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Chocolicious Fun at Universal Studios Singapore!

Chocoholics are in for a treat at Universal Studios Singapore’s latest Chocolate Garden attraction! Go on a Chocolate Adventure from now until 28th May 2017 and indulge your sweet tooth in some of the available offerings.

The entrance to the Chocolate Garden can be found between the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride and The Brown Derby.

This walk-in attraction contains several themed areas like Lollipop Land, the Fondue Garden and there’s also a Choco Hedge Maze!

Lollipop Land

The swirls of colours immediately catch your eye when you enter the garden.

It makes for a nice photo spot.

There is an area for kids to decorate their own lollipops and they can add them to the Lollipop Garden!

Cocoa Hedge Maze

Get lost in this maze and who knows, you may even find some chocolate treats hidden amongst the bushes! It’s a pity the hedges aren’t high enough for adults to get lost in, but kids would probably enjoy this!

Fondue Garden

For a limited time, marshmallows are given out for free near the entrance to the Chocolate Garden, but if you haven’t had enough of them, you can purchase more at $1 for a set of 2 packets, each containing 2 marshmallows. The stickers that you see on the left of the photo below are for those who have registered for the cupcakes and cookies workshops.

Now if you have your marshmallows in hand and using the sticks provided, go dip them into the various chocolate fountains for a sweet indulgence.

There are several chocolate fountains of different varieties like Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and there are even Strawberry and Pandan flavours!!

Character Meet and Greet

There are a few characters that you can meet in this area – Candice Cupcake and Mama Cookie are two newly introduced characters at the park and then there’s everyone’s favourite Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Candice Cupcake is such a sweetie pie!

Mama Cookie is quite a feisty character!

Then there’s Cookie Monster donning a chef’s hat and an apron. Who’s the guy next to him? Well, he’s the Chocolate Man…

Chocolate Man Hunt

The Chocolate Man wears a badge or patch with the words “Are You Looking For Me?” and he will be roaming the park. Look carefully for him as you explore the park and when you do find him, shout “Got you! You are the Choco Man!” and you can win a mystery prize, which ranges from retail and dining vouchers to Universal Studios Singapore admission tickets!

Cupcakes & Cookies Workshop

If you are feeling creative, you can sign up for one of the sessions where you can decorate delicious cookies and cupcakes. It costs $6 each for a cupcake or a cookie.

We were first given a demonstration of how to decorate a cupcake and the kids looked like they couldn’t wait for their turn to try doing it!


Here are some samples of cookies and cupcakes that have already been decorated – they all looked like a sugar overload to me!


Ok, now’s my turn to have a go at cupcake decorating and we were given some white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, four different bottles of cream and lots of candy sprinkles!!

On the left is my chocolate chip cupcake and on the right, my completed masterpiece!


I coated my cupcake with strawberry chocolate, but didn’t add that many candy sprinkles as I don’t like my cupcakes to be too sweet! Mama Cookie saw it and approved of it! ^_^

You can bring your cupcakes/cookies home after you have finished decorating them, i.e. if you don’t plan to eat them on the spot. A word of advice – if you’re doing cupcakes, do remove the flag before you put the cupcake into the box. I forgot to do so and mine was a little squashed after I put the lid over.

Here’s a quick recap of what you can find at the Chocolate Garden:


I wandered around the park to see if I could interest any of the park’s characters in some chocolate.

The Minions weren’t interested – oh yeah, I forgot that my cupcake wasn’t banana flavoured (you can see my squashed cupcake here).

The Raptor looked keen and about to escape from his enclosure! Then again, he’d probably eat anything! Oh well, I’d better run along before he really escapes!…

Do go check out the Chocolate Garden and the various characters there. It’s also a good place to hang out to get away from the scorching sun!

Other Chocolate Flavoured Dining Offerings

Chocolate-flavoured delights can be found at various dining outlets in the park and these include Cho-infused Curry with Chicken Katsu, Nutella & Cheese Fries, Crispy Chicken Strips with Chocolate Dip and Cocoa Slush. Visitors can purchase the Sweet Tooth Package and choose three selected chocolate-themed items at participating dining outlets for just $20.

A Chocolate Adventure is a new experience included with regular paid admission to Universal Studios Singapore. Now until 28th May 2017.

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Re-Opening of Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON

The long wait for adrenaline junkies is finally over!! After an extensive attraction review, 27th May 2015 marked the re-opening of the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore!

Park guests who had heard about the coasters’ re-opening, couldn’t wait to go on the rides when they were opened to the public at 12pm!

These were the first people in the queue for Human on the re-opening day…

Over at the Cylon side, there was also a queue forming… ^_^


One noticeable difference is that the ride vehicles, which previously had 4 seats per row, now have only 2 seats per row, as previous feedback from park guests on the original coasters were that those seated at the middle two seats felt left out from the “action”. With this new design, all riders have a “window seat”, so as to get the maximum experience (probably a more heart-pumping one!) on the ride.

The new ride vehicles now each seat 16 persons (i.e. fewer riders per ride) and thus you may wonder if the queue will take a longer time to clear – the good news is that the park does have additional ride vehicles for each of the 2 coasters, so two ride vehicles may be in operation during the peak periods for each coaster.

Human coaster – the Old ride vehicle (photo on left) and the New ride vehicle (photo on right).

In addition, shelves can now be found at both loading platforms and you can place your shoes and any other loose articles like hats, spectacles, etc. on the them before you board the ride vehicle. In the past, people used to leave their shoes all over the platform and it looked rather messy, plus there was the risk that your belongings could be trampled upon by klutzy folks who alighted first from the ride vehicles.


Both the Human and Cylon rides are very much smoother and less bumpy than before. I remember with the previous ride vehicles, my head kept hitting the back of the seat at certain turns and the headrest then wasn’t as well-cushioned as compared to now. I have to say that it is definitely a more comfortable ride with these new vehicles!!

There is a greater adrenaline rush if you sit at the front row (especially on Cylon) as it is “windier” and you do get unobstructed views of the drops, plus you will also be the first ones on the ride to plunge into the fog pits (Cylon only)!  Somehow Cylon’s speed felt a little faster to me than before, but according to the media release, the ride duration is similar. Hmm…


For those who have yet to experience them, Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon is a pair of steel duelling roller coasters, which each have 1km of track and they will provide you with 90 seconds of excitement! The repetitive announcements on both rides state that they are “high-speed turbulent roller coasters that include sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, lifting and dropping”. Their top speed is 90km/h and the highest point on both coasters is 42.7m high (equivalent to 14 storeys). To go on both rides, you will need to be at least 125cm tall.

