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Augmented Reality Effects Bring New Life to Exhibits at the Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Combine 3D together with Augmented Reality (AR) and you’ll get an out of this world experience!

27th May 2017 will mark the launch of Trick Eye Museum Singapore’s new AR mobile app, which you can use to take pictures at the museum and also discover the additional animations which appear with each of their art exhibits. This app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can use the app to take both photos and videos of yourself interacting with the art installations. There are added sound effects and music if you take videos using the app and you can watch some of my clips towards the end of this post.

The AR experience starts outside the entrance to the museum, where there is a hideous sea serpent waiting to pounce on unsuspecting visitors!

Running apps on your mobile with AR features does drain your phone battery life and I forgot to bring a power bank, thus in order to conserve my phone battery, I took only AR photos and videos during this visit, but I’ve also included some pictures from my previous visits for comparison.

If you have visited this 3D art museum since the last time when they had refreshed their artworks, you would be familiar with the rest of the pictures in this post but do take a look at how the pictures have been enhanced to provide a more fun and entertaining experience to your museum visit.


With AR turned on:

It puzzles me as to why a tiger has appeared at the Island of La Grande Jatte! Really unexpected!!

If you already think that this scene from the “Ghost” zone looks impressive in 3D…

…you will be pleased to know that it looks even better with the AR features turned on! I felt as if I was part of an animated movie with the skeletons moving about!

Some of the artworks have not-so-elaborate AR features, but the effects are still good as they enhance the visuals of the 3D exhibits.


With AR turned on:


With AR turned on:


With AR turned on:

Here are some other scenes with AR effects:

The addition of the AR features are best captured on video and you can “interact” with some of the animated characters (this is a chance to show off your acting skills!).

Here’s a compilation of some of the exhibits (please excuse my poor acting skills):

Do note that unless you are taking a selfie, you won’t have any idea of what special effects or animations are taking place in the space around you. If you have a friend helping to record the video for you, that person will need to be the director, otherwise it is pretty much up to your own imagination with regards to how to react in the scene!

Don’t worry if it’s too noisy at the museum, as the app will not record the background noise but instead overlay its own music and sound effects to your video.

Overall it was good fun and the AR effects certainly provide a different kind of interactive experience with the art installations!

Things to take note of before heading to the museum:

    • Download the “Trickeye” app (Free) from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
    • Bring along a power bank in case your mobile battery runs low from using the app.
    • Try to familiarise yourself with the functions on the screen, otherwise if you are not sure, you can always refer to the tutorial page.

From 27 May to 26 June 2017, visitors to the museum will enjoy 50% off admission prices for tickets purchased from the Trick Eye Museum and Sentosa ticketing counters.

Thanks to Trick Eye Museum Singapore for the media preview of the new AR features!

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Mulan The Musical (木兰少女)

Mulan The Musical (木兰少女) runs from 16 December 2016 to 5 February 2017 at the Resorts World Theatre. This musical comedy from Taiwan, which is making its overseas debut, brings a different twist to the legendary story of Hua Mulan (花木兰).

The cast includes Zhou Ding Wei in the leading male role (the General), Taiwanese singer-actress Li Qian Na and Lai Ying Ying taking turns in the role of Hua Mulan and Singapore artistes Pierre Png and Ann Kok in supporting roles.

At the beginning, we are introduced to the Hua family, where the head of the household has some health issues, the older sister Hua Mulian (played by Ann Kok) was pregnant out of wedlock and the younger brother Hua Xiong, who exhibited some effeminate traits.

If you are familiar with the story of Hua Mulan, you will know that she took her father’s place in the army out of filial piety. However, in this version, she reluctantly agreed to take the place of her father as her siblings couldn’t make the mark and she was deemed to be the most qualified candidate in their family. Thus, Mulan disguised herself as a man and joined the army as Hua Munan (花木男), which is a more masculine name.

Pierre Png plays the army captain, also known as “Encik” and several of his scenes are hilarious! Be prepared for some vulgarities in the dialogue as some of the scenes have local influences and may remind the local audience of Singapore’s National Service.

Look out for this bathroom scene where someone accidentally opens the door to one of the stalls (whoops!) but I won’t spoil the fun for you, so you’ll just have to go watch!

My favourite part was this subsequent bathroom scene with the strawberry-scented soap! It was quite funny, but also romantic in a kind of way.

Whilst at the army camp, both the General and Mulan’s childhood friend Guanfu fall for her and it was amusing to see them wrestling with the idea of having feelings for someone of the same gender. At one point, Mulan was accused by her best friend for being indecisive and liking two guys at the same time (劈腿).

Well, there is a bittersweet ending to the story and in my personal opinion, it resolved the dilemma for Mulan to have to choose between the two!

