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Chocolicious Fun at Universal Studios Singapore!

Chocoholics are in for a treat at Universal Studios Singapore’s latest Chocolate Garden attraction! Go on a Chocolate Adventure from now until 28th May 2017 and indulge your sweet tooth in some of the available offerings.

The entrance to the Chocolate Garden can be found between the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride and The Brown Derby.

This walk-in attraction contains several themed areas like Lollipop Land, the Fondue Garden and there’s also a Choco Hedge Maze!

Lollipop Land

The swirls of colours immediately catch your eye when you enter the garden.

It makes for a nice photo spot.

There is an area for kids to decorate their own lollipops and they can add them to the Lollipop Garden!

Cocoa Hedge Maze

Get lost in this maze and who knows, you may even find some chocolate treats hidden amongst the bushes! It’s a pity the hedges aren’t high enough for adults to get lost in, but kids would probably enjoy this!

Fondue Garden

For a limited time, marshmallows are given out for free near the entrance to the Chocolate Garden, but if you haven’t had enough of them, you can purchase more at $1 for a set of 2 packets, each containing 2 marshmallows. The stickers that you see on the left of the photo below are for those who have registered for the cupcakes and cookies workshops.

Now if you have your marshmallows in hand and using the sticks provided, go dip them into the various chocolate fountains for a sweet indulgence.

There are several chocolate fountains of different varieties like Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and there are even Strawberry and Pandan flavours!!

Character Meet and Greet

There are a few characters that you can meet in this area – Candice Cupcake and Mama Cookie are two newly introduced characters at the park and then there’s everyone’s favourite Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Candice Cupcake is such a sweetie pie!

Mama Cookie is quite a feisty character!

Then there’s Cookie Monster donning a chef’s hat and an apron. Who’s the guy next to him? Well, he’s the Chocolate Man…

Chocolate Man Hunt

The Chocolate Man wears a badge or patch with the words “Are You Looking For Me?” and he will be roaming the park. Look carefully for him as you explore the park and when you do find him, shout “Got you! You are the Choco Man!” and you can win a mystery prize, which ranges from retail and dining vouchers to Universal Studios Singapore admission tickets!

Cupcakes & Cookies Workshop

If you are feeling creative, you can sign up for one of the sessions where you can decorate delicious cookies and cupcakes. It costs $6 each for a cupcake or a cookie.

We were first given a demonstration of how to decorate a cupcake and the kids looked like they couldn’t wait for their turn to try doing it!


Here are some samples of cookies and cupcakes that have already been decorated – they all looked like a sugar overload to me!


Ok, now’s my turn to have a go at cupcake decorating and we were given some white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, four different bottles of cream and lots of candy sprinkles!!

On the left is my chocolate chip cupcake and on the right, my completed masterpiece!


I coated my cupcake with strawberry chocolate, but didn’t add that many candy sprinkles as I don’t like my cupcakes to be too sweet! Mama Cookie saw it and approved of it! ^_^

You can bring your cupcakes/cookies home after you have finished decorating them, i.e. if you don’t plan to eat them on the spot. A word of advice – if you’re doing cupcakes, do remove the flag before you put the cupcake into the box. I forgot to do so and mine was a little squashed after I put the lid over.

Here’s a quick recap of what you can find at the Chocolate Garden:


I wandered around the park to see if I could interest any of the park’s characters in some chocolate.

The Minions weren’t interested – oh yeah, I forgot that my cupcake wasn’t banana flavoured (you can see my squashed cupcake here).

The Raptor looked keen and about to escape from his enclosure! Then again, he’d probably eat anything! Oh well, I’d better run along before he really escapes!…

Do go check out the Chocolate Garden and the various characters there. It’s also a good place to hang out to get away from the scorching sun!

Other Chocolate Flavoured Dining Offerings

Chocolate-flavoured delights can be found at various dining outlets in the park and these include Cho-infused Curry with Chicken Katsu, Nutella & Cheese Fries, Crispy Chicken Strips with Chocolate Dip and Cocoa Slush. Visitors can purchase the Sweet Tooth Package and choose three selected chocolate-themed items at participating dining outlets for just $20.

A Chocolate Adventure is a new experience included with regular paid admission to Universal Studios Singapore. Now until 28th May 2017.

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“When I Grow Up” – a subplot! (by Jaznotabi)

This is my tongue-in-cheek interpretation of a subplot within the “When I Grow Up” stage show at the Pantages Hollywood Theater. :p

After watching the show from the front row of the theatre, I discovered something else was going on!…


The show opened with Elmo and Big Bird and at this point it was still too early to tell that something was wrong…

Everyone had smiles on their faces but Big Bird had furrowed eyebrows. Hmm…

Was it my imagination or did Big Bird look especially grumpy?

I’m not sure what words were exchanged but check out what happened next…

Something snapped in Big Bird! How apt that the animation on the TV screens were showing flames to depict the heat of the moment!!

Even Cookie Monster was confused and unnerved by what was happening on stage!

Abby:  “Elmo, you’d better watch your back!”

Oh dear…look what happened next when no one was looking! RAWR!!

It was the finale and the “Angry Bird” made eye contact – I think I could be his next target! Yikes!! Time for me to run!!

I guess Big Bird woke up on the wrong side of his nest today!