I personally feel that nothing beats the front row if you want the best views but of course the G-forces are probably strongest in the 8th row.

If the coasters are launched at the same time, you can experience the “duelling effect” as both the red and blue will cross paths at various sections of the track. I think you’ll get a better view of this on the Cylon side (well, that is if you are not too pre-occupied with screaming your lungs out to enjoy the view).

Photography and videography are usually not allowed in this attraction but thanks to Universal Studios Singapore, I got the opportunity to photograph the queuing areas and loading platforms of both rides!


Also referred to as the “Red” coaster, this is a seated coaster with no inversions, but it does have lots of turns and a couple of drops. I personally feel this is the milder of the two rides. The first drop used to be quite scary with the old lap restraints when the ride first opened in 2010/2011, but ever since they had replaced the restraints with the overhead ones, you can no longer experience that “free fall” feeling on that initial drop and I really miss that! With this re-opening, overhead restraints are still being used, so I personally take this coaster to be just a “scenic ride” if I want a bird’s eye view of the park (plus the ride photos taken are nicer than that on Cylon’s).

Enter through the doors for some air-conditioned comfort! ^_^

Look around and you can see various interesting props on display.

The most impressive display in the queue area of this ride is this Viper spacecraft and you can’t miss it when you walk by!

I’m not sure if it’s just nerves but this is what some some people do whilst waiting in the queue.. 😉

When you reach the rows of uniforms, you’re almost at the loading platform.

Looking out to the tracks…

This is the new 2-seater ride vehicle!

Here’s a look at the back of the ride vehicle.


This is also known as the “Blue” coaster and is my favourite of the two. The ride has a total of 5 inversions and I tend to liken the experience of the final inversion on the ride to be similar to the feeling of being tumbled inside a washing machine. Do note that this is a suspended coaster and your legs will be dangling freely on this ride, so do leave your footwear on the shelves at the loading platform if you are afraid that they may fall off during the ride.

This display with rows of Cylon robots looks impressive!

Walk through this section and make your way up the stairs to get your adrenaline fix.


At the loading platform…

This new 2-seater ride vehicle provides a more heart-racing experience!

Although the back of this coaster doesn’t look as nice as that on Human’s, I still love this ride!!

So, which one of the coasters will you be going on now that both rides have been re-opened?  I think you should try both (i.e. if you are willing to take up the challenge) and I’m sure John Hallenbeck, Senior Vice President of Attractions, will agree with me that both Human and Cylon are terrific “screamer” rides! ^_^

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Sesame Street “When I Grow Up” moves into the Pantages Hollywood Theater at Universal Studios Singapore!

Many of Universal Studios Singapore’s fans didn’t expect that “Monster Rock” would have its final curtain call on 31st August and Sesame Street’s “When I Grow Up” show would move into the Pantages Hollywood Theater on 20th September 2014.

I went to check out the show on its official opening day at the theatre as I was curious to see if there were any changes to this show which was previously performed in front of the Library at New York.

The audience is greeted with this sight upon entering the theatre.

The familiar iconic Sesame Street lamppost can be found on one side of the stage.

I was surprised to see peddlers selling Sesame Street merchandise in the theatre!

It was time for the show to begin and this lady host appeared on stage and kept asking the audience various questions (targetted at kids) on what they wanted to be when they grow up!

The curtain finally opened to reveal a colourful Sesame Street set and even Mr Hooper’s Store is represented! TV screens were later lowered and various animated clips were shown as an add-on to the scenes being performed.

A cute Elmo animation was displayed when Elmo went for a quick costume change…

…and came back to do his cowboy scene.

I thought it was a clever idea to add a police car to the set when Grover revealed that he wanted to be a police officer.

As you can see, the displays on the TV screens change according to the different scenes.

Even Cookie Monster had a fire engine appear on the set when it was his turn to sing!

The part where Bert and Ernie wanted to be paleontologists was briefly mentioned in the old show but in this theatre version, two new songs had been added to their segment! This is how the set looks when they did “Bones, bones, bones…”

We then were asked to stand up and “do the dino groove” as Bert wanted to teach the audience how to dance like a dinosaur. I didn’t really photograph this part but you can watch it in the video at the bottom of this post. It was nice to see some of the characters offstage trying to get the audience to do the dance.

Alas, it was time for the finale…

Soap bubbles were released at the end of the show…

…and many in the audience (both young and old!) were later found waving their hands about, trying to catch or pop the bubbles!

Here’s my video of the show:

Overall, the storyline is basically the same with some revised dialogue, additional songs and audience participation. It should better for staff welfare as this theatre is air-conditioned and should be cooler for the costumed cast members – I couldn’t imagine how they survived dancing around outdoors in those costumes in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, when they performed the old 12min show outdoors!

I must say that I prefer this indoor version of the show, with its new colourful set, the animation on the TV screens and of course the soap bubbles! ^_^

(Check out the previous show at the Library in New York if you want to do a comparison)

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Fuji-Q Highland 「富士急ハイランド」 (Part 3 of 3)

This final post features “Thomas Land”, eating places within Fuji-Q Highland, “La ville de Gaspard et Lisa”, the Fujiyama gift shop (largest gift shop at the park) and details on how to get to the theme park.

Thomas Land

This area is more for kids, especially those who are fans of the famous tank engine. There are quite a number of photo spots and many kid-friendly rides, so if you know my ride preferences by now, I didn’t try any of the ones in this area! Thus, this last post on the theme park is more of a photo tour!

There are 2 entrances to Thomas Land and I think the one located nearer to the “Shining Flower” ferris wheel looks nicer (i.e. referring to the photo on the left):


You can pose for pictures with the Thomas Monument

…and the Percy Monument.

Thomas’ Party Parade

Ticket Price: ¥300

ThomasLand 3D Theater

Ticket Price: ¥300

GO! GO! Bulstrode

Minimum Height: 90cm
Ticket Price: ¥200


Happy Harold

Ticket Price: ¥200

Everybody Twist

Ticket Price: ¥200


Mischievous Cranky

Ticket Price: ¥200


Exciting Cruise

Ticket Price: ¥200


As a result of wandering around without looking at the map (plus the fact that I wasn’t into kiddy rides), I missed photographing the next 2 attractions! Oops!!