Apparently, the script has been modified for the Singapore audience, to incorporate local humour and colloquialisms. Current societal issues have also been weaved into the story and these include single parenthood, compulsory military service and LGBT issues.

The music during the second half of the show sounded much better than that in the first half. I was most impressed by Zhou Ding Wei’s vocals and I felt that his voice outshined the rest of the cast.

Curtain call:

It turns out that I absolutely loved that bathroom scene with the strawberry-scented soap, so I just had to get this picture taken as a keepsake! LOL!

Do note that Mulan the Musical is about two hours long with a 15-minute intermission and the show is in Mandarin, but English subtitles are displayed on screens located at both sides of the stage. I wonder which translation software did they use as I found some of the English subtitles to be strange and it was quite funny – one example was 马子 (girlfriend) being translated as “pony”!

Overall, I liked the show for its comedic elements more than the musical numbers.

Dates: 16 December 2016 – 5 February 2017, select nights (please refer to show calendar)

Time: 8pm
Venue: Resorts World Theatre
Prices*: Cat 1: S$128, Cat 2: S$98, Cat 3: S$68, Cat 4: S$38
*Prices exclude SISTIC booking fee and handling charges. Terms and Conditions apply.
Tickets are available from SISTIC or at the Resorts World Theatre.

The photos in this post are credited to Resorts World Sentosa, unless otherwise stated.
Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa for the invite to watch Mulan The Musical.

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Pokémon Research Exhibition at S.E.A. Aquarium

Pokémon fans may be thrilled to visit the Pokémon Research Exhibition, which is being held for the first time outside of Japan, from 22 Oct 2016 to 2 Jan 2017 at the S.E.A. Aquarium in Resorts World Sentosa. You can also get to meet Pikachu there!

Upon entering, you will be given a briefing by the research assistants in lab coats and basically you have a mission to accomplish at this exhibition and that is to identify the Pokémon hidden in a Poké Ball.

You can choose only one Poké Ball out of the three difficulty levels – the red Regular Poké Balls (easy), the blue Great Balls (medium) and the yellow & black Ultra Balls (hard).

I don’t have much knowledge about Pokémon apart from watching some episodes from the cartoon series in the past and playing Pokémon Go, so I selected an “easy” ball.

There are 7 interactive stations in total, where you can pick up clues to try to identify the mysterious creature contained within your Poké Ball. However, note that you can only pick 4 out of the 7 stations to receive your clues, so do choose wisely as to which ones you think will be able to provide the most details for you to accomplish your task!

Place your Poké Ball at the slot on the machine to begin the analysis.

Remember to pay close attention to the given clues, as the machines will not provide you with the details a second time (haha…occupational hazard and I was “testing” their system!)

Took a short breather for a photo with this giant inflatable Pikachu.

When you’ve finally obtained your 4th clue, you will be prompted by the machine to make your final deductions and head over to the “Goal” for the answers.

I decided to go check out the Pokédex wall to see if I could find more clues to help me identify the Pokémon in my Poké Ball. More than 700 Pokémon are featured on both sides on the wall. Unfortunately, after scanning through all the pictures, I was still clueless!!

I could swear that this Totodile was laughing at my incompetence!

Ok, I gave up and headed for the last station and to my surprise, the answer was automatically given without me having to key in my guesses!

What in the world is this Pokémon? I’ve never ever seen or heard of it!

Unfortunately, all Poké Balls cannot be kept as souvenirs and have to be returned just before you exit from the exhibition, so please leave them at the trays.

The highlight for me at this exhibition was meeting Pikachu and trying to catch him and bring him home! LOL!

Pikachu Appearance: Daily at 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:30pm

Venue: Inside Pokémon Research Exhibition & S.E.A. Aquarium – B1 Entrance Atrium (2:30pm session)

Those of you who are interested in visiting this exhibition, do know that an admission ticket to the S.E.A. Aquarium is required and there is an additional admission fee for the Pokemon exhibition on top of the aquarium ticket. S.E.A. Aquarium Annual/Season Pass Holders can enter at no additional cost.

Dates: 22 Oct 2016 to 2 Jan 2017.

More details on tickets and pricing can be found at the Resorts World Sentosa website.

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[Media Preview] Halloween Horror Nights 6 at Universal Studios Singapore (2016)

**WARNING**  This post contains some visually disturbing and gruesome photos.
Please DO NOT continue reading if you are uncomfortable with nightmarish scenes.
We bear no responsibility on the repercussions suffered as a result.

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) is back! This will be Universal Studios Singapore’s sixth edition of the event and it promises to be scarier than the previous years! A record number of haunted houses will be showcased and the first-ever theatrical procession, March of the Dead, will make its rounds through the park at scheduled timings during the night.

