Kawasaki (川崎)

Cheap Bentos and Croquettes at Matsuzaka-ya「肉は松坂屋」

This eatery was recommended on the Kawasaki Tourism website (in Japanese only) for its croquettes and I had actually tried to do a little more research before my trip to find out more about the food available at this place, but my findings seemed to imply that it was some kind of meat shop, so I was a little skeptical!

To satisfy my curiosity, I actually did go and check it out! ^_^

It turned out to be a butcher’s shop and also a deli! Apparently their goriyaki bento「ごりやく弁当」 and goriyaku sauce「ごりやくソース」 are very popular and Japanese people buy the sauce as a souvenir item.

Most people do takeaways as there is limited seating at this place, with some counter seats indoors and two tables and some benches found outside the shop.

At one end of the shop is the fresh meat section, where you can purchase various cuts of meat (beef, pork and chicken).

Cooked food can be found at the other end and there were just too many choices of fried food available, including croquettes, but some were already sold out by the time I got there (about 1:30pm and on a rainy Sunday)!

A recommended item is their Daruma Croquette「だるまコロッケ」 – I’m not sure of the history behind its naming but there are several shrines in this area, so perhaps it’s targetted at shrine worshippers. Apparently the original recipe is still being used to make this croquette and thus according to the shop’s website, its taste hasn’t changed since 1975!

Bento meals are also available and you can make your selection from the menu which is plastered across the wall (Japanese only).

The prices for the bentos were unbelievably low and the word wagyu「和牛」 immediately caught my eye, thus I ended up ordering the Wagyu Sukiyaki Bento「和牛すき焼き弁当」 for only ¥800!! It was very tasty and the slices of beef were very tender!

My hubby went for something more traditional and had the Tonkatsu Bento「とんかつ弁当」 which costs ¥650.

The side dishes provided in both bentos were similar – they were simple and yet tasty.

Bought one Daruma croquette and one Beef croquette to try and they were very crunchy on the outside with a nice potato mash on the inside! The batter used seemed to be different from the croquettes which I’ve bought from other eateries in Japan as it was more fragrant and crunchier.

Overall, this was a surprise find with good quality food at low prices. I totally forgot about the recommended bento and sauce as wagyu overruled everything else! :p

This is one eatery that we will definitely patronise again if we’re in this area!

〒210-0802 神奈川県川崎市川崎区大師駅前1-3-9

Telephone: 044-288-5865

Opening Hours: 10:00~19:30
Closed on Thursdays.

Getting There: It’s a short walk from the Kawasaki Daishi station「川崎大師」on the Keikyu Daishi Line「京急大師線」. Cross the road in front of the station, walk down Goriyaku Street「ごりやく通り」and turn right at the 3rd street.


It’s a bit troublesome to get here from Tokyo, so to make the journey worthwhile, you can check out the Kanamara Shrine or time your visit so that you can attend the Kanamara Festival, after which you can have lunch at this cheap and good eatery. ^_^

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