Gurney Drive Restaurant

Heard about this place which serves Penang specialities so decided to go try it!

I went to the one located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 (they have a total of 3 outlets).

This is the menu…

We wrote our orders down on the order slip and gave it to the waiter. To our surprise the waiter looked at the numbers on the paper and rattled off the names of the dishes which we had ordered! WOW…. IMPRESSIVE!!!

Ampla Juice ($2.90++) – Heard about the “buah long long” fruit which seems to be popular in Penang but wasn’t sure what it is and it’s supposed to be rich in Vitamin C. It’s called “Ampla” on the menu and I ordered a small one to try…. It tasted very “green” and I didn’t really like it.

Penang Rojak ($4.20++) – the prawn paste wasn’t as tasty as some of the famous chinese rojak stalls in Singapore but still not too bad. There was guava, pineapple, cucumber, bean sprouts and “you tiao” (dough fritters) in it. The “you tiao” was so crispy that it felt a little like we were eating crisps but I like it done that way instead of having soggy dough fritters.

Gurney Stuffed Beancurd ($4.20++) – it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Quite pricey since the serving portion is rather small.

Penang Lor Bak ($4.20++) – this was nice but the portion was too little for the price we were paying.

Penang Assam Laksa ($5.90++) – ordered this dish and it was as sour as the laksa which I ate when I visited Penang many years ago.

Penang Fried Koay Teow ($6.90++) – Think this was the best dish out of everything we ordered!! It had a very strong “wok hei” taste and had prawns, fishcake, chinese preserved sausage, egg and cockles in it. Felt it was a little salty and it was oily too. Comparing this to the one at RWS’ Malaysian Food Street, this one has a stronger and more fragrant “wok hei” but on the other hand it is also saltier and oilier.

Penang Ice-Kacang ($2.90++) – this came with nutmeg slices, sweetcorn, grounded peanuts, huge cubes of jelly and a miserly portion of red beans and kidney beans. There were only 2 attap seeds in this and the nutmeg gave a minty feel to the dessert. There was some “sarsi syrup” poured on the ice too. Overall, I didn’t really like it as there was a strange combination of flavours.

Penang Cendol ($2.90++) – Mmm…the combination of the brown sugar and coconut milk made this dessert very fragrant although at first glance it didn’t look appealing.

Overall Verdict:

The food was not bad but I feel it’s overpriced! Service was good and I was most impressed with the waiters having memorized which numbers corresponded to which items on the menu.


Gurney Drive Restaurant
Terminal 3 Departure
Departure/Check-in Hall,
Level 3 Mezz South, #03-21,
Singapore 819692
Tel: 6441 1690
Operation Hour: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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