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WA and DQ Martini Room

WA and DQ Martini Room – the name sounds like a watering hole so I didn’t expect that one half of it is actually a restaurant! This place is actually divided into WA Dining Lounge, which serves Asian fusion and Western food dishes; and DQ Martini Room, which is an outdoor martini bar.

I’m usually on the lookout for new places to try and spotted a deal on Groupon which sounded interesting and that was what led me to this place…

Our set meal comprised of two starters, a soup, a main course and a dessert. I didn’t get a chance to look at their menu so the names of the dishes below are according to what was stated on the Groupon deal.

Starter:  Scallop, Grape Pearls
What are grape pearls??  I found that these were actually the flesh from green grapes which had been scooped out in pearl-sized balls. The pan seared scallop was quite a plump morsel and the sauce and some spicy powder went well with it.

Starter:  Foie-gras, White Balsamico Raspberry

This was just a bite-size piece which comprised of 2 tiny pieces of foie gras atop a piece of puff pastry (at first I thought it was a cracker). The raspberry sauce wasn’t sour at all and made a nice accompaniment to the dish. There was also some powdery stuff next to the foie gras and I couldn’t make out whether it was crumbled pistachio as we were eating under dim lighting.

Soup:  Truffle Mushroom Martini

The soup was served in a martini glass and topped with some truffle oil, but its consistency was rather watery and you can’t even feel any mushroom bits in it even though you can taste the mushroom flavour. I prefer a thicker soup so this was a let down for me.

Main:  Confit de Canard

The duck had a crispy skin, was easy to slice and the meat closest to the skin was moist but some other parts were a little dry. It came with something like a sweet vinaigrette sauce and there were green grapes and chick peas buried under, with cherry tomatoes on the side. There was a well-balance of flavours and the grapes and tomatoes provided some moisture to the otherwise dry duck. Upon closer inspection of the grapes, you can see that they had a round hole in the centre which the chick peas could fit into – I then realised that the grapes pearls we had earlier in our starter were actually scooped out from these grapes which they served with this dish – talk about recycling!


Dessert:  Poached Strawberries and Chocolate Soil

Chocolate soil didn’t sound appetizing at all and I found it to be a powder which was grainy and crunchy – it felt like one was eating sand! LOL… don’t get me wrong – it tasted good and the strawberry was nice too.


Verdict:  I was satisfied with the quality of the food (except for the soup) and it was value for money considering that the original price of the set cost $69 but I had paid $34.50 (excluding GST and service charge) due to the Groupon deal.

From 1st March 2014, the restaurant will also serve Japanese food on top of their current menu offerings.

WA Dining Lounge
207 River Valley Road
#01-61 UE Square River Wing
Singapore 238275.

Phone:  +65 9231 5536

Opening Hours:  Mon – Sat 17:00 – 02:00

Getting There by MRT:  15min walk from Clarke Quay station

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A Noodle Story (超好面)

Located at the Amoy Street Food Centre, A Noodle Story (超好面) is opened by former Waku Ghin chef de partie Gwern Khoo and his business partner Ben Tham and together they have created a Singapore-style ramen.

The noodle servings are available in three sizes – $5.50, $6.50 and $7.50.

Crispy Potato-Wrapped Prawn, HK-Style Wonton, Tender Cha-su and Hot Spring Egg are also available as additional side orders.

The noodles to me seemed more like our local mee kia rather than Japanese ramen and the chilli used is actually hae bee hiam (sambal udang kering), a spicy dried fried shrimp sambal.

This is served with several slices of tender Japanese-style chashu, two pieces of wonton filled with fresh springy prawns and had a hint of ginger in it, one piece of fried prawn wrapped with potato shreds which was crispy, fragrant and really tasty, as well as half a Japanese style onsen egg that was cooked perfectly (just the way I like it). Each ingredient gave a different dimension to the dish as they brought different textures and flavours to your tastebuds. The noodles are typically garnished with freshly sliced scallions and red pepper but I don’t like scallions so I asked them not to put any garnishing in my bowl.