This year’s event runs for 16 nights from 30 September to 31 October 2016 and features five haunted houses, two scare zones and two live shows.

If you want a breather between the scares, selected rides like TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Revenge Of The Mummy, Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN and Battlestar Galactica: CYLON, will be open throughout the night.

If you don’t have time to read through this entire post, here’s a quick summary of the event…

…otherwise, read on…


HHN usually doesn’t start until the Opening Scaremony is held. This starts at 7:30pm during the HHN event nights, so don’t be late if you want to catch it!

We are introduced to all the characters who represent their respective haunted houses, with the exception of Jack, the infamous clown who is making a comeback this year with his circus.

If you are standing at the front, do note that pyrotechnics and flame throwers are used and you will feel the heat!

A gigantic head appears from the stage. Do try to see if you can spot the various faces that appear. Here are some of them…

In case you haven’t noticed by now, Mel’s Drive-In has been changed to Mel’s Die-In!!

If you don’t manage to get a spot in front of the crowd, there is a screen located in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard that will give you a glimpse of the action.

Otherwise, you can always watch this video:

Now for the main highlights…

Map compiled by


(listed in the sequence that you’ll encounter them if you start by turning right at the end of Hollywood Boulevard into New York)


Oh, how I hate love that they come up with such local themes, which make it seem closer to home! This is one nightmarish hawker centre that you hope you’ll never ever have to step into in real life! Welcome to Ulu Pandan Hawker Centre…

Customers fall victim to radioactive food poisoning, which transforms them into savage, flesh-eating creatures! Beware, that chicken rice auntie may not be as nice and friendly as you think she is!

Claustrophobics, do note that there are many tight corners in this haunted house and you really have nowhere to run hide!

I loved that they even have a clothing stall here!

Stay alert – there could be something lurking between the rack of clothes!! ^_^

Take a look at some of the scenes here:

Universal Studios Singapore has really outdone themselves with this one – besides the sights, sounds and frights, one thing that stood out were the SMELLS! Ughh…venture in and find out for yourself!


Here you’ll meet the coven of DeFeo Witches who were thought to have disappeared after the townspeople of Salem tried to burn down their house–along with them–in 1692. However, modern-day witchcraft enthusiasts have brought them back and the witches are out for revenge!

One of the townsfolk telling us to get away from this place!

The most beautiful scene (one of my favourites!) is the Witch’s Realm, which has a snowy setting, much like in Narnia.

Apologies, we got too carried away in here as it’s one of the must-visit haunted houses, plus it was quite dark in there and so I don’t have that many photos to share. Make sure that you don’t miss this one!!

Some of the scenes from this haunted house can be seen in the first video starting from 0:24.

HU LI’S INN (狐姬客栈)

Step back in time into the world of Old Shanghai’s cabaret in the 1930s.

As you approach, a man (pimp?) will usher you into the nightclub.

Upon stepping in, we see Hu Li singing on stage.

Hubby was so enchanted by her that he took another picture! Make sure you stay long enough in this room to see what happens when the light flickers!

Another lady at the cabaret. Hmm…

Look at all the pictures of the beautiful women!

However, things are not always as they appear to be!…

Masters of disguises, these seductive temptresses are demonic shape shifters who are after your souls!

To all the Chee Ko Peks (Hokkien/Teochew slang for “pervert” or “dirty old man”) out there, be warned! This is how you will meet your end if you visit this cabaret…

My favourite scene in this place:

Overall, I loved the concept of this haunted house and it really made me feel as though I’ve stepped into Old Shanghai!

Some of the scenes from this haunted house can be seen in the first video starting from 0:05.


Another haunted house based on places in Singapore – the actual hospital in Changi was built in 1935 by the British government and its location was used as a prison camp during the Japanese occupation where it was reportedly used as a torture chamber. The hospital ceased operations in 1997 and is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world!

Graffiti on the walls.

As you head towards the hospital gates, a sarong-clad Malay pakcik will approach you, shouting some warnings and that made me start to regret what I was doing here!…

Meet the doctor and his lovely nurse…

Beware of the many dark corners and you’ll never know who you’ll encounter along the passageways! There’s so much to take in and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


There was even a half-naked guy in the bathroom and I thought he looked kind of cute! LOL!

Beware – there are many sudden surprises and unexpected encounters in this house!


Entrance to the haunted house.

Artist Damien Shipman takes fans on a heinous trip down memory lane as he unveils his controversial exhibition titled Bodies of Work.


Apparently his family perished tragically in a fire and this is his homage to them.

If you look closely, you’ll see a carousel in this photo which is displayed at the start and visitors will also get to see an actual one at the end of this exhibition.

Most of the exhibits are displayed in a macabre fashion.


