Enjoy Soft Serve with Chicken and Fries at Shake Shake In A Tub

Shake Shake In A Tub specialises in finger food items and its first outlet opened at Northpoint City on 27th July 2019. If you are one of those people who grew up with the childhood habit of dipping your fries into ice cream at fast food restaurants, you will probably enjoy some of the food combinations being offered here!

Various types of fries (Shoestring, Curly and Criss-Cut options), popcorn chicken and chicken tenders are available in 4 different tub sizes (i.e. Regular, Large, Huge and Giant) and how they will taste can be customised to your preference, by selecting from a choice of available flavours. Those who want a little something extra, can purchase the Giant tub, which allows one to have the best of both worlds – i.e. indulge in having soft serve ice cream added on to your fries/chicken for a different dimension of flavours! Other items on the menu include buffalo wings, milkshakes and soft serve ice cream on its own.

The food is prepared upon order, so that they are served piping hot to customers. In order to maintain a standard consistency in their serving portions, the ingredients are first weighed before they are put into the fryer.

Weighing in progress…

With considerations to provide the healthiest fried food possible, Shake Shake In A Tub uses a state-of-the-art fryer, AUTOFRY® MTI-40C, with cooking oil that has earned a Healthier Choice Symbol from the Health Promotion Board.

When the fries/chicken have been cooked and are taken out from the fryer, the next step will be to coat the food evenly with the customer’s Shake Shake seasoning of choice. First, place the fried food into the tub, then put in the seasoning.

A selection of eight different seasonings that are available are BBQ, Mala, Sour Cream & Onion, Truffle, Curry, Kimchi, Salted Caramel and Cheese. Customers can either select the flavours as is, or choose to be a little creative and mix several seasonings to become a new flavour, for example Truffle with Cheese, Mala with Kimchi, or Mala with Curry.

In the next photo, we can see the seasoning being scooped into the tub.

Then, the lid is put on and the contents in the tub are given a good **shake shake**.

Here’s what we tried…

Curly Fries
Regular size tub – $4.30 (choose 1 flavour)
Large size tub – $5.80 (choose 1 flavour)
Huge size tub – $7.90 (choose 2 flavours)
Giant size tub – $11.20 (choose 3 flavours + 1 soft serve dip)

Ordered the Regular sized tub with Salted Caramel seasoning and found it to be quite an interesting combination, as I’ve never eaten fries with this flavour. These curly fries somehow still remained crunchy even if you have left them sitting for a while.

Criss-Cut Fries
Regular size tub – $4.30 (choose 1 flavour)
Large size tub – $5.80 (choose 1 flavour)
Huge size tub – $7.90 (choose 2 flavours)
Giant size tub – $11.20 (choose 3 flavours + 1 soft serve dip)

This was a Large sized tub with Truffle seasoning. Just like the curly fries, these criss-cut fries still remained crispy for a while. Although the truffle seasoning gave the fries a lovely aroma, I felt that it was a bit too salty.

Shoestring Fries
Regular size tub – $3.30 (choose 1 flavour)
Large size tub – $4.50 (choose 1 flavour)
Huge size tub – $6.90 (choose 2 flavours)
Giant size tub – $9.80 (choose 3 flavours + 1 soft serve dip)

I decided to be a little adventurous and ordered the Giant tub, with Sour Cream & Onion, Curry and Cheese flavours and Bubblegum Soft Serve dip. The bright blue Bubblegum soft serve tasted more like a caramel flavoured ice cream and was a sweet dip to the savoury fries. I found that shoestring fries tend to lose their crispiness once they have cooled down, so if you order this, you’ll need to try to eat quickly, before the fries turn soggy.

Popcorn Chicken
Regular size tub – $4.80 (choose 1 flavour)
Large size tub – $6.80 (choose 1 flavour)
Huge size tub – $9.90 (choose 2 flavours)
Giant size tub – $15.80 (choose 3 flavours + 1 soft serve dip)

The Huge size tub comes with a choice of 2 flavours and thus I opted for Mala and BBQ. Both were good, but the Mala was quite spicy, so do have a drink on standby especially if you have a low threshold for spicy foods. I loved the crunchiness of each bitesize morsel and they were still crunchy even when they had cooled down.

Buffalo Wings
4pcs – $5.50
8pcs – $10.20
12pcs – $14.60
16pcs – $18.70

As there is only one default flavour for the buffalo wings, the only decision you’ll have to make is on how many pieces you want to order. Tastewise, it was quite normal and will be good as a light bite, or as a snack in-between meals. This portion below contains eight pieces.

Soft Serve
If you’re not in the mood for chicken or fries, ice cream lovers can choose to indulge in this dessert, which is available in Yoghurt and Bubblegum flavours ($3.80 per Cup/Cone). As I’m not particularly a fan of yoghurt, I decided to have Bubblegum, but it turned out tasting like caramel, instead of how I had initially imagined it would taste like. Still, it was a nice smooth soft serve and great for cooling down on a hot day!

Similar to the soft serve, their milkshakes are available in both Yoghurt and Bubblegum flavours ($5). As mentioned earlier, the Bubblegum flavour tasted more like caramel, but on the other hand, the yoghurt flavour was a little sourish, as what you would expect yoghurt to taste like.

Overall, my favourites out of all that we had tried were the Popcorn Chicken, Curly Fries and Criss-cut Fries. In terms of seasoning, I liked the Curry, BBQ, Mala and Salted Caramel flavours. I won’t comment on the milkshake and soft serve flavours, as I am biased towards sweet stuff and will choose sweet over sour anytime, but the drinks and desserts were pleasing to the palate in terms of their consistency and smooth texture. My only grouse is that this is a takeaway kiosk and you will need to eat on the go, so it could be a balancing act if you order too many items and try to eat them all at the same time.

**Disclaimer** This was an invited food-tasting, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Shake Shake In A Tub
930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City (South Wing), #B2-139, Singapore 769098.

