Hong Kong Food Guide (by Location)

Here’s a compilation of the eating places which I have tried in Hong Kong, sorted by location. (click on the individual links if you want to see more information and pictures of the food)



Hee Kee Crab General (喜記將蟹軍) – This place is known for their Typhoon Shelter Crab dish and I do agree that it is good!

Dessert Playground (沛公甜品) – A wide variety of desserts can be found here and one of their unique creations is mango pudding topped with a mango rose.

Charlie Brown Cafe (查理布朗咖啡專門店) – Fans of the Peanuts comic strip will love this place and its decor. It’s a good place to sit and chill after a long day of shopping.

Star Cafe (星座冰室) – The locals recommend this place for its tomato noodles. It’s a change from having wonton noodles but I think you need to love tomatoes in order to appreciate the noodles in tomato soup.

Tsui Wah (翠華) – Possibly the most popular cha chaan teng known to tourists. The food is quite good.

Hip Katsu (吉列 派) – An interesting Japanese fusion restaurant. A word of advice – stay away from the foie gras.


Australian Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司) – The breakfast sets are good and so are their egg puddings (especially the one made with egg yolks).


Kam Wah Cafe (金華冰廳) – A must eat is their famous pineapple bun (菠蘿包), which is possibly the best in all of Hong Kong!


Kung Wo Soya Bean Factory (公和荳品廠) – This place sells food items made from soya beans. Everything is freshly made and I love their fried tofu and soya bean curd.

Wai Kee Noodle Cafe (維記咖啡粉麵) – The locals love the pork liver noodles here. I tried it and it was quite nice but it’s not something I would eat on a daily basis.

Hop Yip Tai (合益泰小食) – This Michelin-recommended eatery is popular for their cheong fun, radish, siew mai and curry fishballs.



Beeger – The beef burgers that I’ve eaten in Hong Kong in an unexpected location!


Yuen Kee Dessert (源記甜品專家) – A traditional Chinese dessert shop which is a favourite with the locals.


For Kee Restaurant (科記咖啡餐廳) – The locals love this place for its pork chop, so you can have it with rice, noodles or in a bun. Love their pork chop as it is well marinated, juicy and full of flavour!

Lemon King (檸檬王) – This is not an eating place but in my opinion, the best preserved lemon peel is sold here!

Kau Kee Restaurant (九记牛腩) – Possibly the best beef noodles that I’ve ever tasted!!

KISSes Cupcakes – Cupcakes with interesting flavours are sold here.


Mak’s Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家) – My favourite place for wonton noodles!! Love their soup stock but note that the serving size is rather small.

Lan Fong Yuen (兰芳园) – This used to be a dai pai dong and is famous for their pork chop buns and silk stocking milk tea. It was my #1 favourite until I discovered For Kee.

Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌餅家) – Yummy egg tarts with a pastry base made from almond meal.

Petite Amanda – Their French pastries and cakes are lip smackingly good!!

Maxim’s at City Hall – This is one of the few remaining places which still serves dim sum on trolley carts. Quality of the food is good!


Honolulu Coffee Shop (檀岛咖啡饼店) – My favourite place for egg tarts with flaky pastry.

Kam Fung Restaurant (金鳳茶餐廳) – Love the chicken pies sold here! Egg tarts are so-so.


Bo Innovation (廚魔) – This two Michelin starred restaurant is opened by the Demon Chef Alvin Leung.

Tai Ping Koon Restaurant (太平館餐廳) – Hong Kong style western food is served here. They are famous for their souffles and swiss sauce chicken wings.

Yan Wo Soya Bean Curd (人和豆品厂) – Their traditional soya bean curd is smooth and simply delicious!


Auntie Sweet (甜姨姨私房甜品) – A popular place for desserts and there are just too many to choose from! Recommended items are their mango and durian desserts.



Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (天虹海鮮酒家) – Take your pick of the fresh seafood available here and have them cooked according to your specifications.


Kee Sum Cafe (祺森冰室) – A popular item on their menu is Shrimp toast, which is something which you can’t find at other cha chaan tengs.

The Bakery (麵包舖) – This bakery sells all traditional cakes and pastries. Try their sesame biscuit!


Island Brewery – Potato stick and fruit stick.

Fried fish balls – these are very fresh and have a bouncy texture. There’s one stall selling fishballs made using different types of fish meat, some mixed with other ingredients like cheese or chives and another stall which sells gigantic fishballs (with various sauce dips) and has pictures of TVB stars patronising their stall.


HK Disneyland

Crystal Lotus (晶荷軒) – Disney Special Dim Sum is available here but they look too cute to be eaten! The quality of food here is superb!

Discovery Bay

Zaks – This place serves American food and the portions are huge. A good place to enjoy dinner with a view of the Hong Kong Disneyland fireworks.

HK International Airport

Hang Fa Lau (杏花樓) – Absolutely love their Zhenjiang Pork Ribs with Vegetable Rice!

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