Call me a sadist but this girl whose lower body went into the grinder is probably my favourite scene in this haunted house!

We get to meet other strange characters…


…and finally the artist himself! (i.e. if you can spot him in the dark!) I didn’t manage to take a good photo of Damien Shipman but you can see him at the end of my video:

Loved that there’s a carousel in this haunted house!



This is a foreboding forest filled with desperate cries and a sinister presence that lures unsuspecting victims to their deaths.

The following warning sign is displayed outside:

After entering the forest, we came across this vehicle – oh no…what exactly happened here?!!

You can find creepy characters…

…as well as a “cute” life-size walking rag doll.

There is a sinister looking tunnel that you can walk through – thankfully I didn’t encounter any strange beings in there!

Ohh…I just love the dramatic lighting effects in this forest!

Be careful not to bump into this headless person when you walk through a cloud of smoke!

Finally, a short clip to summarize this place.


This is the less intimidating of the two scare zones. Stroll through this area to check out the festivities of the Day of the Dead (Día De Los Muertos).

Here’s a walk-through of the scare zone:

March of the Dead Procession
There’s also a Death March procession with a supposedly carnival-like atmosphere, but it reminded me more of a funeral procession!

Look out for Lady Death (死亡女神), perched atop the leading float.

The lights on the float actually change colour.

For a change, it was nice to see a night parade being held at the park!

Procession timings for 30-Sept: 8:15pm, 9:45pm and 11:15pm (schedule may vary on other dates – check at the venue on the day of your visit)


There are 2 shows that will be staged as part of HHN6 but unfortunately they weren’t available during the media preview.

March of the Dead show
This action-packed live show begins at the end of March of the Dead procession.

Show timings for 30-Sept: 8:45pm, 10:15pm and 11:45pm (schedule may vary on other dates – check at the venue on the day of your visit)

Stage area (at the New York Library):

Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus (杰克重返噩梦马戏团)
Synopsis: “Back by popular demand, Jack the Clown will steal the show once again in Jack’s Recurring Nightmare Circus at the Pantages Hollywood Theater. Together with his deranged disciples, he will hunt for killer acts from a live casting call featuring world-class aerialists, acrobats, contortionists and other freaky friends.”

Show timings for 30-Sept: 7:45pm, 9:15pm, 10:45pm and 12:15am (schedule may vary on other dates – check at the venue on the day of your visit)


All the HHN6 memorabilia seems to be centred around Jack!


If I have to list the haunted houses in the order of my preference, they would be:

1) Hu Li’s Inn
2) Salem Witch House
3) Old Changi Hospital
4) Bodies of Work
5) Hawker Centre Massacre (because of the smell! LOL!)

Many thanks to Resorts World Singapore for the media invite to HHN6!

Event Details:

Halloween Horror Nights 6 (HHN6) is held on Select Nights from 30 Sept to 31 Oct 2016.

Dates, Opening Hours and Ticket Prices:
Entry on 30 Sep, 6, 13, 20, 27, 30, 31 Oct 2016. Time: 7:30pm – 12:30am.
General Admission Ticket: S$65
RWS Invites / RWS Invites Attractions Members: S$50

Entry on 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 Oct 2016. Time: 7:30pm – 1:30am.
General Admission Ticket: S$69
RWS Invites / RWS Invites Attractions Members: S$59

Check the HHN6 website for more ticketing details, including the Frequent Fear Pass, R.I.P. Tours and other promotional packages.

Source: RWScoop

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[Review] Cinderella, A Fairly True Story

Have you ever wanted to go a ball in a carriage? I did just that the other day… (sorry, I was letting my imagination get carried away there)

Re-live the fairytale as Cinderella, A Fairly True Story is being staged at the Resorts World Theatre from now until 4 Jan 2016.

If you are expecting something Disney-like, please don’t and instead bring yourself back to the roots of the traditional fairytale.

There was a pre-show with entertaining press photographers who mingled with the audience and took pictures everywhere they went.

This story is told through the eyes of a reporter who writes for the “Cinderella Times” tabloid and various headlines are flashed intermittently during the show.

The first act opens with an 8-year-old Louise (young Cinderella) crying over the grave of her mother and she refuses to leave with her father, Baron Leopold.

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Life then goes further downhill after Leopold married a materialistic rich widow (well, he assumed she was rich!) named Furiosa, who has two equally materialistic daughters Grimella and Distressa, played by Dorien Schrijnemakers and Saartje Van Houtte respectively. Besides being mean-spirited, I think the two stepdaughters are best described as “sot sot dei” (Cantonese language), as they are really ditzy. Their mother on the other hand resembled Cruella de Vil.