Overall I would classify this as fusion food, so I’m not really sure if it is popular with the local crowd, as I noticed the queue at this stall is not as long as the some of the other stalls at the food centre. I did enjoy the noodles, which were a change from the usual ones being sold at most hawker centres and my favourite ingredient was the crispy potato-wrapped prawn. Yums!

Too bad they don’t open on weekends, otherwise more people can patronise their stall and try out their noodles.

A Noodle Story (超好面)
7 Maxwell Road,
#01-39 Amoy Street Food Centre,
Singapore 069111.

Phone: 9027 6289

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday : 11.00am – 2.30pm, 3.30pm – 7.30pm
(2.30pm – 3.30pm temporary closed for cleaning)
Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays.

Getting There by MRT:
Tanjong Pagar station, exit G

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[CLOSED] CERA – Vegetarian food with an Asian Fusion twist

** LATEST UPDATE (8th Feb 2014) **
CERA is now permanently closed and won’t be taking anymore orders or opening a new outlet in the near future.

** UPDATE (19th Dec 2013) **
CERA is now officially closed and looking to relocate in 2014, with the intention to return as a VEGAN restaurant. In the meantime, Chef Beat is still accepting orders for vegan cakes.

Going green? This little bistro tucked away in Upper Thomson serves delectable ovo lacto vegetarian fare and some vegan options can be found on the menu too.

The talented chefs will entice your tastebuds with their amazing creations! You’ll never look at vegetarian food the same way again – even non-vegetarian converts will be impressed!!

Opened on 23rd July 2013, CERA is the product of a friendship between two chef friends, Beatrice Wee and Sam Chan, a dinosaur and their passion for food, drinks and fun!


The colour theme from the interior to the staff uniforms is green (an obvious choice as it’s the favourite colour of one of the chefs) and black. Hand-painted dinosaur motifs can be found along the walls and you can even meet CERA the triceratops at the cake counter. Don’t worry, she’s a herbivore and won’t bite! 😉

Here’s a look at what’s available on the menu (there are many interesting items for one’s taste buds to explore!):

Low-fat milkshakes are currently on offer for a limited time only! There are even flavours like pistachio and chendol!!

Orders are to be placed at the counter and the food will be served to your table (remember to take the number stand with you after payment). We were served with organic mineral water whilst waiting for our food to arrive.

Here’s what we had…

Real Mushroom soup – Light yet flavourful, served with a dollop of mascarpone and Cera’s special mushroom garlic toast.
I found it to be a concentrated blend of mushrooms which was flavourful and it was indeed light as there weren’t any dairy products in it apart from the mascarpone. My personal preference is to add cream (unhealthy) or milk to western-style mushroom soups but nonetheless this was still good.

Dirty Potato soup – Made with potatoes and their skins for an interesting touch. Served with Cera’s special garlic toast.
Don’t worry, there’s no dirt in this – the potato soup has a spicy kick to it and is different from most versions that I’ve tried.

Chendol Milkshake – Hmm…never imagined having chendol as a milkshake flavour. You can taste the fragrance of the gula melaka (i.e. palm sugar) but it is essentially a drink and doesn’t come with the ingredients typically found in the dessert. Not bad…

Orange Chocolate Milkshake – Full of chocolatey goodness, it feels like you’re indulging in a yummy orange chocolate bar except that it is in liquid form. This milkshake also contains bits of grated orange peel which gives it that zesty fragrance.

Pink Guava Juice.

Roasted Bone Marrow – Potato bone marrow stuffed with mushrooms and mascarpone, drizzled with pesto.
An interesting dish which certainly resembles bone marrow and I’m impressed with the chef’s creativity. The bone part is actually potato hollowed on the inside so that it can be stuffed with mushrooms. This is further enhanced with a dash of chilli oil and edible flowers which look too pretty to be eaten.