Thomas and Percy’s Fun Ride

Ticket Price: ¥200

Photo Credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Rock’n Roll Duncan

Minimum Age: 3 yrs
Ticket Price: ¥200

Photo Credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Shops and Restaurants within Thomas Land

Station Shop
Special-edition Thomas the Engine goods can be found here.

Lady Hatt’s Afternoon Tea

Castella sponge cakes in the shape of Thomas are sold here.

K’s Thomas Cafe

A fast food restaurant serving a variety of lunch meals, snacks and drinks.

A closer look at what’s on the menu…

Mrs. Kyndley’s Kitchen

This place serves drinks and popcorn in original cups.

Shop & Cafe TIDMOUTH

Special-edition Thomas Land chocolates can be bought here.

Other Eating Places within Fuji-Q Highland

There are 2 burgers being sold at this theme park which cannot be found at any of their other outlets – one of them can be found at Mos Burger and other at Lotteria.

MOS Burger

The specialty burger here is the Fujiyama burger – you can order it on its own or as part of a set (with fries and a soft drink).

Place your orders at the counter on the extreme right, then collect your food from the counter on the left when your number is called (note that they only read out the numbers in Japanese!).

Fujiyama Burger (¥630) – I felt this was similar to their hamburger, except that it had an extra patty of beef. Just ordered one so that we can say “been there, ate that!” LOL…

Pizza-La – Pizzas and soups are sold here and the popular item here is the Fuji-Q Highland original “Tondemina” specialty pizza.

Restaurant Bohatei – This is designed to look like a beach house as it is situated in front of the Great Zaboon. They serve a selection of rice bowl dishes, including bbq.

Ice-cream, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and yakisoba can be bought at this outdoor snack shop located in front of the Fujiyama coaster.

You’ll need to first purchase a ticket from the vending machine, then pass the ticket to the person at the counter, who will prepare your food.

Although the weather was cold, I took an ice cream break between the Dodonpa and Takabisha rides, with white peach and strawberry flavours. ^_^

Food Stadium – This place is like a food court and many food stalls are housed in this building. Local specialties of Yamanashi Prefecture like Yoshida udon and Houtou noodles are popular with diners here.

Lotteria can be found on the 2nd floor and it’s the other place with a burger (Fuji-Q Burger) that is unique to this park only. I didn’t try this as we were already stuffed from lunch, plus we had already booked a mini kaiseki dinner at our hotel, so we had to leave space in our tummies!

I wonder if not many people patronise this place, since there’s a sign outside saying “Non-dining customers are also welcome”! I “parked” my hubby here whilst I went to queue for Takabisha. Haha…well, at least it’s indoors and out of the cold!!

A closer look at the food which is available here…

My hubby discovered something strange in the Male Toilet located just across from the Food Stadium – LOL…is this supposed to be a photo spot?!?!?

Game Stalls can be found just across from the Fujiyama coaster and they are disguised as old-fashioned food stalls.

Upon closer inspection, the fun-fair type games available here are really from a nostalgic era.

La ville de Gaspard et Lisa

Located just outside Fuji-Q Highland adjacent to the Highland Resort Hotel, this area is decorated to resemble a French village and you can even pose for pictures with a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower! Admission is free, but there are 2 kiddy rides available here which you’ll have to buy tickets for if you wish to ride them (the Free Pass can be used for these rides).

For those who are unfamiliar, Gaspard (the black dog with a blue scarf) and Lisa (the white dog with a red scarf) are from a popular kids’ animation series which centres on two canine friends who go on various adventures.

Carousel (¥400, Free Pass can be used), gardens and Eiffel Tower

Gaspard and Lisa motifs can be found here.

Posing with the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Cart

Ticket: ¥400 (Free Pass can be used for this ride)

I left the theme park and I needed to rest my feet after a full day of queuing and walking, plus I wanted to maximise the use of my Free Pass, so this was my last ride of the day! Haha…

It is essentially a family-friendly ride and Gaspard and Lisa are back-seat passengers in the ride vehicle.

There are different coloured ride vehicles.

Basically this ride will take you through various scenes from the book series.


Gaspard and Lisa themed shops, bakeries and food stalls can be found at this Parisian street.

Look closely at this shop’s name and you can find Gaspard and Lisa motifs!

Interior of the shop…

There’s a museum on the 2nd floor (Admission is free), so we went to check it out!

Some of the exhibits include autographed drawings from Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensbelen, the creators of the book series.

Limited edition goods are sold at the shop!


Cafe Brioche

There are limited edition cakes and food being sold at this cafe!


Cookies shaped like Lisa and Gaspard can be bought here.

Food Stalls

This stall sells steamed meat buns, soups (corn and minestrone were available that day), hot coffee and hot wine (hmm…interesting).

Here’s other stall which sells sausages, bacon and fried chicken and somehow this one seems to be more popular.

Character-themed Hotel Rooms

Die-hard fans can check-in to the Highland Resort Hotel which has Lisa-themed and Gaspard-themed rooms.

Gaspard Room

Photo Credit: Highland Resort Hotel

Lisa Room

Photo Credit: Highland Resort Hotel

Themed Restaurant

In addition, there is also a Lisa and Gaspard themed restaurant located on the ground floor of the Highland Resort Hotel.

Photo Credit: Highland Resort Hotel

Fujiyama Gift Shop

This is the theme park’s biggest gift shop and it’s located outside the park.

You can find souvenir items related to the theme park, as well as items from the surrounding region (e.g. Mt Fuji mementos).


You can buy clothing related to the extreme coasters…


…as well as foodstuffs!


I managed to find a FREE souvenir ink stamp here to add to my collection! ^_^

Getting There:

Fuji-Q Highland
5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan

By Bus:
Reservations are required for the Highway Buses.

By Highway Bus from Tokyo:
From Shinjuku’s West Exit Highway Bus terminal, board the Highway Bus headed for Kawaguchiko「河口湖」 or Yamanakako「山中湖」 and alight at Kawaguchiko Station「河口湖駅」.