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Nordin De Moor, whom I last saw as Smee/Mr Darling in “Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story”, plays the reporter in this latest Music Hall production to hit our shores and he’s the only character who gets to talk to the audience, as well as interact with the other characters in the show! I must say that I learnt a lot from his commentaries which contained various bits of trivia like the question of whether Cinderella’s slippers were made of Verre (glass) or Vair (squirrel fur) – the two words are homophonous in French and it has been long debated whether the story was wrongly translated from French to English.

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Here’s a closer look at desk from which the reporter works at in the show…

The Prince (whom we all know as Charming), played by Caleb Vines, is named Prince Harry George William Archibald Nicholas Philip Alexander Charles James Andrew Daniel the First (that’s quite a mouthful!) and he seems to be mollycoddled by his nanny, who reminded me of Mrs. Doubtfire. There are still various toys in his room from rocking horses to a giant rubber ducky and do keep a look out for that over-sized parrot! ^_^

At the ball, Cinderella introduced herself as Baroness Ella of the Cinders and at the end of the night, she took off her shoes and ran off but dropped one in the process.

The wedding had a beautiful setting in a cathedral and they lived happily ever after…

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

…and the best part was that I got to meet Cinderella (Charlotte Campion) after the wedding! 😀

What did I think of the show?
It’s still pretty much the same fairytale with some slight plot twists. The first half of the show was a bit slow-moving but it picked up much later.

I especially loved the scene where Cinderella’s dress turned from rags to a beautiful blue gown and also when the pumpkin turned into a shiny golden carriage! It was simply magical to watch!! (Note: try not to blink during this transformation scene in order not to miss any part of it! ^_^)

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

Do expect some pyrotechnics and also listen out for popular songs like “I Gotta Feeling”, “Up Where We Belong” and “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” which have been incorporated into the show. In addition, Cinderella’s fairy godmother is not who you think she is…

Although the show started off on a sad note, there was a mix of romance and funny moments which I thought were entertaining but it would have been better if they had more scenes with “magic” in them.

Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa for the invite to watch the show on its Opening Night! ^_^

Dates: 10 Dec 2015 – 4 Jan 2016

Show Times:
Thurs: 7pm
Fri – Mon: 2pm and 7pm (no shows on Tue and Wed)

Venue: Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa


Premium Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3
Adult S$168 S$138 S$108 S$78
Child** (4 to 12 years old) S$118 S$97 S$76 S$55
Senior*** (60 years old and above) S$143 S$117 S$92 S$66

* Prices exclude SISTIC booking fee and handling charges. Terms and Conditions apply.
** Child must be accompanied by at least one (1) adult.
*** Senior must present valid ID upon purchase and at the theatre entrance for verification.

Tickets can be purchased at SISTIC counters or at the Resorts World Theatre Box Office.

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Year-End Festivities at Resorts World Sentosa (2015)

It’s that time of year again for holiday festivities and merry-making, plus it’s also the school holidays! Check out what Resorts World Sentosa has in store this year…

Date: 1 December 2015 – 3 January 2016
Time: 10am – 9pm

Besides snowfall and fireworks, there are some brand new Christmas-only shows which have been introduced this year. Join the Penguins of Madagascar, Marilyn Monroe, the Minions and the Toy Soldiers in “A Hollywood Christmas Gift” show, where they embark on a gifting journey.

Meet Scrooge in “A Scrooge Christmas Splendour” and see if you can bring some Christmas cheer to him.

“Fairytale Remix” is a colourful show with a mash-up of fairytales and familiar songs.


Date: 1 December 2015 – 3 January 2016
Time: 10am – 7pm (extended to 9pm on select days)

Standing tall in the aquarium is a Christmas tree made out of plastic bottles collected from across the resort to promote recycling. There is a Fishmas activity trail where children can learn more about marine life by following Santa’s clues through the aquarium and be rewarded with a gift upon completion.

Diving Santa and Elf are also back again this year!
Venue & Time:
▸ Coral Garden Habitat – 11am
▸ Shipwreck Habitat – 11:30am and 4:30pm
▸ Open Ocean Habitat – 1pm daily and 3pm (Only from 19 – 27 December)

When Santa Claus is drying off from his scuba diving adventures, you can find him at another part of the aquarium…
Venue: After Discovery Touch Pool
Time: 2pm & 3:15pm

Snap a picture with S.E.A. Aquarium’s friendly manta mascot.
Venue: Opposite Shark Seas Habitat
Time: 2:45pm & 3:45pm

Christmas Carolling – Soak in the festive atmosphere with a medley of timeless carols brought to you by a special group of carollers.
Date: 24 – 26 December
Venue: Ocean Dome
Time: 1:30pm and 2:10pm


Something new at the resort this year – check out the stalls here for Christmas gift ideas, as well as some tasty festive treats. Located at the Bull Ring, you can’t possibly miss it as there is a huge inflatable minion which stands right in the centre!

