Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata

I’ve been wanting to try the roti prata at this place for the longest time (some say that it is the best prata in Singapore), but keep missing the opportunity if I have a lay in on Saturday mornings (it is not surprising if we have lunch at 3pm!).

Finally I managed to get both hubby and myself out of the house earlier and reached there just in time for lunch!

Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s is located at an old coffee shop along Crane Road. Parking may be difficult to find here as it is along the roads but you will have better luck parking at the HDB carparks in the vicinity.

Here’s a closer look at their menu and I must say the prices here are quite cheap considering the inflating costs these days.

We ordered one kosong (i.e. plain), one egg prata and 2 plasters.

These were old school pratas reminiscent of my childhood days. The kosong was fluffy and crispy around the edges. I found this to be the crispiest out of those that we had ordered here.

The egg prata felt like it had more egg than prata in each mouthful and thus had a different feel when you bite into it. I usually prefer having kosong when I eat prata but I quite liked this one. As for the plasters, the sunny side up eggs are cooked perfectly and the yolks will ooze out when you break them.

Is it really the best in Singapore? Well, I think it’s down to personal preference as I like my pratas to be even crispier. Their curry is yummy and I would definitely go back again for their food!

In addition, the Mrs is a friendly lady, who thanked us and bade us goodbye when we left after eating. 🙂

Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Roti Prata Shop
Poh Ho Restaurant (it’s actually a kopitiam)
7 Crane Road, Singapore 429356.


Opening Hours: 6:30am to 1:30pm
(Closed on Tues/Wed, 3rd week of the month, but check at the stall as the dates of closure may differ – during our visit, there was a sign listing the dates of closure)

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Rang Mahal Pavilion

**UPDATE**  Rang Mahal Pavilion is now closed. Check the Rang Mahal group’s website for their other outlets.

I love the food at Vansh which belongs under Rang Mahal group so decided to try out this place for a “farewell lunch” for one of my colleagues.

The main entrance to the restaurant is decorated with traditional Indian brass pots.

The interior had a display of “oil lamps” which reminds one of Diwali… It gave a nice effect.

Ordered some drinks…

Green Apple and Kiwi Slush – this was a blend of green apple, kiwi and grapefruit juice. The taste wasn’t quite what I had expected and it could have been better…

Jal Jeera – one of my colleagues ordered this drink. Heh heh… I don’t think my taste buds are adventurous enough to try it!

We were served with papad (North Indian lentil crackers), which seemed to have been exposed to air for too long and thus lost some of its crispness. This came with mango chutney and a spicy mint chutney.

We decided to try their set lunch which was priced at $28++. Here’s a look at the menu (you’ll need to check with the restaurant on what the set lunch will compise of on the day of your visit as the “….of the Day” items on the menu may differ):

They topped up the servings of the 2 different chutneys (i.e. the ones served earlier with the papad) and added some pickles:

Soup of the DayTomato Soup
This was surprisingly good! Better than those in the other Indian restaurants (not in the Rang Mahal group) which I’ve tried!

Main Course

Pulao (fragrant basmati rice)
Dal (slow-simmered lentils)
Vegetable Dish of the day – Patiala Aubergine
Non-Vegetarian Specialty Dish – Butter Chicken
(Vegetarians have an option of Aloo Gobi in place of the Butter Chicken)
Naan – there was a selection of plain naan and garlic naan.

Everything tasted good!! Both the aubergine and butter chicken were of the same standard and quality as its sister restaurant Vansh but due to this being part of a set, the portion served was rather small – guess it’s just a big enough portion to give you a flavour of each dish!

Dessert of the DayMango Kulfi
This dessert was quite rich and tasted strongly of mango. I’ve had a previous bad experience with kulfi before so I wasn’t really looking forward to dessert but to my surprise it was really good!

Here’s our happy lunch party:

Overall, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians were satisfied with the set lunch and will definitely be back again. ^_^

Rang Mahal Pavilion
Level 2 Hard Rock Hotel,
Resorts World Sentosa,
Singapore 098269.
Tel: +65 62387013

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12 noon – 2:30pm (daily)
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm (daily)

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I’m not really a big fan of Indian food but this in my opinion is one of the best North Indian restaurants in Singapore!

I usually patronize this restaurant with my colleagues as you need a bigger group in order to try more dishes and it’s also more cost-effective.

We were served with crispy papad rolls before our main dishes arrived. There are 3 dips which you can dip them in.

Papad rolls


Ordered a Honey Kulzza but my colleagues devoured it before I could take a picture! It was sweet and you can taste some spices in it. Personally, I felt it tasted more like a dessert pizza rather than an appetizer but I will order it again on my next visit. ^_^

We ordered a selection of naan (plain, butter, garlic) as my colleagues couldn’t decided which flavours they wanted.


Basil Fish – Done tandoor style, it had that chargrilled flavour and was quite nice. This was one of the healthier options on the menu.

Basil Fish

Butter Chicken – Don’t have a picture of this as it was placed rather far from where I was seated and my hungry colleagues had already helped themselves to it! It was good and the gravy went very well with the naan.

Aloo Gobi Adraki – This place does this dish really well! Yumm!!

Aloo Gobi Adraki

Patiala Aubergine – I love aubergines/eggplants/brinjals so we ordered this dish, which was also one of the chef’s recommendations on the menu. It was quite tasty and the aubergines were cooked until they were on the verge of turning mushy and the gravy complemented it well.

Patiala Aubergine

Palak Panneer – in my opinion, this has got to be one of the most unappetizing-looking dishes in Indian cuisine as it is actually mashed-up spinach with cubes of cottage cheese. I don’t like it much in other restaurants but Vansh’s version is very fragrant and tasted so good that you just can’t stop eating it!

Palak Panneer

2 Stadium Walk, Stadium Waterfront
Singapore Indoor Stadium #01-04
Singapore 397691
Tel: +65 63454466

Opening Hours
Lunch 12.00pm – 2.30pm (daily)
Dinner 6.00pm – 10.30pm (daily)

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