Operating hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm

Six more Shake Shake In A Tub outlets are expected to be opening soon in heartland malls and more details will be announced in the near future, but I do know that one of the upcoming outlets will be at Suntec City (opening 23rd Aug at #B1-K6).

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[Halal] North Indian and Chindian food at Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney, located opposite Mustafa Centre in Singapore’s Little India, has been around since 2012 and specialises in North Indian and Chinese Indian (or some may use the term “Chindian”) food. It has since grown to become one of the best Indian food chains in Singapore and the restaurant was recently awarded halal certification, so that more people can get to enjoy their food.

Their menu has a diverse selection to cater to different palates and strives to retain the authenticity of its dishes.

We started off by trying their Mint Calamansi and Mango Lassi. I’m usually not a hugh fan of lassi, but this version was just right, as wasn’t too sweet and neither was the yoghurt too sour. However, between the two, I still preferred the Mint Calamansi, as it was quite a refreshing drink.

Sides and Breads
For starters, we had Masala Roomali ($8), a thin bread filled with onions and tomato baked till crispy over an inverted oven and topped with a Masala seasoning. It was my first time trying this and I felt as if I was eating a piece of keropok or crispy cracker! This is a perfect dish for sharing with friends/family.

Just break it into smaller pieces and everyone can get to enjoy a piece of it!

Another side dish is the Kurkure Bhindi ($5), which comprised of sliced lady’s fingers that have been deep-fried until golden brown. This vegetable dish was surprisingly very crispy and can be enjoyed as snack on its own! I enjoyed munching on these, but would have preferred if they were less generous with the salt.

An interesting option to try will be the Chilli Cheese Naan ($6.50), which incorporates dairy with spice! Pair it with a dhal of your choice or just enjoy it on its own, like what I did and I found that the cheese was quite light and not overpowering, plus it wasn’t spicy at all.

Curries and Mains
Cooked in Copper Chimney’s custom made tandoor, these chunky morsels of Salmon Fish Tikka ($18) were cooked just right and the flavours were delicious! Yumm…

Next was an eye-opener for me, as it was an Indian-Chinese fusion dish! Triple Szechwan Rice is an iconic Mumbai street food delight where fried rice, hakka noodles and spicy gravy are combined together and diners can choose from vegetarian, chicken or prawn options ($15/$16/$17). Haha…I’ve never eaten this kind of combination before and was initially quite skeptical when I heard about this dish!

We had the chicken version and it was surprisingly good and very tasty, so we thoroughly enjoyed this!

Those who love eating briyani can order the Sultani Seekh Rice Platter ($29), which is cooked using premium basmati rice and topped with lamb and chicken kebabs.

Look at those kebabs! I preferred the chicken over the lamb, but overall it wasn’t my favourite dish out of all the available main courses.

Those who love curries can order a variety and enjoy them with either rice or naan. We had ours with both plain naan ($4.50) and garlic naan ($5).

Diners who can’t handle spicy food can order the Lucknowi Murg Korma ($16), which is a butter chicken dish, topped with a touch of saffron.

It was creamy, but I thought the flavours leaned towards the sweeter side.

The Chicken Lababdar ($15) is a more savoury version of butter chicken, with just the right amount of spice. I enjoyed this a lot more than the previous curry.

Prawn lovers will enjoy the Madras Prawn Curry ($17), which is also a crowd favourite! Out of the three curries that we had tried, I liked this the most and the gravy makes a very good dip to go with the breads/naan.

Those who finds naan a bit on the thicker side and prefer a thinner type of bread, can order the Rumali Roti ($6), which reminded me a little of a non-oily version of our local Singaporean roti prata. Very good for mopping up the last few drops of the prawn curry!

Wash down your meal with some Masala Tea, which has anti-oxidizing properties, aids digestion, improves metabolism and prevents bloating.

To complete the meal, those with a sweet tooth can indulge in some traditional desserts.

Jalebi ($7) is a freshly made deep-fried crunchy snack filled with a rich syrup that oozes out with every bite. It was a little like eating a sweet pretzel and if you order the version with Rabdi (+$1.50), dipping the Jalebi into the condensed milk (i.e. Rabdi) is supposed to balance the flavour by cutting out the overt sweetness of the former. I think I prefer the Jalebi on its own and somehow munching on it gave me an unexplainable kind of satisfaction, but you’ll probably need to have a sweet tooth to thoroughly appreciate this.

Diners who prefer something less sweet, can order the Pista Rasmalai ($7.50), a traditional dessert which is a combination of a soft and spongy milk curd soaked in a creamy milk sauce with pistachios. It was my first time trying this and the experience felt like I was eating a soggy taupok soaked in a liquid form of kulfi. Pardon my description of this dessert, but it was actually not bad!

Overall, this was one of the better Indian restaurants that I have tried in Singapore and I would certainly go back again for their Triple Szechwan Rice, Madras Prawn Curry, Salmon Fish Tikka and Kurkure Bhindi.


Copper Chimney
100 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207676.

Getting There by MRT: Farrer Park station
Nearest Carpark: Public carpark @ 44 Sam Leong Rd, Singapore 207934.

Tel: (+65) 6294 8891
WhatsApp: (+65) 9238 1272

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 11:30am – 12 midnight
Friday to Saturday: 11:30am – 1am
Sunday: 11:30am – 12 midnight

Copper Chimney Express outlets are also available at Asia Square and Marina Bay Financial Centre, to serve the busy corporate crowd during lunch. However, to enjoy the full variety of dishes, it is best to make a trip down to Little India.

**Disclaimer** This was an invited food-tasting, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat「キットカット 桜日本酒」

Many KitKat fans will know that Japan has over the years introduced many different flavours of this chocolate covered wafer biscuit and this year, the Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat was released for the cherry blossom season.

I managed to get my hands on a packet containing 12 individually wrapped mini bars.

As soon as you open the packaging, you will be greeted by a strong smell of sake, with a slightly floral accent.