Shinjuku Station (West Exit)
Take Chuo Highway Bus Fujigoko Line (app 100 min)

Inquiry and Reservation:
Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181
Keio Highway Bus Reservation Center: 03-5376-2222

Tokyo Station (Yaesu Exit)
Take Tomei Highway bus (app 150 min)

Inquiry and Reservation: Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181

Yokohama Station(West Exit)
Take Tomei Highway Bus at West Exit of Yokohama Station (app 150 min)

Inquiry and Reservation: Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181

By Train from Tokyo:
From Shinjuku take the JR Chuo Line「中央線」, change at Otsuki station「大月駅」 to the Fujikyu Railway「富士急行線」 to Fujikyu Highland Station「駅」.

Osaka and Kyoto Stations
The bus departs from Abenobashi Station (JR Tenno Area) and arrives at Meishin Ibaraki, Takatsuki and Hachijo Exit of Kyoto Station.

Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181
Kintetsu Highway Bus Center 06-6772-1631

Main JR Stations
■ Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Shin-Fuji Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Fuji-Q Highland (approx. 120 min)

■ Take JR Gotenba Line to Gotenba Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Kawaguchiko Station (approx. 120 min)

■ Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen to JR Mishima Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Kawaguchiko Station (approx. 120 min)

■ Take JR Chuo Main Line to Kofu Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Fujisan Station (approx. 120 min)

If you are staying at the Lake Kawaguchi area, you can take either one of the following:

■ Fujikyu train line from Kawaguchiko station to Fujikyu Highland station, which is just one stop away.
■ Retro Bus (red line) from Kawaguchiko station to the Highland Resort Hotel bus stop.

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Fuji-Q Highland 「富士急ハイランド」 (Part 2 of 3)

Moving on to the “Horror“, “Challenge & Happy” and “Kids” attractions of the theme park…


The Ultimate Horror Maze「最恐戦慄迷宮」

Age Limit: Elementary School kids and above
Number of Visitors: Limited to about 1000 to 1500 people per day
Building: 2 floors
Total Floor area: Approx. 3000 m²
Total Distance that you’ll need to walk: about 900m
Length of time to complete: Approx. 50 min.
Ticket Price: ¥500 (Free Pass cannot be used here)

This is supposed to be the scariest and longest horror house in the world to navigate through and its setting is in a haunted hospital!

I don’t really believe in paying to get myself scared, plus my hubby didn’t want to experience it and I wasn’t planning to navigate the world’s scariest horror maze all by myself, so I didn’t enter.

The building itself looked creepy and whilst I was checking out its exterior, this guy dressed in a blood-stained doctor’s white coat staggered out of the compound and started walking towards us… Time to run (but not before taking one last pic)! Haha…

Gegege no Kitaro’s Monster House「ゲゲゲの妖怪屋敷 妖怪小噺」

This attraction is based on the popular Japanese anime about a bunch of spirit-monsters.

Minimum Age: 3 yrs
Ticket Price: ¥400
Language: Japanese only

I decided to try the attraction here where you sit in a dimly lit room, put on a set of headphones and all the lights will be turned off when they start the audio show.

You can see cardboard cutouts of the characters from the anime as you walk along the path around the back of the “house”.

I entered, sat myself down and they started the audio show. It was totally pitch black in the room and I was all alone. The show’s dialogue is completely in Japanese and you can hear the voices of the characters from the anime. There were some eerie parts where the voice of the youkai will send shivers down your spine and the sound of the heavy breathing in your ear feels like there is really something or someone behind you and breathing down your neck! I must say the audio is pretty good!

The show exits into a souvenir shop where you can find limited edition souvenirs related to the anime.

Typically the foodie in me only looks for food-related souvenirs so I bought a tin of hard candy which has pictures of the anime’s characters on the exterior of the tin. (^o^)

Here are some of its contents:

Fans of this youkai anime will recognise the statues of the characters found in this area.

Konaki-Jijii (子泣き爺, “Little Crying Old Man”) is the first youkai you’ll see when you arrive.

Posing with Kitarō (鬼太郎) and Neko-Musume (猫娘, “Cat Girl”)

Checking out Medama-Oyaji (目玉おやじ), who is seated atop a fortune telling machine…

…and finally, I just had to tell Nezumi-Otoko (ねずみ男, “Rat Man“) not to be a slacker and to go man the souvenir shop.


Ultimate Fort「絶望要塞」
This is a walk-through attraction set up as a labyrinth in a huge fortress with mission tasks to clear in order to escape.

Age Limit: Elementary School Kids and above
Length of time to complete: Approx. 20 min.
Ticket Price: ¥800

The objective is to try to work through a labyrinth of countless doors, corridors, and rooms and strict security set up within the fort and make it out within the time limit. There are different stages inside, with the stages becoming increasingly difficult as you progress through the fort. Each stage is full of hidden clues, secret doorways, and other traps and contraptions all designed to trip you up. This is not the type of maze that can be cleared by merely fumbling around in the dark. Only those who posssess the knowledge, memory power, physical strength, imagination, and most of all, luck will be able to persevere to the end and earn the rank of “Sucessful Escapees” and will be given a prize to recognize their achievement. I didn’t try it as I wasn’t sure if I would have problems deciphering the clues due to language issues.


Ticket Price: ¥800

Fans of the popular animation film series, Neon Genesis Evangelion “Rebuild of Evangelion” will probably want to visit this attraction which is filled with a variety of things from the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion, including the first 3-D life-sized scale model of the “General-purpose, humanoid battle weapon, the Cyborg Evangelion Unit-01” ever built, a life-sized reproduction of the cockpit of an Evangelion, a scale model of “Kaworu Nagisa,” and other items. I don’t follow this anime, so I skipped this.

The rest of the attractions below are all family-friendly rides…

Shining Flower「シャイニング・フラワー」
Ticket Price: ¥500

This should be quite a relaxing ride which you can take to enjoy the surrounding scenery, especially if Mount Fuji isn’t hidden behind clouds. My hubby wasn’t keen on doing this so we just snapped a picture of the giant ferris wheel.


Ticket Price: ¥400

Tea Cup「ティーカップ」

Ticket Price: ¥400

Wave Swinger「ウェーブスウィンガー」

Minimum Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Primary School Kids and above
Ticket Price: ¥500

This rotating swing is the kids’ version of TEKKOTSU BANCHO「鉄骨番長」which I had mentioned earlier in Part 1.