Century and Salted Egg Pasta – Spaghetti with century egg sauce and salted egg, finished with chilli oil caviar and pickled ginger. Served Chilled.
This almost immediately caught my eye on the menu but I was initially a little hesitant to order it when I saw the word “chilled” as I’m not a big fan of cold food (especially if it’s going to be my main course). Anyway, I still went ahead to order it and found that its temperature wasn’t as cold as I had imagined it to be and I felt this dish was very appetising and refreshing. There was a perfect harmony of the century egg sauce, salted egg and the pasta which made it a gastronomic delight.

Carnivore Burger – A lentil, chickpea and mushroom patty topped with fried egg, bacon, sauteed onions and tomato chilli jam in a gougere bun. Served with fries.
This was good and the patty was delicious! I could taste some curry spices in it. The fries were done just right and tasted great too!

Curry Fries with Pumpkin Ice Cream – Hmm…it seems to be the trend these days to have ice cream with fries but I must say that the pumpkin ice cream complemented the curry fries quite well. However, you’ll need to eat fast else the ice cream will melt, in which case you can always use it as a dip!

Truffle Fries – This was my favourite!! The fries were evenly infused with truffle oil which made every bite very fragrant and absolutely delicious! I will definitely order this again!

Cai Tow Kway – Cera style black carrot cake with garlic confit, silver sprouts, chye poh, 55 degree egg and tomato chilli jam.
The correct way to eat this is to pour out the contents of the egg onto the rest of the ingredients and mix them (warning – it may not be a pretty sight when you are done…LOL). This dish is of a slightly different style from the ones you can find at the hawker centres or food courts. I found the carrot cake to be a little too sweet for my liking.

Green Mac and Cheese – Arugula pesto, cream sauce, sauteed mushrooms topped with parmesan and mozzarella gratin.
Yummy with a capital Y! This dish may not look like much but it was a delightful combination of the macaroni with the mushroom bits, sauce and gratin which really warmed my heart and my stomach! The salad had an interesting dressing which tasted of raisins.

Matcha Mango Silk – This panna cotta is a combination of soymilk infused with green tea accompanied by mango sauce and roasted strawberries.
Matcha is known for its bitterness but this matcha panna cotta was well complemented by the mango sauce and strawberries which helped to strike a flavour balance in this dessert.

Z Crème Brûlée – Baked egg custard with a hint of ginger and a touch of lime under a crisp film of burnt sugar. Dig in to reveal our special berry compote. Served with a buttery sable stick.
I must admit that I ordered this without reading the full description of it on the menu (see above) and was pleasantly surprised when I reached the middle and found the berry compote! I thought the crème brûlée tasted of lemongrass and was really pleasing to the palate. The egg custard was smooth and the crispy layer of caramelised sugar added an extra crunch to the dessert. Loved the sable stick which was light and fluffy with a lovely buttery fragrance – I could eat a few more of these and I think the biscuit will go well with ice-cream too.


If you are just dropping by for a light snack or meeting friends over tea, there are also a selection of cakes and ice-cream which are available at the counter.

The cakes looked really tempting, especially the eye-catching peanut butter & jelly Rainbow Surprise which the 3 ladies at the next table raved about, but I was stuffed and couldn’t eat any more! Oh well, there’s always next time…


There are also cupcakes, which come in a variety of delicious flavours. I’ve eaten these previously at two different friends’ wedding receptions and they are really good! The icing is not too sweet and cupcake is soft and fluffy.

Ice-cream lovers can eat your fill without feeling guilty. Low-fat vegan ice-cream is available here in an assortment of flavours. If you can’t decide on which flavour you want, you can ask for a sample to help make your choice.

Posing with Chefs Beat and Nikki in their green & black uniforms. I’ll let you in on a little secret…one of the chefs is so dedicated to this place that she even has CERA inked on her arm! 🙂


VERDICT: This place will most certainly give other vegetarian joints in Singapore a run for their money. I’ll definitely be back to sample the other offerings on the menu (and in case you’re wondering – no, I’m not vegetarian).