Upon unwrapping, you will find the wafers covered in a pink coating of white chocolate. Somehow I felt that the taste of sake wasn’t as strong as their previous sake versions and this one tasted more like cherry.

As these KitKats contain 0.07 percent alcohol content, they are deemed to be unsuitable for children and also people who are alcohol intolerant.

Although this flavour is only available for a limited period, you may still be able to find it at some of the shops in Japan. I did see some at the Don Quijote store in Nagasaki City on 29th April and there are also several online stores that may still have some in stock.

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Exploring Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay (2018)

Christmas is the time of year when Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. For many other people, it is the time for holidays, merry-making, spending year-end bonuses and catching up with family.

For those who are in Singapore and in need for some festive atmosphere, Christmas Wonderland, an annual year-end event held at the Gardens By The Bay since 2014, has officially opened and there are many activities that cater to varied interests, but the main highlights would be the 7-storey high luminarie mirror maze, a brand new “Garden Rhapsody – The Christmas Special” light and sound show at the Supertree Grove, a magic show by world-class illusionist Rob Lake, an outdoor skating rink specially flown in from Switzerland, German kinetic light installations at Santa’s Grotto and getting to meet Mr. Claus himself!

If you start your visit from the main drop-off area, near the Visitor Arrival Centre, you will find Asia’s tallest golden luminarie Christmas Tree, which stands at a height of 20.7 metres.

Look for the grand luminarie archway nearby and the path will lead you to one of the entrances to the Christmas Wonderland.

I’m not sure how many people share my view, but I feel that the sky looks best when taking pictures during the “blue hour”.

If you do a bit of walking around, you can also find various lighted archways around the park (do be mentally prepared as there will be many “photo bombers” around).

The places that you’ve seen up to this point, can be found at the non-ticketed area at the Gardens By The Bay.

Do note that Christmas Wonderland is a ticketed event and the prices will vary depending on the dates of your visit. More details on ticket prices can be found at the end of this post.

The festivities are spread across the Supertree Grove and The Meadow, so there’s a fair bit of walking to be done.

At the heart of the Supertree Grove stands a 22-metre high luminarie mirror maze, the biggest in South-East Asia. Visitors can navigate through this maze of mirrors without worrying about getting lost inside, as the layout isn’t complicated at all! (a slight disappointment for me, as I do love a challenge!)

The lights were quite mesmerizing to look at and I couldn’t help taking a few more shots from different angles!

Even a furry friend could be found enjoying the festive atmosphere, as well as the lights!!

Other light displays can also be seen as you make your way around.

Although it doesn’t snow in this part of the world, visitors during this period can experience the wonders of “snow” at the Supertree Grove during Blizzard Time.

“Snow”fall timings (schedule is subject to change pending weather conditions):

  • 6:30pm – 6:35pm
  • 7:55pm – 8:00pm
  • 8:55pm – 9:00pm
  • 10:00pm – 10:05pm

Garden Rhapsody – The Christmas Special
This ongoing light show now has a festive feel, with a repertoire of familiar Christmas songs.

  • 7:45pm
  • 8:45pm

Festive Market
A total of 24 wooden huts can be found in the vicinity and these are modelled after the traditional Christmas markets found across European cities. Shopaholics can look for unique Christmas gifts here, whilst the foodies can enjoy specialty food and beverages.

I usually can’t help ordering a serving of rosti whenever I can find it and there was a stall by The 6ixs Rösti, which serves this traditionally Swiss dish, with a South-East Asian twist!

However, I decided to go with something more traditional to go with the festive season and thus I ordered an “Original” Rosti with Turkey Breast.

As you make your way towards The Meadow, you will find traditional Carnival Games and Kiddy Rides. Tokens are required for these – games start from $4 and rides from $6.

Skating Under The Stars
Specially flown in from Switzerland, this outdoor skating rink features an 8-metre tall illuminated Christmas tree.

Open from 30 November to 26 December 2018, 4pm to 11pm daily.
Admission (Tickets available on-site only):

  • Adult $10/session
  • Child (12 years old and below) $8/session

There are about eleven skating sessions held daily.

I like the feeling of peace and tranquility when all skaters have been cleared from the rink.

Santa’s Grotto
This is the place to visit if you want a short break from Singapore’s hot and humid weather!

Meet Santa in air-conditioned comfort and along the way to meet the-man-in-the-red-suit, selfie/wefie enthusiasts can be kept busy with several festive installations and a kinetic light installation from Germany.

Meeting Santa Claus…

Slice of SAVOUR
“Slice of SAVOUR” is a bite-sized version of the SAVOUR Gourmet Festival and foodies can sample modern French cuisine by Michelin-star chef Emmanuel Stroobant’s Saint Pierre, contemporary Italian cuisine by Chef Simone Depalmas from Sinfonia Ristorante, modern Chinese bites from Blue Lotus by Chef Ricky Ng, juicy burgers from Three Buns by Potato Head Singapore, all-day café-bistro favourites from Bee’s Knees and artisanal Christmas cocktails by Three Wisemen (prices from $6 onwards).

Festive Entertainment
The Cassa Armonica, an 8-metre high illuminated gazebo, plays host to various carolling groups, as well as seasoned performers like Rani Singam, Joanna Dong, Sara Wee, JAWN and several others (check the official website for the performance schedules).

Tip: Try to time your meal time with one of the performances, so that you can enjoy some musical entertainment with your food and drink!

Magic Show
Catch “The Magic of Rob Lake” at the performance tent at The Meadows. Rob Lake was a quarter-finalist in America’s Got Talent 2018 and in 2008, he was the youngest magician in history to receive The Merlin Award as ‘International Stage Magician of the Year’ from The International Magicians Society – one of the industry’s highest accolades and the equivalent of an Oscar.

Duration: 45 mins (Daily, from Tuesdays to Sundays)
Showtimes: 7pm and 9pm
Additional 45min Shows (select days) at 5pm (on 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Dec).
NO SHOWS on 3, 10, 17 Dec.

