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Doraemon Pop-Up Cafe at Johor Bahru City Square

This pop-up cafe opened as part of the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo and I went to check out the cool character-themed drinks and desserts that they were offering!

Even the table tops had pictures of Doraemon’s gadgets, bordered by the words “DORAEMON CAFE“.

There were several items on the menu and I had initially wanted to order both Sets A and B and share them with my sister. Unfortunately, I was told that Set B wasn’t available, so we ordered two of Set A instead. 😦

The sets come with a choice of drink and it was stated on the menu that you can choose between white coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate but the girl at the counter told us that white coffee wasn’t available!

The next photo shows Set A (Volcano Chocolate Cake and Hot Chocolate) + an additional cup of hot chocolate. Kawaii!! ^_^

At least the kitchen crew had enough initiative to whip up the drinks with different character motifs! (THANKS!! ^_^) We were initially wondering if the latte art designs were fixed to the type of hot beverages as shown on the menu.

This lava cake wasn’t the best that I’ve eaten but at least the chocolate did ooze out when you cut into the cake. I was disappointed that the pancake did not have Doraemon’s face on it! **SIGH** A classic example of what-you-see on the menu (i.e. the photo) not corresponding to what-you-actually-get. 😦

Whilst seated at the table, I noticed that there were slices of Memory Bread, Dorayaki (Doraemon’s favourite food) and some souvenir notebooks available for purchase.

The Dorayaki had Doraemon’s face on it but I didn’t buy this as I wanted to try the version with ice cream (see below) and I probably would have exceeded my dessert quota for the day if I had ordered everything! ;p

The Dorayaki with ice cream comes in several flavours like red bean, strawberry and even durian! Apparently durian is the most popular flavour so I decided to order one to try.

To my disappointment, this dorayaki didn’t have any picture of Doraemon on it and there was only a Doraemon sticker pasted on its wrapper. 😦
The ice cream was of Magnolia/Meadow Gold quality, so overall this dessert was just まあまあ to me.

I couldn’t help buying the Memory Bread as it was something unusual (on second thought, it is probably relatively easy for you to make this at home). When you tear open the packaging, you’ll get a whiff of the fragrance of the biscuit-like bread and it tastes like garlic croutons but with a very light garlicky flavour.

I’m a sucker for character-themed food! LOL…

Sometimes these character-themed food may taste as good as they look but at times they don’t. Probably if you try the ones made in Japan, you can be ensured of a higher quality of the ingredients and their flavours (but of course they would then be more expensive too!).

Dates of Cafe Operation:
30th August 2014 to 4th January 2015

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