MUST TRY: The pasta dishes, truffle fries, desserts and the cakes!

Come, drop by for a bite! You won’t be disappointed!!
…and Cera the dinosaur might probably agree with a “ROAR!!!”


Address: 906M Upper Thomson Road,
Singapore 787110.
Opening Hours: Tue-Thurs, Sun: 12pm-11pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm-2am
Closed: Monday
Phone: 6554 2372
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Latest Set Lunch Menus at Forest 森 – Oct 2012

It’s been awhile since I last ate at Forest 森 so I decided to drop by today and found that they have since changed their set lunch menus.


Appetizer – Chilled cherry tomatoes with plum sorbet. This was the usual complimentary dish which is served before the actual meal regardless of which set menu you’re having.


秋天 Autumn Set ($38++)

Smoke Duck and Pan-seared Mushroom with Asparagus Salad in Sesame Dressing – Mmm… when this dish was being served, you can smell a wok-fried fragrance which came from the mushrooms. The flavours of all the ingredients blended well together and it was tasty!

Japanese Pearl Rice with Seafood Broth – I thought this looked more like rice porridge rather than rice in broth. The texture is more like those Teochew-style rice porridge and it was full of ingredients like fish, scallops, prawns, mushrooms and asparagus slices and was topped with crispy rice which gave an extra crunch and different dimension to the dish. I loved the broth which was extremely flavourful and sweet and this dish certainly warmed my stomach!! ^_^

Chilled Lemon Grass Jello with Mango Sorbet, Pomelo Salad, Coconut Crumble – I didn’t like this dessert as much as the one in the Winter Set. The mango sorbet was really sour but the jello, pomelo bits and coconut crumble were okay.


冬天 Winter Set ($48++)

Steamed Egg Chawanmushi with Hokkaido Scallop – The scallop is huge and a delight to eat! The sauce which was poured over the scallop complemented it very well. Love the chawanmushi which was silky smooth and also the deep fried fish skin that accompanied the dish was light and crispy.

Deep-fried Seabass with Nyonya Chilli Sauce – This portion of fish came with large fish scales intact but since the entire fish skin was deep fried, you can actually eat the scales as they were extremely crispy. Yes, I know it sounds gross but it felt like you’re eating crisps. The sauce was a mixture of spicy, sweet and salty flavours but the okra made the sauce a little slimy. Overall it was quite a nice fish dish.

Wok Fried Pearl Rice with Minced Beef in Homemade XO Chilli Sauce – Probably the best fried rice that I’ve eaten!! It had that wok fried taste which made it very fragrant. The plump grains of rice were topped with rice crispies which gave an added crunch with every mouthful.

Steamed Vanilla Yam and Gingko Nut with Cashew Nut Ice Cream – This was actually 2 desserts – one hot and the other was cold! The Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts was a hot dessert (Singaporeans call this dessert “Or Nee”) and the yam paste was very smooth and fragrant. The Cashew Nut Ice Cream was topped with Coconut Crumble and I thoroughly enjoyed this since I like cashews but my only complaint is that the ice cream melted too fast!

Verdict:  Both sets were simply delicious!! 😀

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De Burg (Home of the Burgasm)

*** UPDATE ***
De Burg has ceased operations at Alexandra Village and their last burgers were served on 16th May 2014. They have finally re-opened (February 2015) at 2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub #02-15, Singapore 339407.

Good food in an industrial estate – what an unexpected find!  It’s located at Alexandra Village but at the other end where all the car workshops are located.

You will be given one of these which will beep when your food is ready. The duration that you’ll need to wait depends on what you order. Some items on the menu take a longer time to prepare than others. Like the signs say – this is not fast food and they cooked it upon your order so you’ll need to be patient and wait for your food. It will definitely be worth your wait!!

