Horizon Bistronomy at Punggol Settlement

One of the latest eating establishments to open at Punggol Settlement, Horizon Bistronomy is a bistro concept that serves fine French delights in a casual setting.

I was invited to a food tasting session last Sunday and was really surprised when I saw the address, as I never expected to find a French restaurant at the end of Punggol, which is well known for being a place to go to for seafood.

This restaurant can seat about 40-50 people and both indoor and outdoor seating is available.


Chef Chris Fong, the owner of the restaurant, started his culinary career as a line cook in the renowned Deliciae Hospitality group and has worked alongside 3-star Michelin Chef Bruno Menard and also Executive Chef, Damien Le Bihan from Restaurant Guy Savoy, Paris. This culinary journey then led him to various reputable restaurants like The Exchange at Asian Square and Salt Grill & Sky Bar. He also participated in the World Gourmet Summit and emerged as one of the top 5 finalists. Finally, he helmed his first brigade at Anthesis at Robertson Quay before leaving to start Horizon.

Having a meal at this northeastern end of Singapore means you can dine with a view of the sea.

Well, there’s really not much of a view during daylight hours (unless you enjoy looking at container ships and oil tankers), but it does look better after dark – just imagine that the oil tanker is a cruise ship and I suppose the view will appear to be more “romantic”? (compare the picture below with the one above and draw your own conclusion) ^_^

Anyway, the quality of the food at this restaurant more than makes up for the view! ^_^

Their clipboard menu features a variety of dishes and also contains a list of alcoholic beverages. I believe the menu will continue to evolve over time cos at the end of our meal, the chefs actually surprised us with a new dessert creation which wasn’t listed on the menu yet – you can read more about this further below.

We were first served with their homemade bread and I found the buns to be warm and fluffy with a milky fragrance. They were really good and I especially liked the one with the dried fruit! I’m not usually a bread person but I must say that I think I can sit here and eat several of these at one go, plus they are sooo fragrant that you don’t need to eat them with any condiments.


Like most modern restaurants these days, the kitchen has an open concept and we were watching the chefs prepare our starters…

Chilled Crab Meat Angel Hair  ($11.90)
Truffle angel hair topped with jumbo crabmeat infused with chorizo oil
Finished off with salmon roe

The ingredients were fresh and I liked the chunky bits of crab meat that surprisingly tasted good with the chorizo oil. It was a well balance of interesting flavours which did not overpower the delicate taste of the truffle pasta.

Assorted Tomato Salad  ($12.90)

Medley of fresh tomatoes with home made red pesto and burrata cheese

I don’t like most cheeses so I wasn’t sure if I would like this dish and thus did not order it, but a fellow blogger kindly shared some with me. The tomatoes were very fresh, juicy and appetising, plus the white lumps of burrata cheese were springy, a little chewy and had a light flavour, which complemented the dish well. As for the sauce, I couldn’t quite make out all the flavours apart from the pesto but there was definitely lots of olive oil in there!


Horizon Pork 2 Way  ($25)
24-hour slow braised pork belly & Kurobuta pork tenderloin
Served with roasted cauliflower puree, vegetables, grape mustard and black pepper sauce

A delightful well marinated and almost melt-in-your-mouth pork belly, which was really yummy and the Kurobuta pork tenderloin was cooked just right! That black stuff which you can see in the photo was the grape mustard, which enhanced the flavour of the pork. We couldn’t tell that the mushy stuff beneath was roasted cauliflower puree as it tasted more like a sweet potato or pumpkin mash, but it was good!

Being one of those people who absolutely love to tick off the ingredients listed against a particular dish on the menu if they are stated there, I was disappointed that I couldn’t find any trace of black pepper – I wasn’t the only one cos 3 other persons at my table agreed that they couldn’t taste any black pepper. Don’t be mistaken by my last comment – this dish was good just as it was, but it’s just that if the ingredients are listed against the dish on the menu, people expect to find those ingredients in the dish, so we were wondering if we were missing out on a different dimension of flavours – i.e. as to how the chefs expect the actual dish to taste.

King Of The Sea  ($22)

Miso infused torched king salmon & king prawn on a bed of assorted vegetables ragout

Oooh…the salmon skin was really crispy and the fish was beautifully cooked! I liked the slightly charred flavour of the prawn and the accompanying sauce reminded me of a prawn bisque. Hmm…perhaps they can take this sauce and make this into a soup? I would definitely order it.


Citrus White Chocolate Mousse  ($12)
Short crusted pastry layer with Valrhona white chocolate mousse, lemon curd, orange creme anglaise, sprinkled with white chocolate soil

I thought the pastry base was a little hard and I had problems cutting into it. Taste-wise, this dessert was a wonderful medley of citrus flavours from the lemon curd and the lightly torched orange slices. The flavours were quite light and delicate and I quite liked the blobs of orange creme anglaise which garnished the plate. The yummy white chocolate soil tasted of almond meal and was a little crunchy – haha…I never thought there would come a day when I would say that soil is delicious! :p

Fig & Bacon Sabayon  ($9.80)

A unique combination of candied bacon and fig compote, with fresh berries and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, resting on a bed of champagne sabayon

This was probably my first time having bacon as part of a dessert!! It was a little chewy and surprisingly it paired very well with the vanilla ice cream! The poached fig was a big plump morsel of sweetness and this dessert was truly an enjoyable medley of flavours!


Our last dish was a surprise addition and Chef Louis Tan told us it was his latest dessert creation, which he named “Garden By The Bay”. We were all wondering what it was and kept peering over at the counter and our eyes widened when we saw what appeared to be the chefs filling some pots with brown soil!!

I couldn’t help taking a picture of Chef Louis meticulously planting the seedlings into each pot. ^_^

Garden By The Bay  ($14)
Fresh strawberries & kiwis layered by vanilla mousse, topped with dark chocolate soil
Resting on apple compote infused with cranberry

Gosh…this looked like a potful of damp soil with some sprouts growing out of it! I was a bit hesitant about eating the “plants” as I wondered if their taste would be too “green” for my liking – if you eat them on its own, it does have a raw flavour with a slightly bitter aftertaste but if you combine these greens in the same mouthful with the other ingredients in this dessert, the flavours seem to blend well and the taste of the “plant” is masked by the sweetness of the fruit and creamy mousse. I thought the coarse dark chocolate soil was a little salty but overall it was an interesting dessert and definitely a conversation piece!


Dining at this restaurant is a visual feast as the dishes are beautifully plated (well, apart from the tomato salad) and the flavours do not disappoint! The prices here are quite reasonable for the quality of food being served. Definitely worth a second visit!!

Kudos to the chefs for their culinary skills and efforts! However, the art of perfection is not something to be hurried, so if you are extremely hungry and need a quick fix, you’d probably be best going to a fast food joint, as this place requires you to sit back, relax and enjoy the company you’re with and if you’re bored, you can always go watch the chefs at work – who knows, you could be inspired! 🙂


3 Punggol Point Road, #02-04, The Punggol Settlement,
Singapore 828694.

Phone: +65 6702 2855

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