Adult $12 $14
Child (12 years old and below) $8 $10

Prices are not inclusive of Christmas Wonderland Admission ticket.

Lucky Draw
From 30 November to 26 December, all visitors will stand a chance to win one of ten prizes in three Christmas Wonderland Giveaway draws conducted on 7, 14 and 27 December. Prizes include three Genting Dream cruise holidays for a family of four worth $4,600 each, a 3-day trip for two to Bali, Pattaya or Penang, inclusive of a two night stay at Hard Rock hotel and return flight tickets worth up to $2,500 each as well as shopping vouchers.

Overall, the Christmas Wonderland is good fun for both young and old and puts you in a festive mood. My only grouse is that the weather isn’t cold enough to match the magical holiday atmosphere, but that shouldn’t put you off from visiting and soaking up the atmosphere! ^_^

Opening Hours:
30 November – 26 December 2018, 4pm to 11pm daily

Location at Gardens By The Bay: Supertree Grove and The Meadow

Admission Ticket Prices:

30 NOV – 6 DEC $4 $6
7 DEC – 13 DEC $6 $8
14 DEC – 26 DEC $8 $10

* Entry is complimentary for up to 2 children under 0.9m for each paying adult.
* Purchase entry tickets online at least 1 day before your visit. Same-day admission tickets can only be purchased at the ticketing counters onsite.
* Separate charges apply for certain Christmas Wonderland attractions, OCBC Skyway and Gardens by the Bay conservatories.
* Separate charges apply for tickets to The Magic of Rob Lake. Save up to 30% with the special Family & Friends online bundle.
* Tokens are required to play the carnival games and rides.

Tickets can be purchased at www.christmaswonderland.sg or at on-site ticketing booths.

The luminarie light sculptures are lit from 30 November to 26 December 2018, 7pm to 12am (daily), except for the luminarie at the Gardens by the Bay visitor arrival area at the Main Entrance, which will remain lit till 1 January 2019.

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Elephant-shaped Ice Cream at Zou-no-Hana Cafe「象の鼻カフェ」

Located along Yokohama’s waterfront between Yamashita Park and the Red Brick Warehouses, Zou-no-Hana Park was the site where Commodore Perry landed on his second visit to Japan from the United States on 31st March 1854. Yokohama was subsequently selected as one of five main ports in the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and the United States in 1859 and this area became the port of Yokohama.

Zou-no-Hana Cafe「象の鼻カフェ」 resides at Zou-no-Hana terrace, which was named after the original dykes constructed along this waterfront that resembled the shape of an elephant’s nose (in the Japanese language, ‘zou’ means elephant and ‘hana’ means nose).

My never-ending quest for cute food led me to this cafe, as it serves elephant-shaped ice cream!

Attempting to cool off from the summer heat, I couldn’t help ordering a cup of non-alcoholic Mojito (¥500), but was too thirsty and thus had already drunk more than half of it, before I remembered to take a picture!

However, the main highlight of my visit to this cafe was this Zou-no-hana Soft Cream「ゾウノハナソフトクリーム」costing ¥400.

This comprised of Hokkaido Milk ice cream, shaped to look like an elephant’s head, with chocolate chips for its eyes and disc-shaped waffle wafers for its ears.

Too cute, but I had to devour it before it started to turn into a milkshake!

Overall, this cafe is a nice and quiet place to chill if you want to take a break from your explorations of the town.

Zou-no-Hana Cafe「象の鼻カフェ」
1-1 Kaigandori, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0002, Japan.
〒231-0002 神奈川県横浜市中区海岸通1丁目 象の鼻テラス内
Located at Zou-no-Hana Terrace in Zou-no-Hana Park.

TEL:  045-680-5677

Getting There:
3-5min walk from Nihon-Odori Station. Follow the directions for Osanbashi Pier「大桟橋ふ頭」.

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(Only in Summer) Refreshing Bear-shaped Shaved Ice at Japanese Ice Ouca「ジャパニーズアイス櫻花」

Summer is my second least favourite season, but funnily enough, I found myself melting under the sweltering heat of Tokyo’s summer this year! Always on the lookout for kawaii (i.e. cute) themed food and also in search of something to cool me down, I managed to find a place which satisfied both criteria!

Japanese Ice Ouca「ジャパニーズアイス櫻花」 typically sells ice cream throughout the year, but in summer, they also offer shaved ice desserts (kakigori) on their menu.

These were no ordinary looking kakigori and they were shaped like bears’ heads and aptly named as “Bear Kakigori“「くまちゃんかき氷」! Various flavours were available and I was in a dilemma as to which one I should order, as I wanted to try everything!

Still undecided, I then asked the guy at the counter to recommend me a flavour, since it was my first time there. He told me that both the white one (milk) and the green one (matcha) were good. After some quick deliberation (‘cos there was a queue behind me), I decided to go with Shirokuma (literally translated as “white bear”), which was milk flavoured shaved ice with a scoop of milk ice cream for its snout. You can choose whether to have a “small mouth”, “large mouth” or “big mouth” and this will determine the scoop size of the ice cream for the bear’s snout. I went with the “small mouth”, as I had just finished lunch and wasn’t sure if I could finish the dessert if I went overboard with my order.

Seating is quite limited at this shop and as it is usually packed with customers, the only seat I could get was a bench outside the shop, which meant that I had to eat fast before the ice started to melt under the heat!

I do have to say that this bowl of shaved ice is just too cute to be eaten! However, it was really refreshing and tasted great! Apricot was used for the ears and the eyes and nose were actually black beans!

Do give this a try if you visit Tokyo during summer!


Japanese Ice Ouca「ジャパニーズアイス櫻花」
〒150-0013 東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-6-6 土田ビル1F
1F, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013, Japan.

Tel: 03-5449-0037

E-mail: info@ice-ouca.com

Opening Hours:
Spring & Summer (March to October)   11:00~23:30 (last order at 23:00)
Autumn & Winter (November to February)   12:00~23:00 (last order at 22:45)

Getting There:
3-min walk from Ebisu station (both JR and Tokyo Metro lines).

