Jamie’s Italian Singapore (pre-opening)

Jamie Oliver is opening his first restaurant in Singapore at VivoCity! I happened to walk pass the restaurant today and noticed that it seemed to be in operation. When I enquired at the door, the staff mentioned they are currently in training and dining was for their invited guests but if the public doesn’t mind that they are still undergoing training and wish to dine there, they can just walk-in (on a first-come-first-served basis). They are not accepting reservations until they are officially open.

Here’s the best part – since they are still in training, food is being offered only today at a 50% discount and beverages are 25% off the listed price! (Note: the prices listed below in this post are before the discount)

I decided to dine there for dinner since it was an offer too good to resist but was totally unprepared cos this was a random find and I did not bring my camera – all I had was my Blackberry phone which takes horrible pictures in dim lighting. Anyway, (tried my best) here are some pictures of the interior of the restaurant…

Their menus are printed on sheets of A3 paper.

Here’s what my hubby and I ordered…

GINGER BEER ($6.50) – Grated ginger, muscovado sugar, whole lemons, soda water & mint
This is home-made and there is a strong taste of freshly grated ginger in it.

HOMEMADE ITALIAN LEMONADE ($5.50) – Fresh lemon juice, sugar & sparkling water
I ordered this but didn’t take a picture of it as it looks absolutely identical to the Ginger Beer, except for the taste! The lemonade was refreshing and I preferred it over the ginger beer.

APPLE SLAW ($8.00) – Radishes, walnuts, candied beets, mint & lemon with yoghurt
Each ingredient was placed in separate sections on the plate and each had their own unique taste. You have to do your own mixing but the beets will turn everything to red! I wasn’t quite used to the taste but my hubby found it to be refreshing.

CRISPY SQUID ($11.50) – Fried squid, garlicky mayo and lemon
The batter is coated with herbs and is different from those served in other restaurants. Quite nice.

BEEF & VEAL MEATBALL ($28.50) – Juicy giant meatball slow- cooked in a tomato & garlic ragù, served with oozy polenta & black cabbage
The meatball was nice and easy to cut into and had a nice pink colour on the inside. The polenta tasted quite bland on its own and you’ll need to eat it with the tomato sauce so that it’ll taste better. Strangely halfway through this dish, I started to think of a certain animated movie…haha…

THE JAMIE’S ITALIAN BURGER ($27.50) – Wagyu steak with smoked mozzarella, pancetta, sticky balsamic onions, tomato, pickles & chillies
My hubby’s choice and he was satisfied! The burger was good but he was struggling with how to eat it as it was stacked quite high!!

JI WARM BROWNIE ($11.50) – Chocolate, raspberry & amaretto brownie with vanilla ice cream
This was like eating a thick, concentrated chocolate in the form of a creamy paste! It was a bit too sweet for me but I ate it all up. The raspberry and amaretto were not evenly distributed throughout the brownie. I ate my way from right to left and found three-quarters of it was thick chocolate and the last quarter contained the raspberry bits and amaretto. Gave my feedback and hopefully they will improve on it since they are still in training.

TIRAMISÙ ($11.50) – Coffee-flavoured trifle with orange mascarpone & chocolate
I couldn’t really taste the alcohol in this but there was a strong bitter taste which my hubby swears is alcohol (which I felt was the coffee!). It’s different from the ideal tiramisu that I like which uses a combination of rum and coffee liqueur. I don’t think I’ll order this again.

VERDICT: The service was excellent, with attentive waiting staff who are still learning how to use the latest electronic gadgets (cos you can make credit card payments at your table with their hand-held billing devices). If you like having candlelight dinners, this is one place you can go to. I wasn’t quite blown away by the food and the final bill would have been expensive if not for the discount. The food didn’t quite seem Italian to us and was leaning towards fusion…perhaps I’ll need to try their pasta and risotto dishes on my next visit.

The restaurant will be officially opening on Wednesday, 17th July 2013. If you visit then, who knows…perhaps the celebrity chef may be making an appearance during the first few days of its opening…

1 Harbourfront Walk
#01 165-167, VivoCity
Singapore 098585.

Tel: +65 6733 5500

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Set Lunch at Palio

Palio offers set lunches on weekdays and the menu changes every 2 weeks.

Click on the following links to view their set lunch menus (scroll down to see my reviews of the different weeks’ menus):

You will first be served with bread and a bowl of olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar to dip the bread into. I love the balsamic vinegar which this restaurant uses!! It’s really good and has a rich flavour. However, the crust of the bread was rather chewy so I didn’t really enjoy the bread but I kinda overlooked that since I had that aged balsamic vinegar which I wiped out (to the last drop) with the bread. (^o^)

Coffee/Tea seems to be included in the set lunch although it is not specified on the menu. Remember to ask for it to be served, otherwise you may not get it.