Water Ace (summer) – i.e. paddle boats
Ice Skating Rink (winter)

Go-Kart (1-seat)
Minimum Age: Primary 5
Ticket Price: ¥300

Go-Kart (2-seater)
Minimum Age: 3 yrs
Ticket Price: ¥300


Spotted a corner with some self-driving vehicles for the kids (¥100 for one round)

The Great Fluffy Sky Adventure – A Little Ride on the Clouds「フワフワ お空の大冒険」

Height limit: 100-190cm
Ticket Price: ¥500


The ride vehicles looked sooo cute that I just had to get into one! (ignoring the fact that it isn’t a thrilling ride, but how can you not like Hamtaro?) ^_^


Hamtaro’s Gentle Ocean Ship「ゆらゆら 海のハムSHIP」

Minimum Height: At least 110cm
Age Limit: Up to 64
Ticket Price: ¥500

It’s actually a viking ride, aboard this ship decorated with cute Hamtaro characters.


Exciting Hide and Seek in the Forest「どきどき 森のかくれんぼ」

Minimum Age: 4

Hmm…I’m not sure why I forgot to photograph this! Basically you will need to pedal your ride vehicle around an elevated track.

Photo Credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Kids’ Studio and Characters Shop「キッズスタジオ キャラクターショップ」

This shop sells character merchandise from popular kids’ anime.

Continue reading » Part 3 (Thomas Land, La ville de Gaspard et Lisa).

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Fuji-Q Highland 「富士急ハイランド」 (Part 1 of 3)

After hearing about Fuji-Q Highland「富士急ハイランド」 for many years, I finally made a trip there to satisfy my roller coaster fix!

This theme park has 4 extreme roller coasters which each got their names into the Guinness Book of Records and it certainly sounded like a major adrenaline rush was in store for me!

Of course besides the rides that I’ve mentioned, there are other attractions and rides which are suitable for those who prefer something less challenging.

I will be splitting this Fuji-Q Highland write-up into 3 posts as I have close to 200 pictures and there are just too many attractions to be featured in a single post! However, I must clarify that I didn’t have time to experience all of the attractions (I had my fixed priorities! LOL..) as most of my time was spent queuing for the rides that I most wanted to get on. However, I did manage to walk around the park to take photos of the various attractions (where possible) so that you can get an idea of what to expect if you decide to visit this theme park.

Part 1 features the entrance to the park, different types of tickets available and the “Screamer” attractions (i.e. Thrill rides).

Part 2 showcases the “Horror“, “Challenge & Happy” and the “Kids” attractions.

Finally, Part 3 tells you more about the themed zones “Thomas Land” and “La ville de Gaspard et Lisa“, eating places within the theme park, the park’s biggest gift shop Fujiyama and directions on “how to get to the theme park.


Visitors can buy a basic admission ticket (¥1400) which doesn’t include rides and then buy separate tickets in the park for those rides that you want to experience. The good thing about this basic ticket is that if you have friends or family who are accompanying you but don’t want to take any of the rides, they can buy this ticket which is cheaper. If you are staying at Highland Resort Hotel, each guest is given free entry to the park for the duration of your stay (i.e. complimentary basic admission ticket) as shown below.

Alternatively, you can buy a “Free Pass” (¥5200), which includes both admission and unlimited rides (except those marked as not applicable to Free Pass holders) – I find this more convenient than having to buy separate tickets for each ride. Just work out which type of ticket is most cost effective for you. My ticket below was at a discounted price since I was a hotel guest.

Here’s a picture of one of the ride ticketing machines found at the park (i.e. if you had bought just the basic ticket and want to add on some rides):

Even though the prices to all rides/attractions are shown on the machine, you won’t be able to buy tickets to all of them at a single machine. For example, the one in this next photo only sells tickets for the Red Tower:

I took another photo at another ticketing machine and this one sells tickets for both Tondemina and Mad Mouse:


Entrance leading to Fuji-Q Highland from the Highway Bus Stop / Fujikyu Highland Resort Bus Stop.

This door actually leads into a huge gift shop and you’ll need to walk through it to get to the main entrance of the theme park.

Just before you enter the gift shop, lockers are available for rent if you need to store any bulky items (e.g. luggage) which you do not intend to bring into the park.

Along the way, you will also pass through La ville de Gaspard et Lisa but I will talk more about this area later in Part 3.

Now, this is the official main entrance to the park:

There are actually 2 main entrances to the theme park and the other one is located at the opposite end of the park, which is nearer to the Fujikyu Highland station「富士急ハイランド駅」. As I didn’t enter from there, here’s a picture of its exit. LOL…


For my first ride of the day, I decided to take it easy and challenge the King of Coasters, FUJIYAMA as this seemed like the mildest ride out of the 4 extreme coasters.

Some details about this coaster:
Length: 2045m
Maximum Height: 79m
Maximum Speed: 130km/h
Maximum Drop: 70m

Note to riders:
Height Limit: At least 120cm
Age Limit: Up to 62
Ticket Price (per person): ¥1000

This coaster previously held the following records:

  • World’s Tallest Complete Circuit Roller Coaster (July 1996–May 2000)
  • World’s Tallest Roller Coaster (July 1996–January 1997)
  • World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Drop (July 1996–January 1997)
  • World’s Fastest Roller Coaster (July 1996–January 1997)

The queue was about 45min long…

Complimentary lockers are available at the ride platform for you to store your valuables and loose articles before going on the ride. Remember to take the locker key with you and don’t drop it during the ride!

As the coaster slowly climbed to reach the 79m mark, there were signs at various points to tell you how high up you were and when we finally saw 79m, we knew what was about to happen next!… *screams*

I have to say that the drop from 79m was quite scary! Ride pictures are available but I didn’t buy the one here as I didn’t really pose for it. ^_^

Here’s a video of the drop:

For a limited period, the Fujiyama coaster track will be illuminated after dark. I think it would be fun to ride the coaster in the dark with the track being lit!

Unfortunately during my visit, it was still daylight when the park closed (at 6pm), thus I didn’t get a chance to experience taking the ride with the night illumination, but I did get some pictures of the track at night (not all sections were lighted up as shown on the poster)!

Non-thrill seekers can pose for pictures with Air Fujiyama, located opposite the entrance to the Fujiyama coaster ride. There’s a button for you to activate the fan, which will blow wind into your face to simulate the look and feel of riding the actual coaster! (and no, I didn’t try it but I saw some people who did) The button can only be activated after you have sat down in the vehicle, so you’ll definitely need someone to help with this.