Festive buys:

Sweet treats:

If you are spending at the resort, do remember to charge to your MasterCard, as you can bring home attractive gifts and vouchers when you spend $200 and above on the same day at any outlet within RWS.
(Note: Same day redemption and the booth is found at the Christmas Market. Promotion ends on 3 January 2016.)

Asian premiere of CINDERELLA, A FAIRLY TRUE STORY <-click to read the review

Date: 10 December 2015 – 4 January 2016
Show Times:
Thurs: 7pm only
Fri – Mon: 2pm and 7pm (no shows on Tues and Wed)

Premium: $168
Standard: $138 (Cat 1), $108 (Cat 2) and $78 (Cat 3)
(Excludes SISTIC booking fee and handling charge)
Discounted prices are available for Children and Senior Citizens.

Tickets can be purchased via SISTIC or Resorts World Theatre Box Office. Plus, stand a chance to win Cinderella’s Jewelry by Swarovski, with every ticket purchased (terms and conditions apply).

Adapted from a previous version staged in Europe in 2013, the lighthearted fairytale-themed story with a contemporary twist follows the tale of Cinderella but through the eyes of an inquisitive reporter.

Retaining the classic elements including the ball, the pumpkin transformation and iconic glass slippers, audiences will follow this re-imagined fable of Cinderella meeting her prince through a missing glass slipper. Lasting approximately 90 minutes, this is a spectacular musical production everyone in the family can enjoy.


Year-end festivities aren’t complete without some feasting, so do check out what the restaurants have to offer. (click on the links below for more details)

Christmas and New Year’s Set Menus:
L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora
Feng Shui Inn
Avenue Joffre

Festive Buffets:

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New Artworks at Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Since its opening in June 2014, many people have had fun doing wacky poses with the various art pieces at the Trick Eye Museum in Singapore. The museum has now refreshed its gallery with new sculptures, an interactive 4D concept and new themed zones – “Mystery”, “Excitement”, “Fairytale”, “Fantasy”, “Supernatural” and “Trick World”. More than half the museum has been updated with the new artworks and these were ready on 31 October 2015.

I was curious about the displays and worked through my usual lunch hour so that I could get out of the office during the mid-afternoon to attend the media preview. ^_^

New sculptures can already be found outside the museum – you can pose with Andy Warhol…

…or share some love with Mona Lisa!

Alternatively, how about taking a selfie with this lady taking a selfie? :p

When you enter the museum, you can see that iconic Big Baby sculpture is still there, as well as a bunch of circus folk. However, there are some additions placed between the existing sculptures, like this lady with hula hoops,…

…a lion…

…and Andy Warhol balancing on some chairs!

This horse and carriage (also new!) took up quite a substantial space in this area.

A Rubik’s Cube has been placed just before the gigantic book entranceway which leads to the other exhibition zones.

If you enter and turn to the right, you will see the following new animated and interactive exhibits…

Fancy turning yourself into an Andy Warhol-themed painting?

Dancing Star – there are 2 choices available and you can opt for the Chinese theme or Christmas theme. The little kids visiting the museum seemed to enjoy this exhibit a lot and kept going back for more!

When I finally got my turn, I decided to try the Christmas theme first and was transformed into a Santarina!

The Chinese one was a bit cheesy to me. Do note that you have to try to align your face as best as possible to the screen before your picture is taken – mine wasn’t done quite correctly! LOL…

I concluded that this wasn’t my cup of tea and much preferred the static 3D exhibits.


I think this is my favourite out of all the zones!

Fancy taking shelter with a Frog?

Waterfall – you can pose on that tree stump or across that gaping hole as seen two pictures above.

Alice House – Yikes! Looks like Alice is stuck here!

Flower Ball – Try imagining yourself being trapped in a water bubble in this picture.

Hmm…do you think a hunk or babe would look better in this setting?


I noted that “The Scream” has been removed from its previous picture frame and now has a bigger backdrop.

Teddy Bear – doesn’t he look 3D? ^_^

Sit and get transported somewhere else by this couple!

Afternoon Tea Parties – I don’t know why but I just love this picture!!

Ice Cliff – You can play hero and damsel in distress here. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you wear heels if you are perched on a precarious ledge like this!


Ice Wall Climb – You can have fun thinking up various poses for this one!


This is a brand new zone which focuses on the supernatural.



Floating Slippers


That ballet-themed wall is still there, plus the Merlion.

Art Fighter – this is one of the more interactive exhibits as it includes a fighting game.

If you’re not into practising some kungfu moves in the game, you can still pose for a 3D photo. ^_^

Overall, the new exhibits are fun to interact with. Have an enjoyable time posing with them when you visit the museum! ^_^

Thanks to Trick Eye Museum Singapore for the invite to the media preview!