Bacon Cheese Burger (100g) – The beef patty was tasty and juicy and the bacon was very crispy. It sounds like a simple, normal burger but has that “wow” factor. Love it!

Asian Chicken Burger (100g) – This is one of the nicest chicken burgers which I’ve tasted and I especially like the powdered salted egg yolk sauce which accompanied it. At first I thought 200g would be too big for me to stomach so I opted for 100g but after I ate this 100g serving, I felt it wasn’t enough and I could eat more (cos the salted egg yolk sauce made it sooo appetizing!) thus kinda regretted not ordering the 200g…. HAHA… oh well, there’s always next time…

Crab Burger – Here’s a new method of eating salted egg yolk crab…in a bun!! Really YUMMY!!

Pork Burger (200g) – It’s good and the pork patty is tasty and doesn’t have that “piggy” taste (if you know what I mean). Mmm….It’s the bestest pork burger I’ve ever tasted!

Hawaiian Pork Burger (100g) – My colleague ordered this and he liked it.

Italian Pork Burger (200g) – I felt like I was eating pizza when I bit into this one but it was a tad salty due to the cheese (or maybe it was the salami?). Wasn’t really blown away by this burger as compared to some of the other items on the menu.

De Burg (200g) – This is their signature burger. Another colleague ordered this. I took a bite out of it and the first thing I could taste was the BBQ sauce which gave the burger a smoky flavour. In addition, the size of the portobello mushroom looks bigger than the beef patty! NICE!!

Mushroom Cheese Burger (100g) – I’ve always liked my burgers with mushrooms and cheese and this was nice but I must say that the 200g version which my colleague ordered looked much juicier than this 100g one which I had ordered. Sorry, but I didn’t take any photo of the 200g version of this burger.

De Burg Decadence (200g) – This has got to be THE BEST BURGER EVER!!! It comes with a 200g Wagyu beef patty and you can see the juices oozing out when you cut into the burger. Really tasty and the bacon strips stay crispy until the very last bite.

Note that this burger is only available on Fridays to Sundays, Public Holidays and Eve of Public Holidays but in limited quantities.

Can’t get enough of it so here’s another look at the burger!! ^_^

Blackpepper Burger (100g) – My colleague ate this and said it was worth the wait! I thought it looked really spicy!!

Choco Lamb Burger (200g) – I don’t really like lamb so I don’t think I’ll ever try this but my friend Lennard ate this and loved the combination of the lamb and Nutella!

Picture taken by Lennard Teo:

Durian Gelato – Really potent stuff!! The ice-cream was smooth and you can really taste the durian in it but I personally would have liked it more if it contained durian pulp.

Menu (front)

Menu (back)


I don’t usually like bread or sandwiches but the food here is pretty impressive and I want to come back again and again! ^_^
So far everything featured above tastes good!!

Make sure you come early, else the burgers may be sold out!! (Thus far I’ve seen this sign being displayed twice – once on a weekday at about 1:15pm and the other time was on a Saturday at about 2:30pm)

De Burg Food and Drink Private Limited
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40
Singapore 151119.

Opening Hours:
Tue – Thu: 11:30 – 15:00, 18:00 – 21:00
Fri – Sun: 11:30 – 15:00, 18:30 – 21:00
Closed every Monday and Last Tuesdays of the Month.

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Forest 森 at Equarius Hotel, RWS

Located at the Equarius Hotel, this restaurant is opened by local celebrity chef Sam Leong.


Love the woody decor in the restaurant! ^_^

Table decoration and setting.


Noticed that the flowers in the centre of the restaurant are different each time I visit and the flowers on the table are also changed to match the colour theme.

The waiting staff will present one of these to the women folk to hang their handbags on.


There is a weekday “members dine free” lunch promotion for RWS Invites members, which makes dining here quite affordable. ^_^


夏天  Summer Set  ($42++)

This is one of the set menus which is available for lunch and my colleagues and I decided to try this.

The set comes with a glass of juice and there’s a choice of either Orange juice or Mango juice. I ordered Mango.

