Magnum Pink & Black (Limited Edition)

I noticed several bus-stops around Singapore were displaying the same large advert for both the Magnum Pink & Black and thought these new flavours looked interesting.

Photo Source: Magnum Singapore’s Facebook page

My hubby was extremely keen to buy one of each to try, especially the black one! Thus, off we went to get some…

Magnum Black Expresso – Coated with dark cracking chocolate, the ice-cream inside is supposed to be “a ripple of intense black espresso coffee swirled in a smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream” but I took a bite and couldn’t really taste much coffee in it, although my hubby insisted it did have the aroma and taste of expresso! Anyway, I’m not a coffee person and I guess just one bite wasn’t enough to get the full flavour of it, plus I probably bit into the vanilla part! LOL…

Magnum Pink Marc De Champagne – Yummilicious!! You may call it indulgence but I especially love the pink ice-cream which was creamy and had a light refreshing taste of Marc de Champagne. I did feel that the pearlescent pink cracking chocolate coating slightly overpowered the flavour of the ice-cream but it did have a nice crunch. I’ll definitely buy this again!

We have always liked Magnum but it can be quite expensive if you eat it often so we only buy this brand on the occasional whim. I must say that we weren’t disappointed with the new limited edition flavours! 😀

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One thought on “Magnum Pink & Black (Limited Edition)

  1. I wish I could find those here! Only recently did I find the silver one, and liked it a lot!


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