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SG50 Celebrations: Sentosa – Merlion Magic Lights, Sands of Time and S.E.A. Aquarium

As mentioned in my previous two posts, there were just too many places to visit for Singapore’s Jubilee celebrations and one of the places which had SG50-related events was on Sentosa island, so I hopped over to check them out…

Date : 1 – 30 Aug 2015
Time: 7:45pm, 8:15pm, 8:45pm, 9:15pm (weekdays)
Additional 2 shows at 9:45pm & 10:15pm during weekends, Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday
Venue: Merlion Plaza

This was my second time seeing the Sentosa Merlion come “alive” (the first being end-2013) with the aid of 3D video projection mapping and I found that some of the lighting designs were similar to the previous show that I had watched

…but I especially liked when the Merlion was covered in red and white resembling our National flag and with a mini shower of fireworks.

Pictures can’t really capture the full experience of a 3D projection mapping show, so do watch this video:

The aquarium over at Resorts World had something special lurking in their tanks…

Date: 7-10 August 2015
The Open Ocean exhibit at the aquarium celebrated our nation’s birthday with four divers carrying the Singapore flag across the tank, from one end of the glass panel to the other.

Gosh…I guess it must have been heavy, since it required four divers to carry it!

When they reached the other end of the tank, the flag was then rolled up like a scroll and kept. ^_^

There was even a wreath with the words “SG50” found at one of the smaller tanks.

Fans of sand sculptures were able to view seven of them over at Siloso Beach, where the Singapore Story, showcasing significant moments in Singapore’s history, was told through the 100m long sand sculpture display.

Date: 7-16 Aug 2015
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue: Siloso Beach

The sand sculptures, ranging from 3 – 4.2 metres tall, were set behind a two-dimensional sand mural chronicling Singapore’s evolution to the thriving city it is today. There was also audio accompaniment, so that visitors could immerse themselves in The Singapore Story!

A Day to Remember
Singaporeans at a Kopitiam, watching the press conference where Mr Lee Kuan Yew announced Singapore’s separation from the Malaysian Federation.

First National Day Parade 1966

Singapore’s first National Day Parade on 9 August 1966 with contingents marching past City Hall.

On a little street of Singapore

A typical street market scene in Singapore in the days before modern supermarkets existed.

So Singapore

Illustrating that time is precious and finite, this centrepiece honours the past and celebrates the present. Backing the idea of time are the iconic quirks that make up the Singaporean DNA.

Our Heartlands

A typical scene of our heartlands with HDB flats, playground and MRT train in the background, to showcase where Singaporeans live and play.

Sentosa – The State of Fun!

This scene showcases Sentosa as one of the key tourism icons in Singapore.

Our Home

This final scene shows the metropolis that Singapore has transformed into since its humble beginnings as a fishing village. Here we can see the skyline of the financial district, Gardens by the Bay and a couple representing the Pioneer Generation, who have been instrumental to Singapore’s success story.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one last sand sculpture, which was tucked away in a corner across from the main exhibits. ^_^

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Overwhelmed by Minions at Universal Studios Singapore!

With the latest Minions Movie currently playing in our local cinemas, look who’s making appearances at Universal Studios Singapore!

I have problems differentiating one minion from another and thus I’m assuming they are Kevin, Stuart and Bob! :p

They do a little dance routine before the Minions meet and greet sessions are held.

For those of you who want to take home some Minion memorabilia, about a third of the Universal Studios Store seems to be dedicated to these yellow cylindrical creatures…

Plushies from the latest Minions movie caught my eye when I entered the shop!

If you want something smaller, keychains are available.

Other Minion merchandise…

OMG…so many cute t-shirts can be found here!! (note: I didn’t photograph them all)

More stuff…

I am still toying with the idea of buying one of these suitcases! Seriously!! LOL…

Bedroom Slippers – these have been around for a while.

Magnets are available too!

Pin collectors may like these…

If you spend a total of $50 inclusive of any Minion item, you can buy two of these capsules for $5 and there are 24 in total to collect!

What’s in them?

For those who like a game of chance, you can buy a Blind Bag and pray that you’ll get something which you’ll like!

Over at the Minion Mart, I couldn’t really find items from the latest Minions movie but these Collectable Play Figurines caught my eye!

Vinyl Figures

Game sets similar to those available at the Universal Studios Store, can also be found here.

Here’s a close-up look at the “Trouble” game.

Minion fans, what are you waiting for? Come check out the latest characters and merchandise at the park! ^_^

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Re-Opening of Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON

The long wait for adrenaline junkies is finally over!! After an extensive attraction review, 27th May 2015 marked the re-opening of the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore!

