Eating in Siem Reap

The Blue Pumpkin

The weather was unbearably hot in Siem Reap so we decided to take a break from the sun and have some ice-cream.

This shop is located at the Old Market area and seems to be popular with both tourists and expats.

It’s more like a bakery/cafe and probably prices are too high for most of the locals to afford.

Ordered both Jackfruit and Coconut flavours. Each scoop costs USD$1.50 and the ice-cream cone is one of the best I’ve ever tasted! The cone appears to be one of those crunchy waffle cones and it was very fragrant.

The picture below was taken at another branch of the Blue Pumpkin, located in the Siem Reap International Airport at the Departure Hall (after passing through Immigration). As we had a lot of time to kill before boarding (plus our flight was delayed), I had my last ice-cream fix before flying home! (^_^)

I later realised that prices are inflated at this branch.

Green Lemon and Kaffir Lime (USD$2) – This was sour but refreshing. Just be warned that it will be extremely sour especially if you’ve already consumed some other sweet stuff before eating this!

Dark Chocolate (USD$2) – It was bitter but that’s how dark chocolate is supposed to taste and it was good!

Mango Shake (USD$3) – Erm… this wasn’t exactly a shake but seemed to be a glass of thick pureed mango! However, I loved it!! (^o^)

Here’s a look at what else is on their menu at this branch…


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