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Amazing Burgers at DELI FU CIOUS in Tokyo!

Deli fu cious is a Japanese-style fish burger joint that prepares and cooks each of their burgers upon ordering, so as to ensure the freshness of the food. The eatery’s name is a cheeky combination of the words “delicious” and “f*cking”, thus with a name like that, they definitely need to uphold a higher standard and quality of the food being served.

Upon arrival, place your order at the window outside the shop and make your payment at the same time.

Food Menu: (they do have some other options if you don’t like fish)

As the place was full when we arrived, after we had placed our orders, we were told to sit and wait at the bench outside the restaurant and they would inform us when there were seats available.

Killed some time whilst waiting, by taking some pictures of the shop’s exterior. Noticed that the restaurant’s sign is shaped like a fish and there is also a fish motif hanging at the door.

At the entrance, you can find a door mat with the pattern of a fish sandwiched between two buns. This same logo is also imprinted onto the top of their burgers.

We discovered that they seem to make customers dine by batches – i.e. once all the seats have been filled, the rest of the customers need to wait (queue) outside until they allow you to enter. Even if some diners had already left the restaurant, the staff will actually wait for all the diners to vacate the premises, before they let you in (i.e. the next group). Thus, please be considerate whilst dining here and don’t hog the seats for too long, otherwise you will hold up the rest of the customers who are waiting outside for their turn to dine here.

Our timing seemed to be just right, as we were first in line (i.e. in next group to dine) and whilst waiting, a queue had already started to form behind us. When we were eventually seated, we found that the seating capacity was rather limited – i.e. only about 8 seats.

Drinks were served first and we had ordered some Italian sodas.

Finally, the main courses arrived and they were really good!!


¥1,000 (+税)

This fish burger had a fresh and tasty fish patty, topped with an interesting tofu sauce, with veggies and some Japanese pickled radish. Pickled ginger is also served on the side.


¥1,200 (+税)

As you can see from the top of the burger, the same fish logo, that we saw on the floor mat earlier, is imprinted onto the bun.

I had ordered the Crab Cream Croquette “Special” Burger (by topping up an additional 300 yen), which gave me the kani miso version and it was a strong seafood flavour bomb! To those who are unfamiliar with this, kani miso also known as crab miso, crab paste, crab butter, or crab innards. It may sound disgusting, but it’s actually really creamy and full of umami! This was my first time eating a croquette made with this ingredient and it was definitely an interesting gastronomic experience!

The croquette was topped with some honey mustard sauce and some pickled ginger was also served on the side, to cleanse your palate.


¥300 (+税)

As we wanted a balanced meal, we decided to order some coleslaw, which came with a special house dressing, but this was a letdown for us as it was just a simple bowl of raw veggies and a thousand island dressing. Nothing interesting as compared to the excitement of biting into the burgers.


Overall, I would definitely recommend the burgers, which are of good quality and made with fresh ingredients! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough stomach to try the other burgers on their menu, but I’ll definitely be back again the next time I visit Tokyo!

Deli fu cious
1-9-13 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
〒153-0043 東京都目黒区東山1-9-13

Opening Hours: 12:00~21:00
Closed on Wednesdays.

Telephone: 03-6874-0412

E-mail: info@delifucious.com

Getting There:
8-min walk from Naka-Meguro station

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River Wok – a place to discover Indochina cuisine from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia

River Wok, a new restaurant that specialises in Indochina cuisine, just held its official grand opening celebrations on 3 May 2018.

Helmed by Executive Chef Kantha Chookiat, who has over 30 years of culinary experience in the region, the restaurant’s menu features traditional favourites and reinterpretations of well-known dishes from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The Thailand-born chef has earned recognition among many distinguished individuals, having served Singapore’s late Founding Father and former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and royalties like Prince Edward, the Princess of Monaco and the King and Queen of Sweden. Having drawn inspiration from his travels all around the world to places like Germany, Indonesia and India, his food has earned him the title of “Indo-Chinese Treasure” in Cuisine and Wine Asia Magazine.

The restaurant is located in the vicinity of Robertson Quay and diners can choose to either dine al fresco, with a view of the Singapore River, or…

…dine indoors, where it is much cooler (i.e. for those who don’t like the warm and humid weather).

All diners will be served with some crispy keropok, whilst waiting for your food to arrive.

I’m not familiar with Laotian food, so I was glad to have the opportunity to try some of the dishes.

Koi Pa Salmon ($18)
A Laotian dish consisting of marinated Norwegian Salmon sashimi cubes, with Asian herbs in chilli and lemon juice.

This sat in a crispy shell, which made it feel as though you are eating kueh pie tee, but with a different filling. The standard serving comes with three of these wanton-like shells. Traditionally a different fish is used in this dish in Laos, but since the fish cannot be found in Singapore, salmon is used in its place.

Nam Khao Hor ($14 – this is the non-vegetarian version)

Laotian hand rolled rice paper with lemon marinated minced chicken, roasted rice crumbles and greens.

As I had never tried Laotian food before dining here, I had always assumed that rice paper rolls were uniquely Vietnamese, so I learnt something new from dining here! The ingredients were a well balance of flavours and I enjoyed the crunch from the roasted rice crumbles. Hmm…I concluded that I prefer Laotian fresh rice paper rolls over the Vietnamese version!

The dish pictured above was a tasting size, but the normal serving comes with four pieces.

Yam Tuapoo Goong Sod ($16)

This is a traditional Thai Wing Bean and Tiger Prawn Salad, which also includes shredded chicken, boiled egg, fish sauce, lime juice, chilli paste, coconut cream, topped with fried shallots and roasted grated coconut.

The wing beans were crunchy and I thought the salad was refreshing, with a hint of spiciness. My hubby on the other hand felt it tasted too “green”, as he isn’t a big fan of veggies. I would recommend this to those who do like crunchy greens and want a spicy entrée.