Next, I headed over to Eejanaika and you’ll need to walk through this area to get to the building which houses the ride.

It certainly feels like you taken a walk back into the past as this place has the look of a traditional Japanese street scene.

There’s a shop selling ride merchandise, as well as local specialties of the region, some of which are items which are only sold here and cannot be found elsewhere.

There are some machines which you can use for printing labels/stickers with your name on them…

…and also fortune telling machines which will dispense your luck on a strip of paper!


This was the 2nd coaster which I went on and based on what I had heard about this ride, it sounded like I would probably experience the feeling of being trapped inside a washing machine, as you may experience up to 14 inversions on this ride!

The waiting time was about an hour, even though the sign said 40min!

Eejanaika is the world’s second 4th dimension roller coaster and throughout the ride, riders will go through up to 14 inversions and most of these inversions are accomplished by the seats rotating forward or backward 360 degrees, rather than actually inverting the track.

Some details about this coaster:
Length: 1153m
Maximum Height: 76m
Maximum Speed: 126km/h

Note to riders:
Height Limit: 130cm-200cm
Age Limit: 10-60
Ticket Price (per person): ¥1000

There’s a colourful mural encircling the words ええ (pronounced as ‘ay’ or ‘eh?’) found on the ceiling at the ride platform.

Snapped a quick picture using my mobile phone before going on the ride.

Oh boy…this was the first climb on the ride and you’ll ascend facing backwards, so this means that you can’t see the first drop!!

I went down backwards and my seat itself also did a flip – it was so confusing!!

Check out this video of the coaster:

Initially, I was rather apprehensive about taking this ride as I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle so many inversions and was expecting myself to end up feeling giddy and nauseous after the ride. Thus, I decided to take this coaster before going for lunch (just in case!) but the ride wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I even considered taking it one more time if not for the long queue and other rides which I had yet to experience!

Verdict: It was definitely the craziest ride ever!!! Reason being that you don’t even know whether you are right-side up or upside down due to the numerous inversions! I didn’t even have time to look around and enjoy the scenery as I was in a confused state! (your photo is taken during this ride but I was too distracted to take notice of where the camera was!) LOL…

Ok…two down and two more to go… (i.e. in terms of extreme coasters)

World Bucchigiri Coaster DODONPA「ドドンパ」

This coaster has won records for fastest acceleration and fastest roller coaster in the world!


Some details about this coaster:
Length: 1189m
Maximum Height: 52m
Maximum Speed: 172km/h

Note to riders:
Height Limit: At least 130cm
Age Limit: 10-60
Ticket Price (per person): ¥1000

There were two different ride vehicles being used.

Ride vehicle and complimentary lockers at the ride platform:


Here are the two different ride vehicles going around the track.


I do agree that it was extremely fast and I ended up with a slight headache after the ride. The G-forces were probably too strong for me and I don’t think I want to ride this again!…

Your picture will be taken on this ride so get ready to pose when you see the giant camera. I managed to strike the right pose but unfortunately the speed and wind had caused my hair to be plastered across my face, so I ended up looking like Cousin Itt and was totally unrecognizable in the picture, thus I didn’t buy it. LOL!…

Check out the video:

Finally, it was time for TAKABISHA「高飛車」! …

This coaster is still the current record holder for the world’s steepest roller coaster, with a 121 degree, beyond vertical drop.

Some details about this coaster:
Total Length: 1004m
Maximum Speed: 100km/h
Maximum Drop Angle: 121 degrees

Note to riders:
Height Limit: At least 130cm
Age Limit: 10-60
Ticket Price (per person): ¥1000

The climb to the top is at a 90-degree angle and you are literally lying on your back and moving upwards, so the only thing you’ll see is the sky!

Once you get over the top, the ride vehicle will stop for several seconds for you to enjoy the view, but it’s a heart-pounding moment as you are anticipating the sudden drop! The Japanese guy seated next to me repeatedly exclaimed “停まって??!! 停まって??!!” (i.e. why has it stopped??) and I was trying very hard not to laugh! :p

Here’s a look at the coaster (especially that 121 degree drop!):

I survived!! It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be – perhaps it was because I was seated at the extreme right of the second row and couldn’t really see the drop as my view was blocked by the people in the front row.

This is the souvenir shop which the ride exits at and also where the ride photos can be purchased from.

Finally, a ride photo that looked right although it was rather unglam!


Note to riders:
Height Limit: 137cm-195cm
Age Limit: Up to 59
Ticket Price: ¥800

This ride looks scary but is actually more like a swing to me (i.e. like a pendulum), so it can’t really be compared to the 4 extreme coasters.

Red Tower「レッド・タワー」

Note to riders:
Minimum Height: 130cm
Age Limit: Up to 59
Ticket Price: ¥600

This was a nice relaxing ride by my standards, where you can sit back and enjoy the view, although the initial drop may be a bit daunting for some. Some lucky riders will be seated on the side which faces Mount Fuji, so they can enjoy the scenery on a clear (and cloudless!) day.

Here’s my video:

Panic Clock「パニック・ロック」

Note to riders:
Minimum Height: 130cm
Age Limit: Up to 59
Ticket Price: ¥500

This ride rotates according to the movements of a clock and is probably one of the rides in the park which may make you dizzy.

You can see the ride in action in the background of the next picture. I thought it was funny as there was a recommended 告白 spot here! What do you think – would you profess your love to your girlfriend/boyfriend at this spot in the middle of the theme park??


Note to riders:
Minimum Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Up to 64
Ticket Price: ¥800

This is like a rotating swing which is suspended from a 59m-high tower, with a speed of 51km/h and the highest you will be lifted to is 47m above ground. Unfortunately, I overlooked a side path and missed it! (totally forgot about this attraction until I left the park!) 😦

Photo Credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Great Zaboon「クール・ジャッパーン」

Note to riders:
Minimum Height: 120cm
Age Limit: Up to 59
Ticket Price: ¥800

It was a cold day and I forgot to bring a poncho with me, plus I didn’t want to get my winter coat soaking wet, so I decided not to go on this one.

I have to say that this particular ride really creates a big splash! I’ve never seen a water ride which disperses such an enormous spray of water!! Be warned – spectators are also in danger of getting soaked! Watch the video and see the people running for cover!