Appetizer – This wasn’t part of the set and was a complimentary dish. The sour plum sorbet was refreshing. There were 2 cherry tomatoes beneath the sorbet and that black thing on top was a piece of preserved plum.

Crisp-Fried Whitebait with Green Apple Salad – Mmmm…love this salad as the dressing was tangy and refreshing. Topped with bonito flakes, the crispy whitebait and the slivers of green apple were crunchy and the entire combination was perfect!

Wok-Fried Cubes of Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce – Absolutely delicious!! The bite-sized pieces of beef were very tender and the sauce was unlike any other black pepper sauce than we’ve ever tasted. Even that “crispy nest” tasted good and we savoured every mouthful of this dish!!

Steamed Chilean Seabass in Black Bean Sauce – For those who want to order this set but don’t eat beef, the restaurant will substitute the beef dish with this fish option. Love the design of the plate!!  The seabass was quite nice and didn’t have that “muddy” taste which is typical of seabass. In addition, the black bean sauce wasn’t as salty as I had expected and there was some chilli in it which gave it some spiciness.

Braised Ee-Fu Noodle with Shredded Chicken – This is the best version of ee-fu noodles which I’ve eaten! The stock used in the cooking of this dish was very tasty! Our stomachs were quite full after consuming this dish…

Pandan Fudge with Mango Passion Sorbet Almond Crumble – The pandan fudge cake was light and fragrant. The sorbet was flavourful and though I’m not really a sorbet fan, this one was good as you can taste the flavour of real mango. However, I wasn’t quite sure where was the almond crumble which was mentioned in the name of this dessert…


春天 Spring Set ($32++)

Came back again on a different day to try this.

This set also comes with a glass of juice and on the day I was there, the choices were either Orange juice or Cranberry juice. I decided to have OJ.

Appetizer – This complimentary sour plum sorbet appetizer is the same as the one which I had the previous time.

Sesame Crispy Tempura Shrimp Coated in Mayonnaise – There wasn’t anything special about this dish. Don’t get me wrong….it was delicious…just that you may find a similar version in other restaurants.

Those who don’t eat shrimp are allowed to change this menu item to the Steamed Chilean Seabass in Black Bean Sauce.

Lemon Grass Boneless Chicken with Japanese Ramen Consommé – The noodles were thinner than the usual Japanese ramen and kinda reminded me of a thicker version of “mee sua” and the soup was a thick chicken broth which was delicious.
The chicken slices were marinated with lemon grass and various spices which gave the meat a strong flavour and I felt that the taste of the chicken overpowered that of the soup so if you want to taste the soup, it’s best to consume it separately from the chicken.
Additional ingredients found in this dish were shimeji mushrooms, cubes of tofu and some thin slices of asparagus.

Vanilla Bean Curb, Fresh Strawberry Ginger Syrup – Errm…what exactly is “Bean Curb”?  I suspect there is a typo error in the menu and it should be “Bean Curd” instead!
The bean curd resembled almond tofu but it tasted quite plain and was flanked by 2 blueberries with ginger syrup at the bottom. I thought the red fruit was raspberry and not strawberry and the bean curd tasted better when you ate it together with the fruit!
Couldn’t figure out the flavour of the ice-cream but it had the taste of skimmed milk powder – I guess it contained vanilla as you can see the black specks in it.

Steamed Egg Chawanmushi with Pan-seared Foie Gras – This wasn’t part of the set and we ordered this from the ala carte menu. It was really good and my colleagues felt that this was the best dish out of everything else we’ve tried here. The egg was smooth and the stock used was flavourful. This was topped with bits of corn, bite-sized pieces of foie gras and some crispy fish skin. I was initially surprised when I saw the fish skin and was wondering if the taste will go well with the rest of the dish. To my surprise, the fish skin was light and crispy and wasn’t oily at all! The flavours of all the ingredients blended well together. As the foie gras was cut into small bite-sized pieces and “pan-seared”, it didn’t quite have the “melt-in-your-mouth” effect but the taste was still good.