The above has nothing to do with the actual storyline of the show. It just happened that I was sorting through the numerous photos that my hubby and I took of the show and found these ones that looked like there was a story behind them when you pieced them together and it was too funny not to share! ^_^

Do check out my “When I Grow Up” moves into the Pantages Hollywood Theater at Universal Studios Singapore! post for the actual show, which in fact I did enjoy watching.

The best seats to be able to photograph the entire stage would probably be at the front section of the theatre, about 4-5 rows from the back. Then again, it depends on whether your camera has a wide angle and how sharp its focus is, especially in dim lighting. Of course, if you want a different (and more “intimidating” or should I say overwhelming) experience, try sitting at the front row! LOL…

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Sesame Street “When I Grow Up” moves into the Pantages Hollywood Theater at Universal Studios Singapore!

Many of Universal Studios Singapore’s fans didn’t expect that “Monster Rock” would have its final curtain call on 31st August and Sesame Street’s “When I Grow Up” show would move into the Pantages Hollywood Theater on 20th September 2014.

I went to check out the show on its official opening day at the theatre as I was curious to see if there were any changes to this show which was previously performed in front of the Library at New York.

The audience is greeted with this sight upon entering the theatre.

The familiar iconic Sesame Street lamppost can be found on one side of the stage.

I was surprised to see peddlers selling Sesame Street merchandise in the theatre!

It was time for the show to begin and this lady host appeared on stage and kept asking the audience various questions (targetted at kids) on what they wanted to be when they grow up!

The curtain finally opened to reveal a colourful Sesame Street set and even Mr Hooper’s Store is represented! TV screens were later lowered and various animated clips were shown as an add-on to the scenes being performed.

A cute Elmo animation was displayed when Elmo went for a quick costume change…

…and came back to do his cowboy scene.

I thought it was a clever idea to add a police car to the set when Grover revealed that he wanted to be a police officer.

As you can see, the displays on the TV screens change according to the different scenes.

Even Cookie Monster had a fire engine appear on the set when it was his turn to sing!

The part where Bert and Ernie wanted to be paleontologists was briefly mentioned in the old show but in this theatre version, two new songs had been added to their segment! This is how the set looks when they did “Bones, bones, bones…”

We then were asked to stand up and “do the dino groove” as Bert wanted to teach the audience how to dance like a dinosaur. I didn’t really photograph this part but you can watch it in the video at the bottom of this post. It was nice to see some of the characters offstage trying to get the audience to do the dance.

Alas, it was time for the finale…

Soap bubbles were released at the end of the show…

…and many in the audience (both young and old!) were later found waving their hands about, trying to catch or pop the bubbles!

Here’s my video of the show:

Overall, the storyline is basically the same with some revised dialogue, additional songs and audience participation. It should better for staff welfare as this theatre is air-conditioned and should be cooler for the costumed cast members – I couldn’t imagine how they survived dancing around outdoors in those costumes in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, when they performed the old 12min show outdoors!

I must say that I prefer this indoor version of the show, with its new colourful set, the animation on the TV screens and of course the soap bubbles! ^_^

(Check out the previous show at the Library in New York if you want to do a comparison)

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Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore (2013)

The entrance archway this Christmas is quite eye-catching (especially the roof). I think I prefer it over last year’s.

This is how it looks at night:

This was how it looked last year:

A closer look at the Christmas decorations in Hollywood…

This year the Minions from Despicable Me were introduced to the park starting from 1st December. I must say that they are extremely popular with the crowds! They will be around permanently for meet-and-greet sessions, so check with the crew members at Hollywood on the day of your visit for the exact timings. However, they will only appear in Santa hats for the month of December.


If you don’t manage to meet the minions, you can also have your picture taken with this “photo frame border” (Note: it wobbles and is a little heavy!):

Walking on…at the end of Hollywood we can find the stage for the New Year Eve’s “Bubblegum Pop Countdown!”:

This year’s stage comprises of many steps!

These are the decorations at New York:

A closer look at the Christmas tree and the stage at The Library…


Last year’s tree and stage (I think I like this year’s better):

Santa’s sleigh is parked outside Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour during the day. This is a prop used in the Sesame Street Saves Christmas show.


The sleigh is moved and placed next to the stage just before the start of the show, but it will still be parked outside Loui’s between showtimes.


This is a new show introduced for the Christmas period and is quite entertaining as it features many familiar commercially popular Christmas tunes, with lyrics slightly tweaked Sesame-style!

List of Songs:

  • It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
  • Rocking Around The Christmas Tree
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  • We Are Santa’s Elves
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You
  • Let it Snow!
  • Winter Wonderland
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Showtimes: 6:30pm, 8:00pm, 9:30pm (schedule varies)

Here’s a video of the full show – if you listen carefully, Santa even makes a special mention of Ang Mo Kio and Orchard Road!:

There is also a brief photo opportunity after the show with Santa and his elves.


Showtimes: 7:00pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:50pm

I think I prefer the Sesame Street performance over the light show. The lights are choreographed to different pieces of music. Depending on which show you catch, the tunes may be different.


The ones in my video below feature the following pieces:

  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Nutrocker
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24)    [2:59]
  • DJ Schwede – Music Box Dancer    [6:11]

There was another one (Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Wizards of Winter) which I didn’t manage to record as there were three clueless people who stood directly in front of my camera (I was seated) and ignored my requests for them to sit down! How annoying!!

Overall, I felt that the Christmas theme and performances seemed to be more enjoyable this year as compared to previous years.

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