Pho Bo (Wagyu) ($26)

A premium version of the traditional Vietnamese dish, as it is served with sliced Wagyu beef, which is then cooked at your table after you place them into the rich and flavourful clear beef broth. Bean sprouts, herbs and some veggies are served on the side, so that diners can add to their liking.

If you want to ensure that your beef gets cooked, don’t wait too long before putting them into the bowl, as the soup is still hot when it arrives at your table.

The tender slices of wagyu beef made this classic Vietnamese dish feel so luxurious!

Gaeng Phed Ped Yang ($22)

Roasted duck in a rich and flavourful Thai red curry with Thai eggplant, pineapple, grapes, cherry tomatoes and white beech mushrooms.

I loved the rich fragrance of the coconut gravy and felt that the various fruit that were added to this dish gave an extra dimension to the flavours. Overall, the curry was a little on the sweet side, but I really enjoyed it even though it was my first time having duck curry and I concluded that it’s probably my new favourite curry dish!

Banh Chuoi ($12)

A savoury Vietnamese dessert consisting of banana fritters and black sesame ice cream, served with some gula melaka sauce drizzled over.

Just two words to describe this – goreng pisang!! The black sesame ice cream went down well with the fried banana. If you are an unadventurous diner, this would be a safe dessert to order.

Khao Neow Ma Muang ($10)

A traditional Thai sweet sticky rice pudding paired with slices of sweet mango and coconut cream, with a sprinkling of black sesame over the top.

The rice ball reminded me of eating ketupat, except that this was made using glutinous rice and when we cut into it, we found that it was still warm! Remember to leave room in your stomach if you want to order this dessert – I was stuffed from all the earlier dishes and thus was trying to find a spare slot in my stomach to be able to digest this! Loved the sweet slices of mango, which accompanied this dessert (but then again, I’m biased to anything that’s mango)!

More pictures from their Grand Opening celebrations…

The lions from the lion dance troupe had earlier left an auspicious message on the ground, shaped using mandarin orange segments. This was followed by some traditional Thai dance performances.

Various canapes were served, but I only managed to try some of them.

Indonesian Chicken Satay and Vietnamese Sugarcane Prawns

Both were tasty morsels and some other guests agreed that the satay was really good! Satay is available in the restaurant’s menu at $28 for a dozen sticks, including cucumber, onion and rice cake.

Roast Beef with Caramelised Onions and Truffle Sauce

Chicken Balls with Tamarind Sauce and Rice Crumbs

This was really good and very flavourful!

Passion Crush
A cocktail comprising a mix of cointreau, rum, kaffir lime leaves and passion fruit.

It was quite a pleasant combination of flavours.

Smokey Sunset
The presentation was interesting and this cocktail consists of Grand Marnier, lemongrass, spiced rum, lime and orange juice.

I found the taste of the lemongrass rather overpowering and the alcohol was rather strong. It was my least favourite out of the three cocktails that I had tried.

Coco Bay
This concoction is served in a young coconut and contains lime, coriander, coconut cream and gin.

My favourite cocktail of the night, as I found the flavours very pleasant and easy to drink. This cocktail is available at the restaurant, but if you can’t find it on the menu, do enquire with the wait staff.


Overall, the food was much better than I had expected. It was my first time trying Laotian food and I did like it! However, the dishes that really stood out for me were the Duck Curry and the Pho Bo with Wagyu.

This place is good for those who want a variety of food, as there is a selection of different dishes representative of the different countries (i.e. Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia).

River Wok
80 Mohamed Sultan Road, The Pier, #01-12, Singapore 239013.
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 11:00pm (Last Order at 10:30pm)
Telephone: (65) 6732 1126
Getting There by MRT:
9-min walk from Fort Canning station
15-min walk from Clarke Quay station

Disclaimer: This was a media tasting session, but all opinions expressed are entirely of my own.

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Indulge your Taste Buds at Cempedak Island

Cempedak Island’s chefs have excellent cooking skills and produce some amazing food, so I couldn’t help but to dedicate a post just on the food itself!

We jumped straight into lunch when we arrived at the island and were immediately impressed by the food and also the polite and friendly service by the wait staff!

You can either dine at the restaurant itself or at more “private” tables located nearer to the water’s edge. Three of these tables are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

The dining menu is handwritten on little blackboards placed on the table, which is located at the entrance of the restaurant and usually only the menu for the current meal and the next will be displayed, unless the boards haven’t been changed yet, to show what you can expect for the next meal.

Apparently, the menu is fixed for each day of the week, so if you are staying there long-term, you will probably see the same dishes come the same day in the new week. However, guests always have the option to request the staff to prepare something else to their liking, but you’ll have to give them advance notice so that they’ll have ample time to prepare it.

With the aim to prevent food wastage, a standard portion of food will be served to all diners, but those who have larger appetites can ask for second helpings. If you like a particular dish and want more of it, the staff will also gladly oblige to your request.

Saturday Lunch

Soto Medan

This was a really tasty soup, with fresh ingredients and a rich chicken broth that is much more flavourful than the average Soto Ayam that you’ll find in Singapore. I have to say that it was a nice start to the meal!

Steamed Fish Pepes with Sautéed Veggies and Sweet Corn Rice

This Gurame fish was fresh and very meaty, plus it was almost a complete meal by itself! Prior to this, I’ve never had steamed Gurame before, as most places usually serve it deep fried “flying fish” style.

I was extremely impressed by this dish as it was deboned for us! This was probably my first time being served with a whole fish (except for a missing tail) without the fish bones! However, I still found a bone near the stomach area, so you’ll still need to be careful when you eat the fish, as the kitchen staff could have missed removing a couple of the bones.

Nonetheless, I felt like I was being pampered by the extra effort that was put in for our dining experience! (and this was only our very first meal there!)

The sautéed veggies were a nice accompaniment to this main course and we found sweet kernels of corn hidden in the mound of rice on the plate.