Here’s another reason to patronize this restaurant!… The chef obliged to my photo request! ^_^

Verdict:  Definitely worth another trip here for the food!!

However, do note that it will take you about one-and-a-half hours to finish the lunch sets as the service here is “resort style”.

If you come in a big group, please check your bill carefully as complications could arise which could take almost an hour to sort out! (it’s a long story which left some of my colleagues extremely unhappy)

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Noodle8 (八面) at RWS

**CLOSED**  Last day of business was 31st August 2013.

This restaurant opened its doors at RWS on 7th December 2011. I happened to stumble upon this place about 10min after it started operations on its opening day.

Here are some of the food which I’ve tried to-date…


Crab Cakes with Wasabi Mayonnaise – I felt this was so-so but the wasabi mayo gave it an extra kick.

Deep-fried Tofu – This tasted ordinary but I didn’t like the pickles.

Chicken Wings – The taste was okay and there was nothing else special about it.

Thai Fish Cakes – You can taste the lemongrass in the fish cakes. My colleagues were kind of disappointed with this as it wasn’t the typical Thai fish cakes that they were used to having in Thai restaurants.


Fresh Abalone, Duck, Mushroom in Japanese Somen Soup (芳香鸭丝鲍鱼面) – Didn’t expect to get a whole abalone for just $16.80++!  I could smell the fragrance of the soup even before the bowl was set down before me and the pleasant aroma made me want to eat it immediately but had to control myself as I had to first take a picture of it! The soup stock was extremely flavourful and wasn’t overpowering. Overall the combination of the fresh abalone, mushrooms, duck and Japanese somen noodles went very well together! You can taste a bit of seawater in the abalone but it was very tender and cooked just right!

This is a seasonal dish and I would recommend that you try this at least once if you do get the chance to!

Beef Noodle Soup (红烧肉馃条面) – The soup is slightly spicy with a hint of sourness and is different from other beef noodles that I’ve eaten.

Stir-Fried Teriyaki Seafood Udon – Wasn’t blown away by this dish and the sauce was a little sweet but at least it was fried the way I like noodles to be wok fried!

Wok-Fried Seafood Mee Goreng – My colleague ordered this and she still thinks Punggol Mee Goreng tastes better. It does have the wok-fried taste though.

Crabmeat & Minced Pork Tofu Ball with Fish Noodle Soup – This was really good!! Everyone agreed that when this dish was being served, the fragrance of the soup really whets your appetite! The soup broth was extremely tasty and somewhat similar to the one used in the abalone somen soup (see above). Overall, this dish gave my stomach a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Tom Yum Seafood Noodle – This came with an empty crab shell on top of the noodles and we were joking that the crabmeat probably went into the previous noodle soup dish above. The soup was clear and it was more sour than spicy.


Jackfruit Crème Brûlée – It tasted more like cempedak than jackfruit to me but I prefer cempedak so it was really good!

Durian Alaska (榴莲阿拉斯加) – This looks like a durian with all the spikes except for the colour! LOL… The inside of it comprised of durian ice-cream and a hard layer of cake at the base. Taste-wise it was quite nice but I would have preferred if the cake was softer in texture.


Blue Ocean – A lemon kalamansi mocktail of sorts. I enjoyed it! ^_^

Homemade Ice Lemon Tea (自制冰柠檬茶) and Lime Juice (青柠汁) – Both were very refreshing!! The ice lemon tea tastes like it has some kalamansi in it instead of lemon but that’s what makes it refreshing!

Overall, I think the desserts and drinks at this place fare much better than the mains but my favourites out of the main courses were the Fresh Abalone, Duck, Mushroom in Japanese Somen Soup and the Crabmeat & Minced Pork Tofu Ball with Fish Noodle Soup.

Noodle8 (八面)
26 Sentosa Gateway
Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138.
Tel: 62386268

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