eventually sort through and upload them.

All photos are owned by me unless otherwise stated. Please do not use my photos without first seeking my permission. My pictures have been taken either with Nikon P80, Blackberry Torch 9800 (when I don’t have any other camera with me, which means the quality of the photo won’t be so good) or Nikon P510 (my latest purchase in Sept 2012).

In addition, all opinions expressed in this blog are mainly mine, unless otherwise indicated.

Hope you’ll find my posts useful, if not then perhaps it’ll make for some bedtime reading? ;p

Jacinta Kong
Email (for Media enquiries): tabihito@gmail.com

P.S. If you are wondering what “jaznotabi” means… it’s actually “Jaz の旅” – Jaz is my nickname and “の旅” are Japanese words where の is like ‘s in the English language and 旅 can mean travel or journey. So…”jaznotabi” refers to Jaz’s Journey – be it with food or travels. ^_^


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. J

    I’m actually thinking of starting a blog posting my theme park photos and giving my opinions on attractions, shows and meet and greets, etc. Any tips? I’ve been thinking of doing this for a long time but haven’t actually got around doing it


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  3. J

    I created my first post! Do read and feel free to comment!

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