Do note that one fish serves two persons at the table.

Strawberry Tartlet

Haha…fancy a western dessert to end an Asian meal! I had no complaints as it was good and tasted exactly like how a strawberry tart should be. However, it felt more like a chocolatey strawberry tart to me, as its pastry shell was lined with chocolate. The plate was also decorated with a strawberry coulis, which we mopped up and devoured together with the tart.


We ended our meal with some coffee and tea. There are several standard options that you can choose from, so do check with the staff for the complete list of available choices.

Saturday Dinner


These are served at every meal only during dinnertime, so I won’t be repeating the picture of the breadsticks in the subsequent meals listed in this post. There are two types of breadsticks served, one flat and one a bit roundish, like an oversized pretzel. I preferred the flat version as it had more flavour in them. Bread is also served at the same time as the breadsticks.

Tuna Salad

Not being a fan of tuna salads, I was initially wondering whether I should have this for dinner, but since I didn’t ask the staff to prepare something else, I decided to just try whatever was on the current day’s menu. To my surprise, it was really good and my hubby was shocked that I actually ate it!

Grilled King Prawn with Nanyang

Loved the presentation with the three fresh and plump king prawns intertwined and stacked to make a “prawn tower”, which sat atop rice mixed with wild ferns (paku pakis), seasoned with Indonesian spices. Melinjo cracker bits were scattered next to it.

We couldn’t quite figure out what the “Nanyang” meant in this dish, but overall the harmony of flavours could bring a song to my lips.

Papaya Gaul (pictured below on the left)
Lemon and coconut sorbet, with fresh papaya hidden beneath.

I don’t like papaya and had informed the staff during the previous meal, so they suggested replacing it with mango and I was fine with that, as I love mango! The combination was very refreshing and I loved my dessert! (pictured above on the right)

Sunday Breakfast

It isn’t everyday that you get breakfast with a view (yes, we managed to get one of the “private” tables this morning!)

We were served with a selection of fruit, as well as pastry.

The items labelled as “pastry” were served in a quaint little basket, which I absolutely adore!

Bread Butter Pudding
Somehow this looked more like a muffin to me.

Sarang Semut
Literally translated as “Ant’s Nest”, this cake derived its strange name due to its cross section resembling the appearance of an ant’s nest.

Although the piece of cake doesn’t look appetising, its dark brown colour is due to the caramel in the cake and its taste is actually quite nice! In terms of texture, it was springy to the touch and chewy, so it wasn’t exactly my favourite choice of cake, but I have to say that this cake probably requires some skill to be able to create the nest-like appearance.

I would consider this to be one of those experiences where you travel to a foreign country and try their local food, which is unfamiliar to you.

Mango Lassi
A blend of fresh mango and yoghurt.

As my stomach sometimes doesn’t agree with yoghurt, I opted to just have the mango juice by itself, so as not to jeopardize the rest of my holiday. Pure fresh blended mango juice is just heavenly! (oh yes, I am biased to mango)

Cempedak Style Nasi Goreng with Sunny Side Up

A hearty breakfast and the fried rice was delicious.

Sunday Lunch

Indonesian Food – (clockwise from top left:) Ayam Bakar, Udang Sambal, Yellow Fish Curry, Beef Rendang, Nasi Kuning, Urap; with Sambal Bilis Kacang and some extra sambal chilli (upon request) in the centre.

This was a seriously huge lunch for two people! Judging from the reactions that I happened to notice around me, most people were taken aback when presented with the portion of food at this meal!

Here’s how it looked after I put a bit of everything on one plate!

The Sambal Bilis Kacang (i.e. spicy anchovies with peanuts) was so good that we asked for a second helping! My other favourites were the Ayam Bakar (i.e. grilled chicken) and Beef Rendang, but I was too stuffed to ask for more.

Pisang Goreng with Coconut Ice

This was a nice and sweet ending to the meal, although I would say that the fried banana may have been a bit heavy, especially after such a huge main course!

Sunday Dinner

Calamari Salad

A refreshing salad with the calamari and crackers providing a different dimension of crispness from the vegetables.

BBQ Lamb Loin with Cous-Cous and Pita Bread

I was initially quite skeptical about this main course as I generally don’t like cous-cous, but this was really good!

The lamb was tender and the pomegranate seeds provided an extra crunch to each mouthful. Overall, the entire dish was a burst of flavours on the taste buds.

Spicy Chocolate Tart

This chocolate tart came with a surprise message, as we were celebrating our wedding anniversary a few days earlier with this trip. There was just a hint of spiciness in the chocolate and it was quite nice.

Monday Breakfast

Kue Apam
One of the traditional cakes in this country, it tasted alright but wasn’t exactly my favourite of cakes.

Strawberry Muffin
This wasn’t the best muffin that I’ve had in my lifetime, but it will taste just fine if you aren’t a fussy eater.

Melon Madness
A blend of rock melon and yoghurt.

Again, mine was just pure melon juice without the yoghurt.

Pulut Hitam

Fancy having this as a main course! I usually think of having pulut hitam as a dessert, but this version only had a small amount of coconut milk over the black glutinous rice and was topped with cubes of fresh mango. It was a savoury dish and was quite filling.

Omelette, Mushrooms, Roasted Tomato & Toast

This mushroom omelette was cooked just right and it was a satisfying breakfast.

Monday Lunch

Indonesian Beef Spring Rolls

Crispy spring rolls with a beef filling and the combination of ingredients had a nice balance of crunchiness.

Chicken Taliwang, Sauteed Vegetables and Steamed Rice

An Indonesian style roast chicken, which was quite nice.

Lemon and Basil Tartlet with Lemon Sorbet

The lemon sorbet tasted similar to the one from Saturday night and the tart was alright, but nothing to rave about. Overall, it was nice citrusy ending to the meal.

Monday Dinner

Broccoli Orange Salad

I liked this salad, as it had a nice balance of flavours.