Note to riders:
Minimum Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Up to 64
Ticket Price: ¥800

There are 2 huge manekineko「招き猫」 here which look quite cute! However, as mentioned earlier, I felt the weather was too cold for water rides and thus I skipped this one too. It looked like fun though!

Mad Mouse「マッド・マウス」

Note to riders:
Minimum Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Up to 64

This was under maintenance during my visit and it looked like a kiddy coaster to me.

Haha…even though there’s still Parts 2 and 3 to this post, I felt that I had already conquered Fuji-Q Highland! :p

Continue reading…

» Part 2 (“Horror”, “Challenge & Happy” and “Kids” attractions).
» Part 3 (“Thomas Land”, “La ville de Gaspard et Lisa”, Fujiyama gift shop, plus directions on how to get to the theme park).

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Boogie Countdown at USS

This was the New Year’s Eve event (6pm-1am) held at Universal Studios Singapore, to countdown to 2012. Unlike last year’s countdown party which was by invitation only, this year’s event was open to all who had a valid ticket to enter (day ticket holders, event ticket holders, Action Pass holders and Superstar Pass holders). Got a copy of the event brochure when I entered the park and my husband and I decided to spend the night feasting at the restaurants with the “Eat-All-You-Can” Meal Deal! LOL…

By paying $49.90 (Annual Pass holders got 20% off the price), you were allowed to eat at all of the 7 participating restaurants/food outlets all night starting from 7pm (depending on the operation hours listed on the brochure).

Bought the Meal Deal (you’re given a green wristband to wear for identification at the outlets) and also the Drink-All-You-Can Deal where you get a Souvenir Bottle which you can use to enjoy free flow of beer or soda (coke/sprite).

The Meal Deal only starts from 7pm. Thus at 6pm, I had made a reservation at the Hollywood China Bistro for 7:15pm, anticipating the restaurant to be packed at dinnertime and I got my bottle filled with soda so that I could enjoy it whilst watching the Hollywood Dreams Parade.


Had also strategically positioned ourselves near the starting point of the parade (between Lost World and Ancient Egypt) so that we could head over to the Hollywood China Bistro as soon as the parade was over and before the crowds at New York started looking for their dinner.

True enough, when we reached Hollywood, the parade was still on-going at New York and the Far Far Away float had just turned into Vine Street. Thankfully I had made a reservation cos tables at the restaurant were filling up fast!


Hollywood China Bistro
The Meal Deal entitles you to order as many servings as you want from the New Year Set Menu which was priced at $36++ per person. Hmm… sounded good… but I wanted to save my stomach for the other restaurants…Here’s a look at the menu:


Killing time whilst waiting for the food to arrive….. (see also the green wristband).


Assorted Seafood soup with Crab Meat and Spinach – although this looked very “green”, it was nice!


Peking Duck Wrapped with Crepe and Japanese Cucumbers – it was ok


Pan Fried Cod Fish Fillets in Two Styles Sauce with Ee Fu Noodles – the menu clearly mentioned “fillets” but there was only one fillet which was covered in a teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise (is this the “Two Styles Sauce” which they mentioned? I wonder…).
The noodles were tasty and the fish was nice and crispy at the edges. If you overlook the description given on the menu, it was actually quite nice!


Chilled Sweet Potato with Black Glutinous Rice and Yam Ice Cream– this was an interesting dessert. Not too sweet and the yam ice-cream went well with the pulut hitam.Prior to this, I’ve never eaten pulut hitam from a plate (usually it’s in a bowl). Haha…


Hmm… there was a dim sum cart outside the Hollywood China Bistro, perhaps to cater to the countdown crowd?

Headed towards KT’s Grill and and whilst walking in the New York area, I ran into Betelgeuse in his festive outfit and so I snapped this picture. He posed for me, then tried to kiss me and ran off! CHEEKY FELLA!!

I forgot to make a reservation at KT’s Grill, so when we got there, we were told that we had to wait 45mins for a table. Left my contact details for them to phone me when a table was available.
Continued walking in New York towards Sci-Fi City and it was quite crowded as The Rockafellas were performing there.


We then walked to Sci-Fi City hoping to catch one of the “Live” costumed Transformers characters. Saw Bumblebee walking away just when I got there! Aarrgghhh… up to this point of time, I hadn’t taken any pictures of the “Live” Transformers mascots yet.


Went on TRANSFORMERS The Ride and BSG-Human before KT’s called to say that our table was ready.


KT’s Grill
The Meal Deal comprised of a Semi-Buffet and there were 4 main courses which you could choose from. Here’s a copy of the menu:


An assortment of appetisers, salads and desserts were available at the buffet table.


Truffle Mushroom Soup and Bread Rolls – also part of the buffet.


This was my pick from the buffet spread – the Truffle Mushroom soup was superb and warmed my stomach! The Prawn cocktail salad was good and so was that strawberry chocolate tart thingy. Didn’t quite like the bread with duck and onions though…


Roasted Rib-Eye from the Wagon with Provencal Vegetables, Potato Gratin & Green Peppercorn. – loved the potato gratin and the veggies!! The beef tasted like the usual kind of black peppered steak and it was a tad chewy around the edges (I had it done medium).


Roasted Duck Breast on Braised Cabbage with Glazed Apple
Spinach & Gorgonzola Ravioli in Mediterranean Sauce– this was what my husband ordered for his main course. I only tried one slice of the duck and I still preferred my steak over this. I didn’t try the rest of the ingredients in this dish but he seemed to enjoy it and said it was better than my steak! Oh well… at least we each liked what we ordered for ourselves!!


My last helping from the buffet table was an assortment of fruit and one cookie! Haha… was really stuffed after this meal. I wish I could have taken one more bowl of the truffle mushroom soup (cos I love soups and it was good!) but I didn’t have any more room in my stomach!


Walked around the park after the meal and did Lights, Camera, Action!, one more round of Transformers and also managed to track down the “Live” Bumblebee character. There was a long queue of people waiting to get their pictures taken…. and I finally got my picture!
We then stopped by the StarBot Café for a drink refill and couldn’t resist getting some dessert!


StarBot Café
Lychee Pudding – hmm… wonder why they called this ‘pudding’ when it was actually jelly?! The jelly had melted a little cos these cups weren’t placed in the fridge but instead were left on ice at the serving counter. Taste-wise it was fine but it would have been better if the jelly was firmer and with less melted liquid in the cup.