Park guests who had heard about the coasters’ re-opening, couldn’t wait to go on the rides when they were opened to the public at 12pm!

These were the first people in the queue for Human on the re-opening day…

Over at the Cylon side, there was also a queue forming… ^_^


One noticeable difference is that the ride vehicles, which previously had 4 seats per row, now have only 2 seats per row, as previous feedback from park guests on the original coasters were that those seated at the middle two seats felt left out from the “action”. With this new design, all riders have a “window seat”, so as to get the maximum experience (probably a more heart-pumping one!) on the ride.

The new ride vehicles now each seat 16 persons (i.e. fewer riders per ride) and thus you may wonder if the queue will take a longer time to clear – the good news is that the park does have additional ride vehicles for each of the 2 coasters, so two ride vehicles may be in operation during the peak periods for each coaster.

Human coaster – the Old ride vehicle (photo on left) and the New ride vehicle (photo on right).

In addition, shelves can now be found at both loading platforms and you can place your shoes and any other loose articles like hats, spectacles, etc. on the them before you board the ride vehicle. In the past, people used to leave their shoes all over the platform and it looked rather messy, plus there was the risk that your belongings could be trampled upon by klutzy folks who alighted first from the ride vehicles.


Both the Human and Cylon rides are very much smoother and less bumpy than before. I remember with the previous ride vehicles, my head kept hitting the back of the seat at certain turns and the headrest then wasn’t as well-cushioned as compared to now. I have to say that it is definitely a more comfortable ride with these new vehicles!!

There is a greater adrenaline rush if you sit at the front row (especially on Cylon) as it is “windier” and you do get unobstructed views of the drops, plus you will also be the first ones on the ride to plunge into the fog pits (Cylon only)!  Somehow Cylon’s speed felt a little faster to me than before, but according to the media release, the ride duration is similar. Hmm…


For those who have yet to experience them, Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon is a pair of steel duelling roller coasters, which each have 1km of track and they will provide you with 90 seconds of excitement! The repetitive announcements on both rides state that they are “high-speed turbulent roller coasters that include sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, lifting and dropping”. Their top speed is 90km/h and the highest point on both coasters is 42.7m high (equivalent to 14 storeys). To go on both rides, you will need to be at least 125cm tall.

I personally feel that nothing beats the front row if you want the best views but of course the G-forces are probably strongest in the 8th row.

If the coasters are launched at the same time, you can experience the “duelling effect” as both the red and blue will cross paths at various sections of the track. I think you’ll get a better view of this on the Cylon side (well, that is if you are not too pre-occupied with screaming your lungs out to enjoy the view).

Photography and videography are usually not allowed in this attraction but thanks to Universal Studios Singapore, I got the opportunity to photograph the queuing areas and loading platforms of both rides!


Also referred to as the “Red” coaster, this is a seated coaster with no inversions, but it does have lots of turns and a couple of drops. I personally feel this is the milder of the two rides. The first drop used to be quite scary with the old lap restraints when the ride first opened in 2010/2011, but ever since they had replaced the restraints with the overhead ones, you can no longer experience that “free fall” feeling on that initial drop and I really miss that! With this re-opening, overhead restraints are still being used, so I personally take this coaster to be just a “scenic ride” if I want a bird’s eye view of the park (plus the ride photos taken are nicer than that on Cylon’s).

Enter through the doors for some air-conditioned comfort! ^_^

Look around and you can see various interesting props on display.

The most impressive display in the queue area of this ride is this Viper spacecraft and you can’t miss it when you walk by!

I’m not sure if it’s just nerves but this is what some some people do whilst waiting in the queue.. 😉

When you reach the rows of uniforms, you’re almost at the loading platform.

Looking out to the tracks…

This is the new 2-seater ride vehicle!

Here’s a look at the back of the ride vehicle.


This is also known as the “Blue” coaster and is my favourite of the two. The ride has a total of 5 inversions and I tend to liken the experience of the final inversion on the ride to be similar to the feeling of being tumbled inside a washing machine. Do note that this is a suspended coaster and your legs will be dangling freely on this ride, so do leave your footwear on the shelves at the loading platform if you are afraid that they may fall off during the ride.

This display with rows of Cylon robots looks impressive!

Walk through this section and make your way up the stairs to get your adrenaline fix.


At the loading platform…

This new 2-seater ride vehicle provides a more heart-racing experience!

Although the back of this coaster doesn’t look as nice as that on Human’s, I still love this ride!!

So, which one of the coasters will you be going on now that both rides have been re-opened?  I think you should try both (i.e. if you are willing to take up the challenge) and I’m sure John Hallenbeck, Senior Vice President of Attractions, will agree with me that both Human and Cylon are terrific “screamer” rides! ^_^

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