Set Lunch – 30th Apr to 11th May 2012

Rich Lobster Bisque served with Selection of Mediterranean Seafood – The soup was of the right consistency, was flavourful and did not have that fishy taste which other restaurants’ lobster bisque tend to have. In addition, there was a prawn, half a scallop and two tiny squid rings in the soup. I quite enjoyed this – Yumm!!

Main Course
Grilled Pork Chop served with Truffle Mashed Potatoes in Shallot Sauce – The pork chop was quite thinly sliced and had that smoky grilled flavour which made it very appetizing. I don’t really like shallots so initially was a bit apprehensive about the shallot sauce but it wasn’t overbearing and went well with the pork chop. On the other hand, the truffle mashed potatoes looked a little unsightly as it looked like a puddle of cream sauce on the plate but the taste was good!

Ricotta Cheese Tart, Apricot Compote – When you take the first bite of the tart, you’ll find a pleasant buttery flavour which consumes your mouth as you chew on it! However, I felt there was more butter in it than cheese as with every bite I couldn’t taste any cheese and it was mainly that buttery flavour. Don’t get me wrong… the tart was nice but I would have thought with a cheese tart one should be able to taste the cheese?

After getting through one-third of the tart, you’ll start to get a bit sick of the taste as it’s so buttery…. that’s where the apricot compote, raspberry and blackberry come in and help to add a different flavour to go with the tart. I feel this tart is best eaten when coated with a layer of the apricot compote with every bite! ^_^

Verdict:  Overall, I was quite satisfied with my choice of the set lunch dishes but I couldn’t really find the Italian connection to the dishes since this is an Italian restaurant (if you know what I mean). I’ve tried the set lunch at this restaurant several times within the last 2 years and their standard varies – sometimes it’s good and sometimes not fantastic.  However, today’s lunch was up to expectations. Hope they keep it up!

Set Lunch – 14th to 25th May 2012

Came here for a team lunch (there were 15 of us) and the restaurant arranged a long table for us.

Baby spinach salad, honey mustard dressing & toasted pine nuts – This is the first time that I’ve eaten raw spinach and I must say that it tasted very GREEN!! Felt as if I were a rabbit chewing on my leafy vegetables…

Main Course
Grilled spring chicken, grain mustard demi glace & rosemary roasted baby potatoes – This tasted quite ordinary and I thought the chicken was a little salty.

Roasted snapper fillet, red capsicum coulis & paprika mashed potatoes – My colleagues ordered this and most of them didn’t like it much.

Apple strudel crumble, vanilla ice cream – The apple strudel came in a filo pastry which was quite unexpected. It kinda made up for the starter and main courses but we still weren’t quite blown away by this dessert.

Verdict:  Was quite disappointed by the quality of the food this week! 😦

Set Lunch – 11th to 22nd June 2012

Thin slices of Roasted Veal Loin, Tuna Sauce, Capers, Berries & Sun Dried Tomatoes
“Vitello Tonnato”
– Not bad…it was tender and the taste of tuna overwhelms your tastebuds.

Hearty Chick Pea Soup “Zuppa di ceci”, Rosemary Oil & Ciabatta Bread Croutons – Mmm…it was hearty indeed!! (^o^)

Main Course

I was undecided between the Penne served with Beef Bolognese Sauce and the Seared Duck Breast so I asked the restaurant staff to recommend which was the best out of the three main course options on the menu. We were told that penne is quite ordinary so either the dory fish or duck would be better. Heh Heh…no prizes for guessing what I finally decided to order for my main course… ;D

Seared Duck Breast “Tagliata” Style served with Raspberry Sauce and
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
– Yumm…the duck breast wasn’t overcooked and the raspberry sauce was a good complement to the dish. The mash was nice and only had a light hint of garlic.

Cocoa Profiteroles, Chocolate Mousse – The chocolate was thick and rich so by the time you are halfway through the second piece, you may start to slow down…but if you nibble on the raspberries at the side of the plate, they refresh your palate so you can keep going… ;D
I felt that I would have enjoyed it more if the chocolate mousse filling was cold (like ice-cream).

Verdict:  Okay…the restaurant is back on the right track and we were quite pleased with the food being offered in this menu! ^_^

Hotel Michael (Lobby Level)
Resorts World Sentosa,

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