Entertainment for the Boogie Countdown
MamaMia (A tribute to ABBA) at New York


The FabFour (A tribute to The Beatles) at Hollywood


Ok, by now everyone started gathering for the countdown and the hosts were trying to rev up the crowd.


Here’s everyone doing the “USS Wave”…


USS mascots also went on stage for the countdown.




I found myself draped in shiny gold party streamers at midnight as there were about 4 or 5 extremely long strips which landed on me and I got entangled in them! LOL… sorry no pictures of me in that situation cos I was trying to unravel my camera and myself from that “web”. My husband was puzzled as to what happened to me cos he’s much taller than me and none of the streamers fell on him! **scratching my head too**


The Lake Hollywood Spectacular show came on after the countdown.
When the fireworks display ended, The FabFour then took the stage again and played into the night. 
We decided to call it a night and left with the majority of the crowd. Overall it was a pleasant evening with nice music, good food and of course not forgetting the attractions/rides.
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Hollywood Dreams Parade (ハリウッド・ドリームス・パレード)

New Year’s Eve (31-Dec-2011 at 6:30pm) marked the launch of the Hollywood Dreams Parade (Universal Studios Singapore’s first ever parade). This parade will be held thereafter every Saturday, Sunday and on selected holidays at 6pm.

The parade route starts from the Lost World and makes its way through Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City and New York, exiting at Vine Street just before The Brown Derby (that hat shop where everyone seems to be trying on the hats and posing for photos rather than buying them).I was trying to decide which was the best place to view the parade from and decided to settle against a lamppost somewhere between the Lost World and Ancient Egypt instead of at New York as I didn’t want to have to wait THAT long before the parade made its way there.

Enough said – here’s the start of the parade…

Having been used to watching parades from various theme parks across the globe, I was kinda expecting something more fanciful than these 2 guys pushing the opening float. The music was rather soft as it came from the float rather than from the speakers in the park. At times you could barely hear the music and it looked rather strange for the 2 guys to be dancing to no music. I must applaud them though for their enthusiasm and great energy as they were all-smiles throughout.

Rolling Marquee & Stars in Car

Next up were these ribbon-twirling dancers decked in film reels, trailed by Woody in a director’s chair and Mae West in the same car, with press photographers in tow.

One of the “press photographers” came up to me and said “Say Cheese!” and the bright camera flash went off. I immediately pointed my camera back at him and took his picture! LOL… it was good interaction and certainly made me smile.


Tribal dancers led the way for the Madagascar floats with Alex the lion at the front.

It must be tiring for the costumed characters who were attached to both sides of the tree and had to bounce up and down the whole time!  Ohh…and the puffer fish squirt water at you!…

King Julien was seated at the back of the first float which was trailed by the penguins.

The penguins of Madagascar – this lot were a mischievous bunch!

Kowalski was holding a water hose and I was a little apprehensive about getting my camera wet. Had a brief stare-me-down session with the penguins and just when I let my guard down, I found myself being squirted with the water hose and my camera got wet too!  Pesky penguins….GRRR….

The next float was fronted by Melman, with Gloria and Marty behind.
Beware, Melman spits water at unsuspecting individuals!!
Far Far Away
The characters from Shrek came next…
Beware… the innocent-looking sunflowers on this float squirt water at unsuspecting bystanders too!
The dragon’s keep with Puss in Boots and Pinocchio at the rear of the float.
I put my camera down to wave at Puss and he was a real charmer – he pointed at me and signalled me to phone him! Unfortunately, I was caught up in the moment and forgot to capture it! LOL.. (but you can see it in my video at the bottom of this page)
The Lost World
The next segment was from the prehistoric era of the Lost World…
Ohhh… dinosaur hatchlings spotted at the passenger seat of the jeep!
Here’s another look…
A baby T-Rex was at the back of the vehicle so no prizes for guessing what or who would be trailing closely behind….
I think this would have be the “scariest” float in the parade!  It was really impressive!!
Beware of the water-spitting Dilophosaurus at the back of the float. Thank God I didn’t get hit by this one!!

Revenge of the Mummy

These warriors looked menacing but they have nice abs! (^o^)

The Scorpion King – his tail squirts “venom” at bystanders…
Rick & Evie on the float with Imhotep.
Rick gets into fight with the Mummy Warriors…
Here’s another look at the float and Imhotep…
View of the back of the float.

Ardeth Bay was fighting the Mummy Warriors too.

Suddenly without warning, the Mummy Warriors “froze” for several minutes…
….but they soon picked up and continued on with the procession…
Scarab beetle performers trailed behind the float.
That’s a Wrap
The final procession had dancers spelling out “Hollywood” and the stilt walkers looked like they were having a blast!

This was followed on by the float with Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop on it.

Poor Marilyn was having some difficulty trying to keep her skirt down! Haha…

Back of the float which was spewing bubbles for the champagne bottles behind the float.

….and that’s the end of the parade!

After all the hype with TRANSFORMERS The Ride, I was surprised and kinda disappointed that Sci-Fi City wasn’t represented at the parade.

Overall it was interesting and worth watching but the experience would have been better if the sound system was better. Not bad for the first run of the parade and great energy from the performers!

Here’s my video of the parade:

Interesting Snippets
The crew members stationed along the parade route wear uniforms with a cloth badge on their left sleeve, which bears the emblem of the parade.I asked one of the crew members to stop and let me take this picture. Haha…

The parade’s theme song “Hollywood Dreams” was written and produced by British composer Ian Habgood. (

Lyrics (from what I can make out from the song thus far)

Chorus 1:
Hollywood where movies never end….uh-oh uh-oh
Movie stars are coming to town to make new friends….yeah
Hollywood where dreams will never end….uh-oh uh-oh
Wanna be a movie star then just join them

Look around and celebrate the beat
Movie stars are here for you to meet
Lose control let the rhythm of the beat
Dance with movie stars
Celebration on the streets

Chorus 2:

Hollywood where movies never end….uh-oh uh-oh
Movie stars are coming to town to make new friends….yeah
Hollywood where dreams will never end….uh-oh uh-oh
The Hollywood Dreams Parade will party on….and on and on
The Hollywood Dreams Parade will party on
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