Eating in Hokkaido

Sapporo Beer Brewery

Went for a tour of the Sapporo Beer Brewery in Sapporo. I’m not really a fan of beer and I prefer wines and cocktails over beer but this was part of itinerary on the package tour which I was on.

The tour wasn’t particularly interesting but beer lovers can look forward to 20 mins of free beer & other beverages at the end of the tour.

There were also some snacks and cheese (plain and onion flavours) which came with the drinks.

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Black Watermelons found in Japan!

During my trip to Hokkaido at Sounkyo Onsen, I stumbled across some black watermelons in the gift shop at the hotel which I was staying at.

Couldn’t believe my eyes so I took another closer look! YES, they were indeed BLACK!!

I wanted to take a picture to show the folks back home but as these watermelons were being sold for quite a high price (i.e. treated like prized watermelons), I decided to ask for permission first (as some shop keepers may frown upon picture-taking and I didn’t want to get into trouble).

With my limited knowledge of Japanese, I soon found myself having a conversation, which left me somewhat amused and a little annoyed, with 2 Japanese men who were trying to be cheeky. However, you may find the conversation to be hilarious!

Here’s what happened…
Me: *pointing to the black watermelons* すみません,写真を撮りませんか? (Excuse me, can I take a picture?)
Japanese Shop Keeper: 私? (Of me?)
Me: いいえ…. *points again to watermelons* すいか!… (No, of the watermelons!..)
Japanese Shop Keeper: はい,どうぞ。(Please go ahead.)

…whilst I was trying to take a picture…
Japanese Sales Assistant to the Japanese Shop Keeper: (Why does she want to take a picture of the watermelons? Has she never seen watermelons before?)
Me to the Sales Assistant: 黒いすいかが初めてみます!(This is my first time seeing black watermelons!)

…and while I was still trying to get a nice shot of the fruit…
Japanese Sales Assistant to the Japanese Shop Keeper: (Maybe she thinks that the flesh of the watermelons is also black when it’s actually red! Hahaha!!)

Started to feel a little annoyed so I just ignored them and walked off! Guess the 2 guys found me amusing and were having a good laugh at me…

Anyway, here’s the picture of the black watermelons…

Do you think you will buy them?

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Exotic Canned Meat Curries in Hokkaido

I read an article about exotic meat curries in Hokkaido and was initially quite skeptical about it until I went to Otaru and found these canned curries being sold at one of the shops…

There were quite a number of varieties available:
Bear Curry, Minke Whale Curry, Stellar Sea Lion Curry, Seal Curry, Yezo Deer Curry, etc…

They weren’t cheap so I didn’t buy any to try.

When I returned home after my holiday, I kinda regretted not buying a can as it could have been turned into a conversational item! LOL.. but then again, the wildlife conservationists may come after me if I buy any of  these! ^_^”
Best advice is not to buy any!!

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