Poached Fish, Sauteed Asian Beans and Baby Potato

The fish was minced and shaped like the potatoes on the plate! Although it didn’t look that appetising, the fish was well marinated with Asian spices and the flavours shone through.

Chocolate Indulgence

A plate for sharing, but we were reminded we could ask for more if we wanted extra. It was a little too sweet for me and not really the type of chocolate that I like. I felt that the taste of the macaron could be improved and probably the best thing on the plate were the slices of banana, which were slightly caramelised.

Tuesday Breakfast

Carrot Cake
This is one of the better versions of carrot cake that I’ve tasted.

Not the usual type of Onde-Onde that I’m familiar with! This one is coated with sesame seeds and was quite chewy.

Jamu Beras Kencur
A herbal tonic of sorts and somewhat an acquired taste, this was served warm.

Pineapple Crepes

Absolutely delicious! The crepe filling was juicy and the pineapple was cooked with spices like star anise. Overall, it was a savoury delight!

Soft Baked Egg with Roasted Tomato Sauce and Toast

This one took me by surprise, as it sounded ordinary, but tasted so wonderful! The tomato sauce really whet my appetite and the medley of flavours pleased my stomach so much that I felt tempted to ask for seconds! I’ve never been as satisfied with a breakfast egg dish as I have with this one!

Tuesday Lunch

Rujak Segar

An appetising salad that whet my appetite for more food!

Grilled Butterfly King Prawn with Coconut Rice Cake and Veggies

Here’s another look at the dish with the coconut rice cake.

The prawns were not overcooked and were done just right, while the coconut rice cake was more like an enhanced flavoured ketupat.

Bubur Sum-Sum

It was my first time having this dessert, which seemed more like a type of rice pudding, served with a palm sugar syrup.

Apart from water, the beverages served during breakfast, plus coffee and tea, are included in the meal package. All other drinks are charged separately.

These were some of the drinks that we had tried…

Homemade Sodas

Soursop Soda – this wasn’t great as I felt it needed more soursop in it.

Alice’s “Drink Me” Potion (fresh pineapple, coconut cream, rosella syrup) and Island Temple (rosella syrup, lemonade) – both drinks were quite refreshing.

Banana Fantasy (banana, milk, honey) – probably a banana lover’s dream come true! Haha.

Orange and Pineapple – freshly squeezed juices that tasted great!

In order to be eco-friendly, instead of plastic straws, bamboo straws are used for the drinks. It was my first time encountering these bamboo straws, which can be washed and re-used.

In conclusion, the food on the island exceeded our initial expectations and there were more hits than misses! The wait staff were very friendly and polite, plus they took time to explain what the dishes were and also tried to remember our food preferences. Overall, the dining experience was great!

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Lobster Porridge Weekday Set Lunch at Wan He Lou (萬合樓)

Always on the lookout for a good deal, when I saw this lunch promotion, I immediately contacted some of my foodie friends to go try it!

Apparently Wan He Lou (萬合樓) has been known for their lobster porridge, but I have to say that since the restaurant is located at a part of Singapore that I hardly frequent, it was the first time that I’d heard of this restaurant.

Although the lunch set is priced at $12.80++ per person, the food isn’t served in individual portions.

Signature Lobster Porridge (招牌龍虾粥)

This isn’t the Cantonese style of porridge, but rather the Teochew style where you can still see the grains of rice. The broth had a seafood flavour, but it wasn’t as rich and flavourful as I had hoped it would taste (I guess my expectations were set too high). My friends on the other hand loved it! The serving size shown in the photo is for 3 persons and you will get about 3 bowls each. There wasn’t much lobster in the porridge and we got about one piece each.

Golden Shrimp Roll (酥炸鲜虾卷)

The filling was nice and it reminded me of something that you would get as part of a cold dish at a Chinese dinner. Unfortunately, the skin of the shrimp roll was limp and a little soggy, so it would have been much better if it was crispy.

Prawn Paste Chicken (虾酱鸡)
Yumm…this was quite tasty and my favourite out of all the dishes that we had.

French Bean with Minced Garlic (蒜蓉四季豆)
A simple stir-fried vegetable dish and it was alright.

The next dish is served when you dine in a group or 4 or more, but they gave it to us even though there were only 3 of us.

Tofu with Crispy Salted Turnip (菜莆脆豆腐)

At first we we’re trying to decipher what was “crispy salted turnip”, then we realised that it was actually “chai poh” (菜莆) but deep fried until it was crispy! It was an interesting twist to the tofu dish and created different textures in your mouth.

If you dine in a group of 6 or more, you will get an additional dish of Cereal Prawn (麦片虾) at no extra charge.

Overall, it was quite a value for money set lunch, but go with a bigger group to make your money’s worth.

I loved the lanterns that were used to decorate the interior of the restaurant, but my friends thought they were a bit dated.

Wan He Lou (萬合樓)
65 Maude Road, Singapore 208347.

Opening Hours:  Daily
Lunch: 11am to 2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm to 10:30pm

Telephone: +65 6294 8057

Getting There by MRT:
7 min walk from Jalan Besar station
9 min walk from Farrer Park station

From 1st June 2018 onwards, Signature Lobster Porridge Set Lunch includes:
• Wan He Lou Seafood Gyoza
• Prawn Paste Chicken
• Stir Fried Green Dragon Vegetable
• Signature Lobster Porridge

Dine in groups of 4 persons and above to enjoy additional dishes!
• Crab Meat Tofu (group of 4 pax and above)
• Herbal Drunken Prawn (group of 6 pax and above)

Terms and Conditions:
• Reservations must be made through HungryGoWhere website, mobile app or Hungrydeals and this promotion must be selected.
• Valid till 31st July 2018 on weekdays during lunch only.
• Valid for dine-in only.
• Not valid on Eve of and Public Holidays.
• This offer is not valid in conjunction with other ongoing promotions, offers, vouchers and discounts and/or privileges.

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